Taylor Hall to undergo shoulder surgery.. out next 5-6 months.

By , March 27, 2012 12:10 pm

Taylor Hall will undergo shoulder surgery

Taylor Hall will undergo shoulder surgery

Rather than swipe the quick news that Bruce McCurdy provided on this, I’ll just direct you to the Cult of Hockey article.

Not Sucking > Sucking

By , March 27, 2012 9:11 am
"Loser - I don't see why at least trying to win isn't an option"

"Loser - I don't see why at least trying to win isn't an option"

So, there seems to be two types of Oilers fans right now… fans that are happy that the team is winning finally, and fans that are pissed off they’re winning and actually mad at the team for lowering it’s chance at the #1 or even #2 or #3 pick. Well, count me in the former group.

There was a time where I was one of the lunatic fans cheering for a nose dive in the standings and getting enamored with the prospect of a #1 overall pick such as Taylor Hall, Adam Larsson, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, etc. But I think that ship has sailed. We now have 3 solid young stars here and it’s time to turn things around here and begin winning. This season needs to end on a good note. It doesn’t need to end with fans being idiotic, getting angry at a team for winning.

I sadly can admit that I was a little ticked when the Oilers won the last game of the season in 2006/07 season, despite it being against Calgary and it being the Battle of Alberta. It was too little too late for me, for one. I was also ticked because that one win took us out of 5th spot (which, with a lotto win, would have given us a #1 pick) and gave us 6th overall. I was ticked too because the 5th overall team (Chicago) ended up winning the lotto that year and getting to draft Patrick Kane. But in hindsight, that is ridiculous to think that way.

Any GOOD teams goals are always Continue reading 'Not Sucking > Sucking'»

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