Oilers Draft Options

By , June 8, 2012 2:16 pm

As per a Stauffer tweet, the Oilers are looking at 5 players seriously in this upcoming draft according to MacGregor: Nail Yakupov, Mikhail Grigorenko, Filip Forsberg, Ryan Murray and Griffin Reinhart.

So lets take a closer look shall we:

Nail Yakupov (RW)


Sarnia Sting (OHL) 42 games, 31-38-69 +15 30 PIM, 5’10” 189lbs, shoots: left


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Unbelievable skill level in every facet of his game – quick feet, tremendous burst, top-notch agility, slick hands, dangerous shot, quick release.
NHL Central Scouting’s Chris Edwards – “His first step and ability to control bouncing pucks, knock them down and make a play are the best of any of the guys in the draft, in my opinion. He really gets up to top speed very quickly and his hands are outstanding.”


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Lack of size will prevent him from playing a rugged style in the NHL every shift.


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Has the dynamic skill set to be a first-line NHL winger.

Mikhail Grigorenko (C)


Quebec Remparts (QMJHL) 59 games, 40-45-85 +35 12 PIM, 6’3″ 200lbs, shoots: left


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Possesses the size, strength and skill teams covet in a first-line centre, protects the puck well and has great hands for a big man. Also has a smooth, powerful stride and drives to the net with force. Has a heavy shot, great vision and passing skills, elite offensive talent.
NHL Central Scouting’s David Gregory – “He’s the type of player that controls the whole pace of the game. He can play with the puck at the same pace he plays without the puck. He sees the ice and opportunities really well.”


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Has to continue working on his all-around game


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Has been compared to Viktor Kozlov in terms of his size/skill package, but also because of his inconsistency.

Filip Forsberg (LW/RW)


Leksand (various levels, Sr., Jr., U18) (Europe) 53 games, 10-10-20 +1 35 PIM, 6’2″ 181lbs, shoots: right


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Big, strong winger with power forward potential, adept at protecting the puck from the opposition and working along the walls, big shooter with a quick, hard release.
NHL Director of European Scouting, Goran Stubb – “A leader who shows by example — I would compare him to Anaheim’s Corey Perry a little bit. Has a nose for the net, and often scores the big goals. He’s a creative playmaker, good skater with fine straight-ahead speed. ”


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Has to work on skating, his stride is a little choppy.


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – He will be a big load for NHL defencemen and goalies to contend with for many years.

Ryan Murray (D)


Everett (WHL) 46 games, 9-22-31 +0 31 PIM, 6’0″ 201lbs, shoots: left


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Smart, dependable rearguard who will be on the ice protecting leads at the end of games. He moves the puck with short, accurate passes. Hard to beat one-on-one.
NHL Central Scouting’s B.J. MacDonald – “I think Murray is more like a [Scott] Niedermayer; he just does everything under the radar and so smooth you hardly notice it. His skating is probably the best in the [WHL], but you don’t really notice that so much because you almost take it for granted he’s been there for three years. He never gets out of position and I’ve never seen him lose a one-on-one battle. He’s always, defensively, in the right spots.”


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – He’s not a punishing guy who will provide a physical presence while his offensive skills may be limited and he may be more of a stay-at home defender.


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – A No. 2 or No. 3 defenceman with leadership qualities who will be relied upon to shut down team’s top players, kill penalties and protect leads.

Griffin Reinhart


Edmonton (WHL) 58 games, 12-24-36 +23 38 PIM, 6’4″ 207lbs


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Very few 6-4 blueliners can skate and handle the puck like Reinhart, and those attributes alone will intrigue lots of scouts.
Putting on the Foil’s Steve-O – Punches people when they are on the ice


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Does not always play with an abundance of passion and drive.
Putting on the Foil’s Steve-O – Seems kind of lazy going back for pucks sometimes


Grant McCagg – TSN.ca – Has the size, skill and skating ability to be a top two NHL defenceman.


Who do you want the Oilers to pick? If not Yakupov, should they trade down? What would be coming back then? Any other player we should look at?

Personally, I’d like them to take the best player available (Yakupov) even though we need D. That said, I’ve seen Reinhart really good and I’d love to have him on the team (although you just know the Oilers “saw him good” too). So really, take Yakupov or trade down 1/2 spots (for a 3rd rounder maybe?) and pick Murray, or trade down 5/6 spots (for a high 2nd rounder?) and pick up Reinhart. Those are the options I’d be looking at.

11 Responses to “Oilers Draft Options”

  1. NorwegianOiler says:

    Can’t look past Yakupov for this one.

  2. Racki says:

    I swear I replied to this.. weird.

    Anyways, I agree.. Yakupov all the way. I would be OK with Murray too, but it has to be for the right reason.. because we think he’s really good. Not because “we think Yakupov is superbly good, but we need a D, and Murray is the best available”… but because we thinking Murray is really good.. close to on par with Yakupov. I don’t think anything I’ve read out there has really said Murray or anyone else is decisively as good as Yakupov. Most scouts seem to say Yakupov is head and shoulders above everyone else, from what I’d read.

    As for Reinhart, I’m not at all as enamored with him as many Oil fans here. He’s a decent player, but as Steve-O said above, he’s very prone to brain farts. We only saw him about 9 games.. and yah, he’s good.. I like him.. but I would not be considering him as the guy we gotta have this draft.

  3. dawgtoy says:

    The problem I have with Forsberg is he doesn’t play in the Swedish Elite League, he plays in a division below. From what I understand, it is a rough comparable to the ECHL. Given he plays in a lesser league, I’d stay away.

    Martin dohfOs Lundén (@dohfOs) 6/5/12 5:35 PM @Lowetide_ btw.. Swedish 2nd League. seen you talking about it. Quality is a absolute stinker. Closer to ECHL than the AHL, sadly.

  4. chucker says:

    This is the year we go for broke in trading into another top ten. I would be a very happy man with any of them but we have to take Nail, that’s a no brainer. We have tried to move up before, we have the assets to do it now without hurting ourselves.

    We have about seven guys that can be packaged to move up and grab that extra top ten pick. Gagner is written all over any such proposal. I would like to see it done. I will be honest, I like the Victor Kozlov comparison. He was a very under rated player.

  5. Racki says:

    I love the idea of getting another top 10 pick, so I’m not opposed to the idea. However, I’d prefer to see us make a big kick-ass proposal to fill immediate needs like our goaltending and that one high-caliber d-man that most feel we need (myself included).

    I’m thinking we package those assets for a young stud defenseman. I know it’ll be easier said than done, but hey.. we have a lot… without a doubt. And these big d-players do move too. I’ve been surprised a few times in recent years at names moved. And, if there is one thing we have in bulk, it’s promising young players.

    David Poile has to be getting some phone calls from us eventually, if you ask me. Ellis, Blum, Weber, Josi.. just a few names worth asking about.

    L.A. gets calls…. Jonathan Bernier available? Maybe not yet, but never hurts to ask.

    Call Buffalo and ask about a guy I absolutely loved in the WHL… Mark Pysyk. OK, not a guy who’ll make an immediate impact.. this is just me liking a prospect far too much.

    St. Louis I’d call… always liked Alex Pietrangelo a lot. Very doubtful he’s available… but again.. you ask. Teams need stars up front, and we can provide that, so won’t hurt to call around.

    Call the Bruins and ask about Dougie Hamilton (See various comments about “it never hurts to ask”), the Penguins about Joe Morrow, the Coyotes about Brandon Gormley, the Panthers about Erik Gudbranson and Jacob Markstrom and the Devils about Jon Merrill. Ask the Caps what it will take to land Braden Holtby. You get the idea… lots of top end prospects.. most teams have no interest in giving those up, but you just never know when you might be able to deal for one… perhaps even if it is need for need (our top prospect for theirs).

    Lastly, there are some guys in our system also worth being patient for.. I wish they were further along, but we do have Martin Marincin (although the Oilogosphere seems unhappy with his progress), Oscar Klefbom, Martin Gernat (color me unimpressed with him though), David Musil, Brandon Davidson and others that could possibly jump in.

    BTW, if we pick Nail, and we’re pulling in another top 10… assuming Ryan Murray is gone, my other pick would be Alex Galchenyuk.

  6. dawgtoy says:

    I’m with Racki on this one as well. Around draft time the value for draft picks is high, now is not the time to attempt to move up in the draft IMO. Dale Talon is one of a few GM’s that really understands the value of draft picks and how expensive they can be to acquire at this time of year. The current need in terms of moving forward and competing for the playoffs is acquiring players that are currently playing in the NHL or on the verge. Looking at the draft, we all know that very few gifted hockey players that are ready to step right into the lineup and contribute. Unless a desperate GM calls and makes a legitimate offer for the top prize, say TO offers Gardiner, the choice must be BPA. That is easily Yak, just like it was Nuge last year.
    This is also a very weird draft. Top players have all been injured. The D prospects as low as say Ceci could be the best of the draft. Grigorenko had mono, Galchenyuk barely played due to a severe knee injury. So many question marks surrounding so many players. Through it all though, Yak has been the consensus #1 with all major scouting services and lists. Luedeke from Redline states there is Yak at the top, then the rest from 2-7 that you could throw a dart at the wall and chose from. “Yakupov is the only true marquee talent in this draft, and his explosive speed and shot give him the highest offensive upside available.”

  7. chucker says:

    Seems to be the prudent way to go. Somebody please tell Racki and Dawgtoy’s thoughts to Tamblowe.

  8. G&S says:

    Really the best option is to draft the Yak, do everything in our power to improve from within for the upcoming season, learn our new coaches system(s), then go hard at FA defensemen.

  9. Oilers says:

    They have to take the best player available which is Yakupov. They could trade down to get Murray or Dumba but it would make more sense to trade assets like Hemsky or Gagner to fill holes on D and in net.

  10. Racki says:

    They have to take the best player available which is Yakupov. They could trade down to get Murray or Dumba but it would make more sense to trade assets like Hemsky or Gagner to fill holes on D and in net.

    Agreed with all of this.

  11. dawgtoy says:

    Absolute ton of rumors coming out of Toronto in regards to flipping the picks. I’d say the sticking point is the D that Burke is dangling. It’ll take more then Schenn, and they likely won’t do Gardiner, maybe Franson?

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