Monday Morning Standings

By , March 13, 2012 12:48 pm

You should all be watching Californication

MMS out! What! I’d say that it’s getting earlier however this is really supposed to be last weeks, so I’m actually getting this out so late it seems early.

Oiler News

– Eberle hit 30 goals. Matheson thinks he’ll be a regular 50 goal scorer due to soft hands. My question is will he regularly shoot 20+%?
– Racki and I did some scouting on Saturday, and saw Dumba’s Rebels get shit-kicked by Reinhart’s Oil Kings. Reinhart is bigger, and punches people when they are on the ground so he gets my vote. Sounds like Racki’s too. We also picked up passes for the entire playoffs so we’ll get a good look at this kid. I forget what playoff hockey is like live, so that should also be interesting. I recommend checking out the hockey, it’s really good this year. And the entire playoff run can be had for $99. Good seats too (we are row 14).
– Ummm, outside of that I haven’t really paid all that much attention to the Oilers. I usually put the game on but quickly find something else to occupy my time.
– Oh wait, I think Renney is losing his shit. Twitter said he got a wee bit upset with his team after last nights game (shades of Mac T perhaps?). Also, why the hell is he running Whitney/Schultz out in the third pairing. I thought the trade was bad enough, but sending out a top pairing for a bottom 6 guy isn’t going to cut it Tambellini.

League News

– Speaking of Mac-T, this is a solid interview with him. Good to see he’s enjoying himself. Looking forward to seeing him in the league again.

This is an interesting post (I thought so at least) regarding the Wild’s time at the top and their subsequent fall. Also, it has to do with stats based analysis.
– This is also good. Basically what I’m saying is this new guy at Puck Daddy is pretty smart (because he agrees with me)
– Kronwall destroys Vorachek.

Personal rant time. Someone needs to tune in Kronwall. I know the cool thing to say now is “Why is there fighting after clean hits” but it comes down to sticking up for your teammates. If someone hits your teammate, clean or not, you back him up. Furthermore, he does a couple of those hits and gets his ass beat (instigator rule or not) and he’ll have second thoughts doing it next time. You don’t hit like that if you are unwilling to drop them after.
– GM meetings in Florida. Looks like they are discussing removing the red line, something or another about defensive zone hand passes and the hybrid icing.
Example of the hybrid icing in the USHL:

– The Burke’s have released their You Can Play PSA’s. Good on hockey for giving a shit.
– Not hockey related, but watch Archer damn it. Best show on TV.

Question of the Week

Should the GM’s add in the red line again?

Fight of the Week



The battle seems to have narrowed down to Phoenix, Colorado, San Jose, Calgary and Los Angeles for 2 spots. 3 points separate them. Should be a good final 10+ games.


I must say I’m pretty happy the Laffs have fallen out of it. Their fans are pretty annoying. Also, how surprising is it that Buffalo is in it now? I’d say that the single spot available is up for grabs by the following teams, Washington, Buffalo or Winnipeg. This will also be a good finish I’m guessing.


The Oilers still have a shot at getting the first pick, but I’m thinking that Columbus has locked that up. So it’s looking like #2 (unless we win the lottery) for us. 3rd at worst.




OKC Barons

The Barons are still sitting in first in their conference (5 point lead on second) however have fallen back from first in the league by 7 to the Norfolk Admirals.

Still no scorers in the top 20, with Ryan Keller leading the team with 43 points in 59 games (he sits 43 in league scoring). Goaltending has started to drop as well, with Danis sitting 2nd in the league and LeNeveu witting 8th.

Oil Kings

Oil Kings have locked up first in the conference, and currently sit tied for first in the entire league.

Michael St. Croix leads the team in scoring with 100 points in 69 games (and sits 8th in league scoring). Brossoit is currently 3rd in league goaltending.

8 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. chucker says:

    First off, I love Kronwall. He reminds me of Mush, just less dirty. Nobody will go after him. That part of the game has all but disappeared. :(

    There has been a lot of debate about Renney and the state of the room. Last night was the first time I’ve seen Renney actually get pissed off in his media scrum. Also reports of Smid and Hemsky in a yelling match, but nothing to confirm if it was them yelling at each other or someone else. Sounds like there is some emotion in the locker room. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

    Let’s talk about the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. Renney and does he get an extension? I would say a case could easily be made for a one year extension, but does that show the players he is anything more than a “one more year” guy? I don’t think you extend him based on a one year deal. I like the guy, but I keep getting the feeling it’s time for our version of dumping Savard and hiring Quennville. It just seems like he has done what he was brought here to do and there needs to be a guy who will put more of a fire under the butts of our guys. I realize he has had few tools to work with, but time is time. That is to say, he’s been here three years now and I think coaches, for the most part, have a shelf life of three years max in most situations. There are, of course, anomalies and coaches like Trotz or Babcock who are in a different category, perhaps Lindy Ruff too.

    What is the feeling of POTF Nation? It’s a hot topic right now. Once it starts it generally perpetuates until a change is made. Does management give him another year with a very short leash or go out and start with a new guy or promote Nelson? This is the time to be very careful or very bold depending on what you can get as an organization. I can relate to cases for keeeping and also for getting a new guy. Perhaps a good subject for a new blog topic?

    I’d really like to know what you guys think. I see the improvements in key areas and that’s good, but I also see what looks like players starting to get tired of the coach (my perception). What to do?

  2. Racki says:

    Question about this Smid / Hemsky yelling match… who mentioned this? If it’s fans, I won’t even consider it, really. If it was media.. well.. maybe some truth to it, but they also tend to exaggerate things for a good story too.

    Anyways, Renney. Yes… the question that needs to be answered. I honestly don’t know. I’d be OK with a 1 year extension too. I am supportive of Renney despite me wanting MacT gone in the end. But he was well past his expiration date.. and that was why I wanted him fired. Renney, he hasn’t been here that long. Really, he was associate coach in 2009/10… he was full time coach in 2010/11 and this year. So he’s been full time coach here for 2 years. I still think we haven’t seen his full abilities yet, based on the cards dealt to him by that crap-ass GM of ours. Give him a stable of solid d-men (we’re getting closer)… give him a REAL goaltender… and give him some bottom six guys that can actually provide run support too.

    On the flip side though, I’m also ready for the Quenville or the Bylsma here. As far as them getting tired of Renney.. if they’re tired after 2 years (maybe 3 if you consider him as associate) then our players are the fucking problem (which I definitely don’t rule out with some of the guys still here).

  3. chucker says:

    Mostly fan noise based on the interviews after the game and what you could hear in the background. Might be just some passion. Hopefully that is the case.

  4. Racki says:

    Interesting. Although to throw some fuel on the fire… Jason Gregor mentioned that Horcoff admitted to some “bickering on bench amongst guys that the team addressed”. So that definitely is a possibility. I suppose being in this rut again this year could pull guys apart. I thought our culture change already fixed that though….

    Actually, I just listened to the interviews, and the media did ask them about bickering in dressing room and on bench and such, and the players addressed it, not denied it, so I guess it has been happening. But really.. is it a surprise? It probably happens all the time even in good clubs too. I’m guessing it’s not a big issue.

  5. chucker says:

    Yeah, my opinion is that there better be some bickering with the way they have been playing. Some passionate play would be welcome.

  6. oilinblood says:

    Steve-Os opinion of shultz is strange considering i have watched live and feel nick has been almost perfect positionally -quite different from the player we gave up – and has won a large portion of his battles -also unlike the person we gave up. For the sanjose game, sitting in the defensive zone as usual, petry and shultz were the best defensemen on the ice in their own zone by a long shot.

    As for Smid and Hemsky … i heard that too on the after show from dan tencer. I will take him at his word. Hemsky was swearing and walked by tencer as he broke his stick. Tencer made a comment that he felt uncomfortable being in the room and has never seen it like that.
    thank god we got hemmer signed for 2 X 5… he sure is helping.

    loved eberles comments after the game. I am sure he is speaking for alot of the oilers but its tough when you are being pulled in two different directions. To a man in that room i am sure they all know offense is the way they will win. It just seems like they dont have the coaching or game plan to go with it.
    Renney is a HORRIBLE coach as far as systems and line changes, matchups, …you know…stuff coaches need to be good at. Great at the personal stuff and the interviews… horrific at being actually incharge of a bench. i agreed with racki about macT – good coach but had expired/lost the room. Renney has had the room but no bench control (which is the difference between assistant coach and head coach).
    But thank god hemsky got signed because he has really let loose since he got that contract extension safety net. I didnt believe a player would cash it in and play safe for a year, allowing himself to look washed up while advertising his skills for a new contract, but those hemsky fans really won me over. great to see him finally start to play and put up the huge points we expect from him one-dimensionally at 5M. To think we were thinking of using some of those assets to attain a replacement…assets that now cant do anything for 2 years anyways and thus wiill likely be stunted or traded for whatever as we are against our contract cap.

    trade 2013 1st round at the draft…should be of high value.

    people have to stop being so loyal to 28 year old players and coaches who have been repeatedly fired for the same things over and over. i expect hemmer to have a few great games a year but will never be the go to guy…because eberle and hall have shown what a go to guy is and i dont remember seeing that from hemmer without samsonov beside him.
    it is what it is. dont use imagination…use fact. the kids have shown us what a real franchise player will do.
    to be honest if renney is re-signed and he doesnt turn into a completely different coach, and we dont start raising our bar for grading our players as acceptable or not, eberle and hall and rnh will be running out their contracts and doing the smart thing…getting the hell out. Winners dont want to be around losers.
    the next 2 years will decide if ebs rnh and hall really care to stay in this joke.

  7. chucker says:

    Open talk in the media. I know how this story usually ends…

  8. dawgtoy says:

    After 3 seasons of 30,30,29…i’d say its about time some players were barking at each other. I almost don’t care what happens tonight, so long as we can spOIL the post season for the Flames.

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