Katz Apologies For Toying With Your Emotions

By , September 29, 2012 9:32 am
Oilers fans the past week (or lifetime in some cases)

Oilers fans the past week (or lifetime in some cases)

So in today’s Edmonton Journal, Daryl Katz apologies for using the Oilers fans as leverage in his negotiations for a new arena. I think a lot of people saw through his bluff.. but there were definitely a lot of fans and others that felt he was going to move the team if he didn’t get his way.

Well, rest easy naive Oilers fans… the team is going nowhere. Katz admitted that while trying to send a message to City Council that he was being taken for granted, he in fact was taken for granted.

It’s a good apology from a guy who has troubles with public relations. I personally think it takes a big man to admit you are wrong, so I put this behind me. Hopefully the two sides will just get down to negotiating in good faith and make something happen that will work for both sides.

What say you? Do you forgive Katz?

Do you forgive Katz for toying with your emotions?

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Fans Locked Out

By , September 15, 2012 7:51 pm
Fans protest outside NHL store in NYC

Fans protest outside NHL store in NYC

So with the owners asking the players to take a big pay cut, and the players asking the owners to put more emphasis on revenue sharing to keep the dead teams afloat, and both teams refusing to budge… who is losing out here? Well, I believe both sides are, but more so it is the fans.

What a slap in the face this is that for the 3rd time under Gary Bettman’s rule, we are again in another lockout (well, it is expected we will be, with no negotiations happening on the deadline day). The owners/managers are asking for the players to protect them (the owners/managers) from themselves. The owners dished out lavish contracts knowing full well the implications of doing so. It seems that under 7 years of the previous CBA (formed in 2005), the GMs just have not learned, so here we are again today.

But wait.. there has to be more to this. Teams like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, New York, and even Edmonton are paying players the big money because they CAN do so, right? Well… quite simply, yes. These teams have been loving the new CBA more than any team out there (although for the most part this has little to do with the CBA, in my opinion). 6 teams have consistently been reaping the spoils of the NHL quite consistently since 2005 (when the new CBA came in to effect) – the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks, Detroit Red Wings and the Edmonton Oilers.

It’s pretty clear why Toronto has been at the top of the heap year after year… last year they Continue reading 'Fans Locked Out'»

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