Katz Apologies For Toying With Your Emotions

By , September 29, 2012 9:32 am
Oilers fans the past week (or lifetime in some cases)

Oilers fans the past week (or lifetime in some cases)

So in today’s Edmonton Journal, Daryl Katz apologies for using the Oilers fans as leverage in his negotiations for a new arena. I think a lot of people saw through his bluff.. but there were definitely a lot of fans and others that felt he was going to move the team if he didn’t get his way.

Well, rest easy naive Oilers fans… the team is going nowhere. Katz admitted that while trying to send a message to City Council that he was being taken for granted, he in fact was taken for granted.

It’s a good apology from a guy who has troubles with public relations. I personally think it takes a big man to admit you are wrong, so I put this behind me. Hopefully the two sides will just get down to negotiating in good faith and make something happen that will work for both sides.

What say you? Do you forgive Katz?

Do you forgive Katz for toying with your emotions?

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17 Responses to “Katz Apologies For Toying With Your Emotions”

  1. Racki says:

    In other news, Hockey Canada has also cleared Yakupov to play in the KHL.

  2. chucker says:

    Yeah , I never worried about it to be honest. I was upset that he would be so short sighted in this tactic though. That was a page out of Pocklington’s book. Fans stayed away in droves simply because of a sheister owner in Puck. It was a down economy, but it had more to do with him being owner.

    Katz would be smart to do some fan appreciation stuff to gain back some good will.

    Good that he recognized how fast fans can turn in an owner. Good on him to admit fault. I think we will see a deal soon now.

  3. Ktown says:

    I like it. I think he stirred up a PR shitstorm, and this could all be damage control, but I’m having a hard time remembering any other owner doing something like this.

    Everybody knew it was a tactic, so I think it’s funny that everybody went apeshit about it.

    Personally, I agree with you, Racki – it takes a good man to stand up and admit fault, and this salts it away for me. For a “reclusive” guy like Katz to come out like this is pretty big.

    Not to mention my own personal take. Katz has been hammering this “personal integrity” for a bit, and I think it’s more than just public grandstanding. I think the Rexall Companies have an impeccable record in terms of corporate practices (somebody feel free to correct me – I don’t have any hard evidence, just something I think I’ve read) and I really believe that Katz is one of those “yeah, I wanna make $ but not at the cost of my soul” kinda businessmen.

    I think when he felt his integrity was being called into question, it really set him off. Smart or not, when somebody is slighted in that one way that pushes those buttons, they do stupid stuff. I know I have a couple things that send me off the deep end if questioned.

    Anyways, long story short, IMHO – yes, Katz is human, he made a mistake, he apologized, let’s move on.

  4. Racki says:

    Well stated/summed up in that last paragraph!

  5. zackman35 says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that Katz planned this entire scenario. I can’t see him being the guy to only plan one step ahead, irrationally or not, he is more of a chess player than a checkers player. I’m still bitter he pulled the move, it worked last time though didn’t it? When the brass went on tour in Quebec.

    At this point I just want them to build the arena already.

  6. oilinblood says:

    I liked staples article today. the original -agreed upon – deal is good but if Katz is weasling his way out of it…the citys best interest is to proceed without him in another area of town. You cant tell me these councillors are being paid and didnt have a leverage back-up plan. oh wait, these are the same councillors that took this process 4 years.

    I am assuming in 4 years CC didnt look into a plan B of their own (other than reno Rexall). No one wants Rexall to be reno’ed – unless its a comet taking out the entire area.

    CC motion to cease talks with katz is unamimous in support. dead.
    ok…where is the plan B.
    CC is corret that Bettman will not allow team to move and also likely correct that Katz’s apology came because the NHL – Bettman – likely told him he will get no support and to stop the charade in seattle. If NHL wants a team in Seattle they will do it with Seattle buying a revenue losing team through the league itself.

  7. oilinblood says:

    i liked Bettmans statements. “everybody needs to take a deep breath”

    Someone make a picture of Betts with his hand out in a stop motion saying “everyone just chill the fuck out, i got this”

    there is no way on gods green earth Gary would ever let this team move. The city has been not only supportive through good times and bad BUT the city is extremely receptive to the needs of the business of the NHL and will work with the team and league AS LONG AS IT MAKES SENSE.

    Katz backed out of the deal Bettman arranged.. then added immoral obligations (like councillors and the city renting space from him in his new properties).
    Right there says to me this guy is a fraudster and they are right when they say his dad was the genius …not him.

    The most obvious part of Bettmans statement that Oilers fans should find comfort in is that Bettman visibly avoided using Katz’s name. Fact is with or without Katz the Oilers and Edmonton need a new arena. Katz can go to Seattle (he has a lux box in GM Place anyways) but he will be forced to sell the team if he thinks he is moving the Oilers. Plus Im sure Bettman wants another team moved there instead.
    There is absolutely no reason to get worried. Edmonton needs a new arena in the near future but it can do it without Katz.
    The city needs to look into a different area (since Katz bought the options on the area that was proposed) but it can be done relatively quickly…even in edmonton.

  8. Racki says:

    I’ve never been worried about Katz moving the team, because I still firmly believe it would never fly with the NHL, BoG, etc. At worst, he will sell the team.. I’d guess that the EIG would be interested again, but it all depends on what Katz tried to sell at too, if it came down to that.

    But really, Katz is just playing hardball. He’s an Oiler fan, and wants to own the Oilers, not Seattle. He isn’t moving the team, and he likely isn’t selling it either. I don’t see it happening.

    The city needs to build the arena themselves and just get it over with, and do what’s best for the city, not what’s best for Daryl Katz. I don’t think “the city can’t do it without Katz”… they can’t do it without the Oilers. Katz won’t have much choice on what to do if the Oilers build a new arena… he’ll lose the excuse/leverage.

  9. chucker says:

    Yeah. The team is going nowhere. He is just playing hardball as you said and the city called his bluff. This gets done one way or another. I would prefer Katz is involved so it doesn’t become a cheaper version though. (cutting this and that)

  10. chucker says:


    Interesting way of getting your deal without consent from the other side. I like it.

  11. oilinblood says:

    @Chucker – I have talked about the legal steps quite a bit in the lockout thread but to repeat; Bettman, in April 2005, already had all the legal work done to cover all the jurisdictions to declare impasse, open the gate to players, re-organize the league and move on without the NHLPA. Before he had to file the papers with the governments the union broke removing Goodenow from power and negotiations. His only purpose after that was, his firing already handed out and buy out package finalized, was the press conference where Bettman politely shook his hand but other wise gave his presence no acknowledgement.

    A few points id like to add that no one seems to menntion. Fehr had his players strike while negotiating with the MLB on an expired labor agreement. The command came down at the beginning of the world series! This hardly ever gets talked about but yet Bettman still gets some negativity (not as much now as when the lock-out was made official –i assume due to curing ignorance through research of facts in the following days).

    The league has made more offers to the PA this time around, moved more on their own, AND has been inviting the union to the table for more than a year if you accept the Leagues request for a meeting before the union even exercised their last continuance option. So, there are a few of us who are of the belief the leagues case for impasse is MUCH stronger this time, despite the fact its not a nuclear winter void of communication. There is just too much proof of an unwillingness to negotiate on the leagues proposals — in fact id say the PA has said it themselves. I believe it was Fehr who said out loud and on record “The owners job is to go out and make that money (to pay us the raises we demand)”. At least in my office that quote was the subject of lunch meetings for a couple of days. A few of us played Devils advocate in the debates but really in the end we all conceded that statement is pure gold for the NHL and will likely bite the union and be their downfall. This is capitalism and no government, run and appointed and campaign promises backed by big corps is going to stomp on the NHLs movement once all the time necessary has passed.
    Then you can add in that, just like in 2004-05, the NFL MLB and NBA are going to be putting pressure on those politicians and courts as well to set precedent.

    The union is on a very large slippery slope.

    1 problem. The NHL doesnt want hockey to come back THAT way. Bettman doesnt want it THAT way. The best way to achieve profits and cost certainty? Impasse- Players freely walking into tryouts for an nhl contract and perks – no union – central contracts. However the affect it would have on the leagues image might be worse than 2 years of no hockey. The NHL might lose the fans faith that the product on the ice is real or as good as it was before. As has already been threatened by players over seas – almost all being Russian born (i dont feel the need to state whether that strengthens my resolve in my opinion of those players) some players may choose not to come back. Thankfully under impasse its the league choice of whether the league honors the terms of contracts or starts fresh. As i have said before, legally the contracts were signed under a labor agreement that expired sept 15th AND the SPC only exists if the CBA says it does and then it only exists in value for the amount the CBA states it does. Technically you could have signed for 6 M but your contract could be worth zero — the players will find that out in a different way soon enough.— to put it clearly, both sides agreed to an amount and that amount even upon signing during the expired CBA never guaranteed the real dollar figure paid. IT also ONLY stated the terms of the contract until the Labor agreements expiration. Every agent and GM and most of all…BETTMAN know this. People always asked …why is Bettman allowing contracts beyond the CBA? because those contracts will be held to the terms of the successor labor agreement. Its not a roll back. It was never EVER guaranteed that the NHL would pay out those funds or that those contracts held that value indefinitely. If players werent aware of this they should sue their agents. As for the impasses and re-organization threat, i have said before… imagine how much Nucks fans would blame bettman for every loss after centrally contracting if they already burn him on every missed call?

    Despite the obvious ability to control costs and reap great profits the league will only do this after researching the fans ability to embrace a new system — i will now direct you to the lockout thread where i state my belief (as off the ball as it can get as i havent heard one other person who thinks this) that the NHLs recent contracting of an outside company to do fan focus groups under top secret subjects is actually targetted to find out if the fans will see the league as fraudulent when/if it removes teams rights to negotiate with the players themselves. I would make the point that the player is not the one negotiating its his agent… and Bettman is the owners REAL agent. If the NHL re-organized or proceeded without the union, its more than likely teams rights on players would be void and eeveryone becomes a UFA. It would be a sad day for oilers fans.

    Impasse – would not be kind to oilers fans, at least not at the start. Possibly, after replacement players fill 30 rosters, the PA comes back with its tail between its legs, signs a deal much worse than what was offered, as bettman would say -costs go uo and your ignorance made revenues go down so we will be taking a much bigger stake than offered…say 60%…65%…70%. That number will go up and up as revs drop and costs increase through time. Maybe then the NHL agrees to the new CBA on its terms and old contracts bounce back into effect.

    Russians can stay over in russia and we can have a world cup thats more meaningful every 4 years.

  12. chucker says:

    I just cannot believe we are going through this bullshit again. You could to pick two worse reps for each side either. Just cancel the season and let the fans move on.

  13. NorwegianOiler says:

    In accord with Godwin’s “law” (it’s not a ‘law’, the probability of everything increases with “enough time”…)

    Even Hitler and Stalin, or Molotov and Ribbentrop, more precisely, managed to strike a deal. Even Ford/Carter and Brezhnev made a deal. I will go take my pills now…

  14. chucker says:

    In accord with Godwin’s “law” (it’s not a ‘law’, the probability of everything increases with “enough time”…)

    Even Hitler and Stalin, or Molotov and Ribbentrop, more precisely, managed to strike a deal. Even Ford/Carter and Brezhnev made a deal. I will go take my pills now…

    Deals that no party ever had intentions of honouring. Awesome. :/

  15. chucker says:


    I agree. Clearly the players do not understand the landscape or math.

  16. oilinblood says:

    i have alot of respect for Paul Kelly and its a good read, so i am going to post this link. Paul Kellys tenure made it clear the NHL and Bettman arent the issue.


  17. chucker says:

    i have alot of respect for Paul Kelly and its a good read, so i am going to post this link. Paul Kellys tenure made it clear the NHL and Bettman arent the issue.


    Anyone who thinks the NHL and the owners are going to give any portion of expansion fees to players is out of touch with reality. It is a total non-starter. Not ever gonna happen.

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