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By , March 27, 2012 9:11 am
"Loser - I don't see why at least trying to win isn't an option"

"Loser - I don't see why at least trying to win isn't an option"

So, there seems to be two types of Oilers fans right now… fans that are happy that the team is winning finally, and fans that are pissed off they’re winning and actually mad at the team for lowering it’s chance at the #1 or even #2 or #3 pick. Well, count me in the former group.

There was a time where I was one of the lunatic fans cheering for a nose dive in the standings and getting enamored with the prospect of a #1 overall pick such as Taylor Hall, Adam Larsson, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, etc. But I think that ship has sailed. We now have 3 solid young stars here and it’s time to turn things around here and begin winning. This season needs to end on a good note. It doesn’t need to end with fans being idiotic, getting angry at a team for winning.

I sadly can admit that I was a little ticked when the Oilers won the last game of the season in 2006/07 season, despite it being against Calgary and it being the Battle of Alberta. It was too little too late for me, for one. I was also ticked because that one win took us out of 5th spot (which, with a lotto win, would have given us a #1 pick) and gave us 6th overall. I was ticked too because the 5th overall team (Chicago) ended up winning the lotto that year and getting to draft Patrick Kane. But in hindsight, that is ridiculous to think that way.

Any GOOD teams goals are always going to be to win. We should take pride in a team winning. For one, it shows that these kids and the asshats they have to play with are learning how to win. It shows that this team is getting better. Losing and finishing dead last does nothing for the morale of this team, and really does nothing for me as a fan. We need to instill a winning attitude in this young team now and show them that we won’t accept losing anymore. To hell with the draft pick. This draft pick likely isn’t going to be what turns us around at this point anyways. We need an established, rock solid, 2-way defenseman, and a strong goaltender. I don’t think that anyone in this coming draft is going to play that part in the 2012/13 season.

So, unless you want to see yet another losing season in 2012/13, start cheering these guys on, and hope for any wins they can. Let’s cheer them on to climb the standings as much as they can and show as much improvement as they can. The team has already improved in goals for, goals against, powerplay percentage, penalty killing, goal differential, as well as huge sophomore seasons for Jordan Eberle and, to a lesser extent, Taylor Hall. They’ve also done quite a bit in minimizing those horrendous, bad games. No more 10-1 losses, or big losses. They’re in most of their games. This team has come a long ways, and I’d like to see them rewarded.

I’d actually like to see this 1st round pick traded. I’d prefer they use it as an asset to acquire that young, NHL-ready, budding defensive star. It wouldn’t get a trade done on its own, but it could be used to help bring that player here. If that can’t be done, well, I see no reason not to continue to stock the shelves here, but we can’t think of the next draftee as the savior for this team. We have those players now, and it’s time to forgo all this losing attitude, build a proper team here around those 3 superstars, and support winning.

What would you like to see happen with the remaining Oilers games?

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3 Responses to “Not Sucking > Sucking”

  1. G&S says:

    Renney might just be saving his job here and as much as I harp on the guy, I am not against giving him one more kick at the can on a 1 year extension. Realistically, if the team continues to play the way it has lately. We could find ourselves out of the lottery. We are only 4 pts back of a whole boatload of teams who have 75pts with the Ducks being one of them. We play them twice more. Go Oilers. I have had enough of the losing.

  2. Steve-O says:

    Considering I have never been a fan of tanking (in my opinion there are better ways of rebuilding without as much suck), I’m up for winning. I hope they win out.

    And G&S, I don’t think a 1 year contract is good for any coach, because then they almost by default become a lame-duck coach. I think if you want to re-sign him, sign him to a 2 or 3 year deal and then if it doesn’t work out fire him (and let him have his money).

  3. oilinblood says:

    we had alot of significant injuries and i think the arrival of rnh and eberle have shown us that we truly have/had second tier talent (hemsky) all these years. Its amazing what real talent can do. now we start seeing some high end, game in – game out, every night, team game, two way hockey smarts, players. I am just happy we started seeing some actual real top level talent in edmonton. We needed the draft,, or else we would still be of the opinion that showing up once every four games was being a good player.

    i am always for winning. you never ever stop competing. plus i hope we help put nails in sarich and the flames coffin.

    i think after #2 there is a big drop off of talent but that is fine. from what most scouts say its #1, gap, #2, BIG GAP, #3-8, Gap, #9-13, BIG gap, everyone else.

    ive said it before; i want to see Tambi or the next GM make a big move with our next years #1. It makes a huge statement for the next season and should get us a huge return. If a new GM comes in i would expect him to draft the player he wants and deal our top 2013 pick as his first moves. Tambi doesnt really have the balls to do it since you risk having nothing to sell to fans about the season if you shit the bed.

    and tambi should be let go. ottawa and other teams have shown that if you know what the hell you are doing…you dont need more than one draft to rebuild. only the islanders and teams going bankrupt need to do it 4 years in a row…and edmonton.

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