Shane Doan Shanabanned for 3, Duncan Keith next up in the principal’s office..

By , March 21, 2012 8:10 pm

Duncan Keith elbows Daniel Sedin in the chops. I won’t lie, I take a bit of sick pleasure in that.. but it will definitely result in a Shanabanning.

Also, Shane Doan got 3 games for this Elbow on Jamie Benn

That sets a bit of precedence for this Keith elbow.

Caption This! Steve Tambellini and Tom Renney

By , March 21, 2012 9:32 am
Renney thinks:sigh...i gotta back up whatever this asshat says...

Renney: "sigh...i gotta back up whatever this asshat says..."

OK, So every so often we have a “Caption This!” post. Usually these are epic failures in the contributions we receive, but we hope they are still funny as hell to read with the stuff we come up with, at the very least.

Basically the idea is we throw up a picture, and you come up with some captions for it, or do something funny with the picture. Example, with the picture above.. give Renney and Tambellini some lines (i.e. what are they saying?), or draw something funny on the picture and repost it.

Here’s a few captions to help get things rolling.. feel free to contribute in the comments if you like: Continue reading 'Caption This! Steve Tambellini and Tom Renney'»

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