Monday Morning Standings

By , April 25, 2012 8:42 pm

Hello. Heellllloooo. Is anyone here?

It’s been a rather dull last few weeks, Oilers-wise at least. As for the hockey, it’s never been better. Pretty much every series has gone how I would like it (but not how I predicted it). Lots of excitement in every series (well, maybe not Florida/New Jersey…but I haven’t paid any attention to that one at all).

And the Oil Kings. Great hockey, the team is on a roll with 22 games in a row (and all 11 playoff games so far, except as I type that I am jinxing them as they are now down 3-0 in game 4).

Oilers News

Here is a good link re: prospects and signings coming up.
Other than that, not much has happened. Oh, the Oilers are stringing along Renney. But not surprised with this management group. I think they want to see who comes available after the playoffs but it kinda screws with Renney.

League News

Playoffs, playoffs, playoffs. That’s all we really care about isn’t it?

– Flyers beat the Pens in 6
Fuck yeah. And how. Great games to watch.
– Kings beat the Canucks in 5
Even better. And now how fucked are the Canucks when it comes to Luongo? They can’t keep him. I imagine someone who has 10 years left on his 5.5 cap hit deal isn’t easy to move either. And he has a NTC so he can veto the shitty teams.
– St. Louis beats San Jose in 5
I’m never sad seeing the Sharks lose.
– Coyotes beat Chi-town in 6
I like both these teams, but I’m happy to see Phoenix win something. I hope the team stays there.
– Preds beat Detroit in 5
I like the Preds this year as well. And while I have nothing against Detroit, they win enough.

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