Oilers 3, Sharks 2 (SO) – Game 66 – 2012-03-06 @ 8:30 PM MST – SNET OILERS

By , March 6, 2012 1:33 pm
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at San Jose Sharks
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25-34-6 Record 33-24-7
Location: HP Pavillion at San Jose
Date: March 6, 2012 @ 8:30PM MST


Not a lot to say for today’s match up. Oilers… Sharks.. late start tonight. Hopefully it isn’t a stinker. We really need to watch a win though, as these are getting difficult to watch. I think the Oilers sealed their fate with a couple of boneheaded plays that led to breakaways (or what was probably a 4 on nothing), but they seemed in it for most of the game. So it sucks to see them losing regardless of how well they play.

OILERS LINES (projected)


Smid – Petry
Whitney – Potter
Sutton – Schultz



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8 Responses to “Oilers 3, Sharks 2 (SO) – Game 66 – 2012-03-06 @ 8:30 PM MST – SNET OILERS”

  1. Steve-O says:

    From Elliotte Friedman’s 30 thoughts:

    17. Gilbert said there was one major difference in defensive-zone coverage in moving from Edmonton to Minnesota. Down low, the Oilers play man-to-man. The Wild prefer zone.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Schultz plays m2m, or if he reverts to zone occasionally.

  2. Racki says:

    I’m sure he’ll figure it out. I’m not really too big a fan of man to man here because it always seems that someone forgets who their man is and leaves the slot completely wide open, or leaves some cross seam pass open of some sort. Although I will say that I’ve found our defense to be a lot less frustrating than previous years, mind you.

  3. Racki says:

    #nhl_oilers confirmed Doobie starts. They also say that Omark and Peckham are likely to draw in. Good news about Peckham. Been out quite a while. Not sure who they sit though. Sutton seems to always be the one they pull, but I don’t think he’s necessarily the one that deserves to sit, most nights.

    As for Omark… Hemsky got hurt in the last game.. maybe he’s out for this one? (actually it does sound like he may be)

  4. G&S says:

    Well having Peckham back in the lineup gives me some added interest in this game. Gonna be interesting to see how he responds after sitting so long. As for who should come out, I would have to say Potter, with all the goals against he has been on for lately it might be best for him to get a view from the press box for a game or few.

  5. dawgtoy says:

    Belanger is banged up, Potter has been brutal, and Hordichuk has been somewhat useless IMO. Chose any of those in favor of Teddy Peckman and Linus Omark. Kinda psyched to see Omark tonight … GOilers

  6. Steve-O says:

    I just hope Renney puts him in the top 6…no point in having a skill player play with plugs and hope he scores a shit load, or having Petrell in the top 6 either.

  7. Steve-O says:

    Nope, shitty line mates. He better score a hat trick or he’ll be sent back down!

  8. Racki says:

    The Linus Omark Show doesn’t need any linemates.

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