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By , March 15, 2012 10:48 am
Who will win the Calder race?

Who will win the Calder race?

Raining some cold hard facts in here…

Here are the numbers for these kids now:

Name (age): GP. G-A-P (PP G-A-P), +/-, Total TOI, PP TOI, G/G, A/G, P/G
Landeskog (19): 72, 20-26-46 (5-5-10), +19, 18:29, 2:09, 0.278, 0.361, 0.639
Henrique (21): 62, 15-31-46 (0-6-6), +10, 18:21, 1:37, 0.242, 0.5, 0.742
Nuge (18): 50, 16-27-43 (3-19-22), -4, 17:30, 3:09, 0.32, 0.54, 0.860

Now projected stats if they continue their seasonal average points per game pace:

Name (age): GP, G-A-P
Landeskog (19): 82, 23-30-53
Henrique (21): 74, 18-37-55
Nuge (18): 62, 20-33-53

How about if these kids played a full season and maintained their seasonal average point per game paces?

Name (age): GP, G-A-P
Landeskog (19): 82, 23-30-53
Henrique (21): 74, 20-41-61
Nuge (18): 62, 26-44-70

Who do you think will win the Calder race?

I can’t help but still think it will be Landeskog, given that he is also brings a very physical game (16th in the league for all players with 198 hits), and played the whole year. Still though, it’s hard to ignore the great numbers that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has put up at age 18. It really is a shame that he injured his shoulder, as he probably would have been a lock as winner if not for that. Knowing the media like I think I do, I think they will give the Calder to Gabriel Landeskog.

Stats Legend:
GP – Games Played
G – Goals
A – Assists
P – Points
PP G-A-P – Powerplay Goals, Assists, Points
Total TOI – Average time on ice (all situations… evens, powerplay, short-handed combined)
PP TOI – Average time on ice (powerplay only)
G/G – Goals per game
A/G – Assists per game
P/G – Points per game

Who will win the Calder race?

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4 Responses to “Calder voting…”

  1. oilinblood says:

    awfully hard to overlook the +/- of landeskog. i think even if he doesnt geet another point, as long as his +/- stays or gains he wins hands down. that kind of plus-minus on a mediocre team is gold, especially as a rookie.

    also Nugget has the most lopsided pp time to toi.

    it will hurt for calder voting but i like the way renney managed the ice time of the kid. Renneys ice time decisions on RNH at least is just about the only thing i would say renney did a good job with. Eberle has played a season of 98 games though in a single year… so ummm why hold that horse back? RNH should be able to handle more 5 on 5 after another long off season of training.

    i am looking forward to this team being revamped a bit in the summer but i doubt it will happen with the big contracts we have. expect no impact changes. fn sucks.

    btw racki your poll seems to be manipulated as when i click landeskog it says “please choose a valid answer” , lol. is that bias i smell? 😉

  2. chucker says:

    Landeskog wins unless Nuge gets another 15 points and even then it would be close. There is already “future captain” talk in Colorado. The fact that he plays hard minutes and PK as well as that +/- are going to put him over the top.

    Had RNH been able to play a full year, it would be a different story.

  3. dawgtoy says:

    I agree with both above comments in regards to Landeskog. OIB I’m not sure I agree with your comment in regards to big contracts. Now is likely the best time to acquire some pricey talent IMO. 15 players already under contract for next season. Three important RFA’s in Dubby, Petry and Gagner. Smyth is a UFA who will be signed at a significant savings IMO. We currently have 22 mill in cap space, and have lots of room to acquire just about anything. Might be smart to lock-up Petry to something longer term. By the time the ELC’s expire, Horc, Smyth and Khabby will be long gone. Something needs to happen this summer in regards to a first pairing D man. It is no longer a want, it is a NEED.

  4. Racki says:

    OIB: not sure what browser you’re using or if you’re doing it on your phone, but given that Landeskog leads the way with 80% of the votes, I don’t think there is any manipulation going on here 😛

    Also, I want to do my usual rant on +/- and point out what a *generally* useless stat it is. However, even I will admit that leading your team in +/-… especially with that kind of margin… well, it’s pretty impressive. So I definitely take that into consideration. For the record, I voted Landeskog.

    As far as “big contracts”.. as long as they aren’t long term contracts (or these big contracts are defensemen of the Weber ilk.. :P), then I’m OK with that. We want to make sure that we can give plenty of casheesh to Hall, Nuge, and Eberle.

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