Monday Morning Standings – Tambellini re-signs AKA Absolute Bottom Edition

By , June 6, 2012 8:32 am

Stanley Cup Finals!

Edit: Oilers just announced that Tambellini has been re-signed. Nothing about term yet.

Hello Everybody! Almost done with hockey for the season.

This post season has gone pretty close to exactly how I wanted it to (not how I predicted it would however). Although it’s not over just yet, I’m guessing the Kings take it.

Last round ended with NJ beating the Rangers in 6 and LA beating the Coyotes in 5 (I wanted the Rangers and Kings to win).

I predicted LA in 6 (for reals, before the series even! – I can prove via timestamps too) but it doesn’t even look like it’ll get that far. I figure Quick has the Conn Smythe locked up too.

In league news:
– Montreal hired Therrien to coach their team (did we also mention they hired a new GM too?)
– Vokoun traded to the Pens for a 7th rounder and then signed a 2 year deal for 4 mil
– Flames hired Hartley to coach their team
– Tim Thomas is taking a year off to do…well, not sure exactly, but if it means Rask starts then I’m happy
– Lidstrom retired. One of the great D men of all time I say.
– Gaborik out for a while with surgery
– Penner is still awesome
– Sutter ain’t so much of a bad dude now that he isn’t in Calgary, kinda funny too

In Oiler news:
– The Oilers are no where near a deal with Smyth apparently. This time it looks as though it’s quite a bit more than $100,000 difference.
– They also let Renney go after letting him sit in the wind for a bit. Still no decision on the assistant coaches.

Finally in other news, the Barons lost in the 3rd round to the Marlies in 5 games, and the Oil Kings won the WHL championship (awesome) before getting smoked at the memorial cup (not awesome). Canada got beat out early in the World Championships and Russia ended up taking the gold.

Also, promise it won’t take longer till we get something else up here…got some draft stuff and some free agent stuff coming.

And last, but not least, raise your glass in remembrance to the boys that landed on a beach in Europe 68 years ago.

26 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings – Tambellini re-signs AKA Absolute Bottom Edition”

  1. chucker says:

    Tambi re-signed as per several twats.

  2. NorwegianOiler says:

    “Tambellini re-signed” is just a hyphen from being good news to me.

    Instead, we’re going forward with someone who has gone through 3 head coaches in four years, arguably having failed to ice a respectable roster for any of them. He continuously fails to identify or rectify (or both…) glaring roster issues. I’ll even be petty and add that he cannot string together coherent sentences, let alone refrain from asking himself questions not even the dumbest journalist would consider posing. But. He appears to have poise of analysis and discussion that Lowe likes.


  3. Steve-O says:

    Bastards…figures they would wait until I finally post something and do it hours later.

    And yes, Tambellini re-signing sucks.

    No mention of how long it is for however…maybe it’s only a year long and he’s on a short leash?

  4. Racki says:

    Tambi re-signed as per several twats.

    The biggest twat of them all being Kevin Lowe, apparently. 😆

  5. Steve-O says:

    Also, I laugh at the line that “Tambellini has aquired some great talent the past 3 years”. No shit he has, it’s a by-product of sucking ass.

  6. Racki says:

    1 year long, short leash.. I can handle that. In all honesty, it’s hard to know really what the plan has been with this team. I thought last year that they could easily have started winning. I don’t think the rebuild started with Taylor Hall though (I think it started years before, it’s just we’ve consistently fucked it up).

    At any rate, it seems clear that this team is in as low a place as it can be, and Tambo has to drag the team out of the gutter. He has to add the pieces this team is missing and stop making each year a “rebuild year”. The time has past for the Oilers to flick the switch to win-mode, but I’ll cut some slack for last year. Really he’s proven to be an incapable GM, imho, but I will give him opportunity to redeem himself. I’ll also say that aside from the Khabibulin stupidity, he’s done a fairly good job of keeping the salary pretty clean. But really, he has to stop wasting these young stars’ years and give them some support.

  7. NorwegianOiler says:

    ‘Course we can handle that. We’re gluttons for pain. Question is: Is the misery really necessary? A short extension is fine after year two, not year four. Either the Oilers chiefs are convinced that this is their GM and give him a long term deal for stability, or they give up on the man and find someone more competent. The time for “proving yourself” is about two years past.

  8. chucker says:

    There seem to be rumblings that it is a three year deal. Mostly twatter stuff. Nothing confirmed.

  9. NorwegianOiler says:

    Oh God, why? =P

  10. Racki says:

    Is it too late to call the EIG back?

    I’m starting to think that the recent managerial shifts and Katz taking over was just a way to make us think it really wasn’t all that bad before.


    As always though, I love the team too much to give up and will give yet another chance.

  11. Racki says:

    Somehow lost in other news…..

    Valdimir Krutov, 1/3 of one of the most famous Russian lines died today. He played left wing on the “KLM” line along with legend Igor Larionov, and former (yet oft disputed) Calder winner Sergei Makarov.

    Krutov died just 5 days after his 52nd birthday. The guy was built like a brick shithouse, but made Dustin Penner look slim. He was a mere 5’9, but I’m pretty sure he averaged over 200 during his playing days. He was known for being “plus sized” during the majority of his career (especially once he came to North America).

    He had a short stint with the Vancouver Canucks which never really worked out (NHL size, and Red Army sized are two different animals). But nonetheless, he was still a star Russian forward that did some serious damage to Team Canada and other teams internationally (including being part of an 8-1 shit-kicking of Team Canada in 1981’s Canada Cup final). Rightfully, he was inducted into the International Ice Hockey Federation’s Hall of Fame in 2010.

  12. chucker says:

    Yeah he had a reputation as, well, an alcoholic. He went in with internal bleeding and that is a very common cause of death for longterm bing drinkers. Pretty sad.

    He was pretty infamous for his week long binges over the years. Played hard and partied harder.

  13. Racki says:

    Ahh yes, forgot about the drinking too.

    No surprise that he won the race to the great arena in the sky over the other 2 KLMers, but 52 is still a pretty young age to go. Russians like to drink, what can I say?? 😛

  14. G&S says:

    Yesterday one of my customers was talking about Eric Belanger asking for a trade out of Edmonton. Anyone hear anything about this???

  15. dawgtoy says:

    Yesterday one of my customers was talking about Eric Belanger asking for a trade out of Edmonton. Anyone hear anything about this???

    Bra and Panties tweeted or twatted about it, not so sure if that’s a reliable source in any way.
    “Tracy (@TreenasOil) 5/31/12 3:38 PM Eric Belanger had requested a trade from the Oilers as per Garfield”

    I once owned a CCCP jersey with Krutov on it. I used to get some wicked looks from people. RIP

    As for my 2 cents on the GM, he deserves an opportunity to starting putting his touches on the Build portion of this Oiler evolution. Being a glass half full kinda guy today, how do you hire someone to do a re-build and only allow them to do half the job. OKC is looking good, the cupboards aren’t bare anymore, and the team has a nice foundation for the future. I believe the best course of action was to be patient and allow the process of rebuilding to occur. Knee jerk reactions and foolish spending needed to be avoided, and he obviously did that. He now clearly should know what holes need to be filled. He’s on the pot and it’s time to shit. I’d assume staring June 22 we’ll either see what he can do to plug the holes, or the final Nail goes into his coffin (pun intended).

  16. Racki says:

    Dawg: I guess that all depends on your opinion on some important questions…. and I’ll borrow from John MacKinnon of the Edmonton Journal here. What phase of the rebuild are the Oilers in? Phase 1? Phase 2? 3? 4? What are the phases as well (i.e. what do they mean?)? Is Tambellini stuck in an early phase because he hasn’t flicked the switch yet, voluntarily? If so, then OK, I can buy that he deserves the opportunity. Many think he’s already tried to flick the switch and has bumbling around has led to appearances that we’re still in the early / initial part of the rebuild.

    I don’t really buy entirely that Tambellini wanted to lose this badly year after year as part of a rebuild strategy. But I think the truth lies somewhere in between. I think he gave it a half hearted effort in the off-season to make the team better.. saw by December it wasn’t working, and decided to put the car in neutral and let things play out – big losses result in more high picks, an unexpected rise in play results in the team looking like a good team and maybe something he can build around by the deadline.

    I am not really sure what phase we’re in, and I’m not sure that Tambellini has ever been totally sold at the start of the season what phase he wanted to be in by the end of the season, and that’s what kind of irks me. But I also concede that good GMs don’t show their hand. It’s impossible to know if the Oilers are back to picking #1/#2 because the GM fucking sucks or because they wanted it that way. But I do think if they wanted it that way, well, OK, let’s see this whole thing out.

    I will say one more thing though… he has taken away a lot of the bad parts of this roster…. and there were A LOT. I like that. Signing Khabibulin was an epic blunder.. but 1 mistake like that isn’t enough for me to consider him a bad GM when it comes to signings when he’s clearly made a lot of headway with the rest of the roster (although I’d have a tough time backing that comment up with standings stats).

  17. dawgtoy says:

    Well, I’d say its obvious that I don’t believe he’s pulled the switch, and I’d say that he is gonna do that this summer. From what I can see, he knows that he has holes to fill and he knows what needs to be done. The key now is action. He has said everything he needed to say, now it’s show me the money, put up or shut up time. What has been lost in this whole thing is OKC. Player development in terms of the farm system was in complete shambles under KLowe. To have an NHL team thrive such as Detroit, the Oilers needed to develop players. I think they are finally doing that. We have some awesome talent on this team and we are now developing some depth within this organization. IMO this summer defines the rebuild and ST as a GM. If he can fill the gaps in the lineup, then he gets a pass, if he doesn’t he’ll be fired. We’ll see soon, the clock starts on June 22.

  18. Racki says:

    Well, I’d say its obvious that I don’t believe he’s pulled the switch, and I’d say that he is gonna do that this summer. From what I can see, he knows that he has holes to fill and he knows what needs to be done. The key now is action. He has said everything he needed to say, now it’s show me the money, put up or shut up time.

    The thing is, I thought the same last year too, which makes me wonder.

    And did we REALLY need a third first overall pick that badly? Just saying.

    Put up or shut up time was last year. But I’ll write this off to being a patient-to-a-fault GM and give him another chance this year (like I always do). But I’d be really interested to go back a year ago and see how many people were saying “this has to be the year Tambo starts making us better!”. Luckily, I think he did in the long run… but the results were the same old shitty results this year for some crazy reason. I will wait and see another year though. I’ll probably wait and see another 12 years though, just cause I love the Oil.

    I will say that I like the positive/half full comments such as yours to the half-empty ones (such as what I’m thinking), but it’s getting a little hard to support this stuff. But clearly he got 3 more years because all of Katz, Lowe and Tambo were on the same page. No doubt in my mind about that.

  19. dawgtoy says:

    You thought last year, I didn’t at all. I think this year. Given what i’m reading and hearing many hockey people are starting to question the Oiler organization and the direction it is heading in, the pressure is on the GM to start producing. On paper he gets three years, in practice many such as Jason Gregor are saying one provided some results.No, we didn’t need another 1st, but we got it…bonus. It might get swapped, at worst we get Nail. Just like we were a year apart in when we felt the rebuild began, it would appear we are also a year apart in our ” put up or shut up” date. I think he gets it done, my heart says he does, but fuck will I be cranky if next year we are no better then this one and the organization has to start throwing the big bucks at Hall and Ebs to name two.

  20. dawgtoy says:

    This IMO is an excellent article, and I am not a fan of his.

  21. Steve-O says:

    The thing about that article that sticks out to me, was in the comments re: the Oilers don’t really seem to be in a hurry to do this rebuild and it means that Eberle/Hall/etc will be getting raises before the “rebuild” has finished.

    If I recall correctly, both the Chicago and Pittsburgh model had top line players still on ELC’s.

  22. Steve-O says:

    But yes, I like putting an agreed upon goal out there to gauge the GM’s abilities.

    What I don’t like about Tambellini is the lack of filling obvious holes in the team (D, goaltending, NHL level bottom 6 etc). We got the top 6 (although some are still learning to handle NHL level opposition), it’s just the rest of the team that’s been lacking.

  23. dawgtoy says:

    I’d say this rebuild is easily a year behind schedule, maybe two. It would seem an obvious observation that Ebs and Hall will be getting big contracts before the team makes the playoffs. I’d say should the GM fill the obvious gaps in his lineup before training camp, we may see a team that makes a solid jump up the standing and competes for a playoff spot. If the GM stalls and doesn’t fill his holes, then he must be held accountable next summer.

  24. Racki says:

    Good article, thanks for the link.

    I still am a little upset at the Oilogosphere’s buying into “year 0” being considered as 2009-10 (i.e. everyone is buying what Tambo is selling), but I won’t harp on it. Steve-O mentioned to me that Dellow too also has harped on that, and sounds like his blog user base has convinced him to drop that fight. I will somewhat do so too. I never really bought that the rebuild started in 2009-10, but I’ll drop it and stop beating a dead horse.

    Sooo, this all said, I guess we’re on the right curve still and this year really is the judgement year that tells us whether Tambo knows wtf he’s doing or not.

    I also want to point out that I despise this quote from Steve Tambellini: “We’re going to get there as soon as we can get there.” Not at all a comforting quote. Don’t give yourself a bullshit out to for another (potentially) bad season, Tambo. You’re better than that. Set some goals. Say things like “failure isn’t an option any more” … “we want to take this rebuild in the next direction and start winning all the games we can” …”we’re committed to the next part of this rebuild and will fix any missing pieces that we need to in order to make this team a winner.”

    Actions definitely speak louder than words, but we’ve seen this movie year after year…. the season starts off with some promise, and just when we think things are turning around, the wheels fall off the bus and the season goes to shit. Last year and years before, he did nothing to right the ship. This year and years after, he has to adapt quickly, and methodically. That doesn’t mean mortgaging the future, of course, but it does mean recognizing obvious holes on this team, and stop-gapping them somehow. The off-season moves are also going to be critical in dictating how the season is going to start and maybe finish. The holes are already obvious to some of us (D and G).

    The perennial evaluator needs to start acting and do less evaluating.

  25. Racki says:

    BTW, when I’m talking about failure not being an option, and other cliches… I just mean that let’s set a goal of xx points being a margin of success. Tambo doesn’t have to come out and say it, but 74 points next year is a huge failure. 85 points? I consider that a success. We don’t need to hear that we are going to make the playoffs next year (although that would be nice). We just need to hear that we’re done scooping up top picks and mailing it in at the end of the year. This team needs to put in 100% all throughout the year. No matter what position we’re sitting in come December, we push for a higher position in January, February, March, April (as short as it is). We don’t sit there in December and say “well, we’re out of the race now, might as well cut back Khabi’s water supply and give him more games!”… we say “what can we do to get this team winning again??”.

  26. hemmerlady says:

    “Tambellini re-signed” is just a hyphen from being good news to me.

    Haha. Well played, sir.

    Instead, we’re going forward with someone who has gone through 3 head coaches in four years, arguably having failed to ice a respectable roster for any of them. He continuously fails to identify or rectify (or both…) glaring roster issues.

    I’d like to see that he at least recognizes how messed up everything is. Maybe he’s just spouting rhetorical torpor to avoid fan hysteria or provide strategic misdirection for a future trade…but I’m not getting that vibe right now.

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