Sutton re-signs with Oilers… 1-year deal worth $1.5M + $250k

By , February 13, 2012 8:36 am

Andy Sutton has re-signed with the Edmonton Oilers. The deal is worth $1.5M in salary, but also comes with $250K in bonuses which will be earned based on games played and the Oilers making the playoffs. I think this is a good depth signing for the team. It’s structured perfectly, giving incentive to Sutton to play more games, and also not being a very big cap hit at all (less than his current cap hit). Sutton has been a reliable player for the Oilers this year, so it makes me happy to see him back for another year.

With this signing, however, you have to wonder if one of our d-men may be moved at the deadline. The most likely candidate that we’d try to move is Cam Barker. He hasn’t really fit in too well here. He’s showed very small flashes of why he was drafted 3rd overall, but those have been brief. It is also possible that the Oilers could move a guy like Theo Peckham to open the door a bit more for some off-season signing or trade for a big-name defenseman (something the Oilers really need).

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  1. Dman09 says:

    I love this, this is a smart signing. A good vet dman that plays well, 1 year reasonable contract. Perfect. Now the other problem I’m hearing is they are going to keep Peckham and Barker and basically put out the same defense next season.
    I SAY WHAT!!!!!

    So the Oilers management thinks that the weakest part of a last place team doesn’t need some changing. This is BS. If you are trying to say that you want to make a playoff push and you field the same defense, then you are just talking BS to everyone and expecting them to believe it. I’m sorry as much as I like the Oilers and a lot of the players if this is what happens next season I’ll be cheering for another team. Management can lie to themselves all they won’t but don’t lie to the fans espically when they are paying $150+ to watch a 2.5 hour game. This is one of the most expensive forms of entertainment and its not entertaining when your team is losing and the management, year in year out, doesn’t do anything to improve it. Their actions are like me sitting at home expecting a million dollars to fall into my lap.

    In my opinion Peckham, Barker and Chorney all need to go. They have been passed on the depth chart and carrying too many 1 way contracts is pointless especially when they guys that will be filling the defense prospects pool as early as next year.

  2. G&S says:

    I really like Andy. When we first got him I thought he would be no more then a 7th dman that would step into the lineup only when others where injured or not playing well but he has shown that he is more then capable of being a regular.

    I am a lil confused over the structure of the deal though, I was under the impression that bonuses where only allowed in entry level contracts, I must be wrong on that I guess?????

  3. Steve-O says:

    Over 35 players can get bonuses as well.

    And the bonus on making the playoffs makes me laugh, maybe Tambellini is a sly dog

  4. Racki says:

    G&S: I think isn’t the rule something to do with them being allowable in the last year of the CBA? Or is that something else I’m thinking of.

  5. Racki says:

    DMAN09 – is this comment about management based on what they’ve said? Or what media or fans are inferring? Cause really, even if management is saying that now, I never take anything they say at face value. You always hold your cards close to your chest. Something could… and should.. be in the works. So I wouldn’t give up hope just yet. The blueline does need addressing though. I personally would move Barker for sure. Whitney and Peckham would be considerations if we can find some sort of big name defenseman out on the market. I’d rather hang on to Peckham though, but he’d be available for that kind of big deal. Whitney.. well.. I love him, but yah.. it’s kind of a Hemsky thing… let’s put it that way.

    Really though, the only d-man I’d consider untouchable is Smid, although I wouldn’t just give any of our blue away either, mind you, save for Barker and Chorney (who I’m not sure I would even qualify).

  6. oilinblood says:

    first – alot of floridas contracts had bonuses in recent years. The issue with bonuses is that they seem to apply to the following years cap hit which can make it tricky to calculate what to give. Personally it is of my opinion that sutton left cash on the table and a chance to compete for the cup. He is a guy Boston would have been happy to acquire. That says alot. The guy has been everything that i thought he would be, big body blocking shots, the good +/- player that he has been previously on only slightly less crappy teams (face it we still fit that –ala horcoff hemsky and injury curse etc), big hits, takes penalties just being big, will jump guys to make a statement and take the suspension if he deems it nec, will lead if he has to (carolina game). He has shown me a skating ability and offensive vision that i never saw before though. Im happy to get him for another year especially when it was really his choice AND he left cash (imho) on the table to do it. (In response to his team being completely flat against another “worst team in the league” and doing so in their own building…sutton went out and PASTED, with transparent anger at his own teams battle level, absolutely smeared 4 hurricanes to the boards and or bench in the hurricanes game. to me that was a proud guy responding to a team that was being played out of their own building by a weaker team. I rememberMylittleponi standing after the hit with his head bobbing in place and his eyes out, then falling to his knees. Sutton put a stamp on that game. Edmonton should no longer be a fun or friendly place for the visitors.

    I was high on barker at the beginning of the year. His dumb penalty crosschecking seguin in boston to kill our momentum and put the bruins pp on the ice was one of the dumbest plays i have seen in years and boy there are alot it had to beat to get there. That being said i wont cry to much if they keep him. I think i have seen alot of what i think is legitimate top end talent and poise to go along with moments of stupidity. Paul coffey was liike that i am told but i became a coffey fan post-prime when he was in detroit and was solid on both sides of the puck… so i cant compare (in this life i never saw him as an oiler except archive footage).

    As pointed out earlier we cant stay stagnant on defense. I was sure sutton would be the one to go, as he was the most marketable of all… UFA, big body, has shown hands, blocks a tonne of shots, history of great +/- on the crappiest teams in the league. I am happy he is staying and i think it goes to show the effect the youth is haveing on the veterans. Sutton isnt staying here or showing deft hands and new agility because of horcs and smyth and hemsky…thats rnh, ebs and hall’s effect.

    One name not talked about is petry. yes he is rhd and yes we have invested alot into him but he is likely more valuable on the block than either barker or peckham and he isnt as reliable in physical games as potter etc. Petry might be a part of a draft day deal even to get another high pick.

    Hemsky has to go but we are starting to get some specific needs as opposed to “damn we need 12 new forwards 6 new d and a couple new goalies”. Its unlikely the return from hemsky alone will get close to anything that will help us in the next 2 seasons but adding a young rhd can certainly change the assets that would be made available. With his terrible play the oilers STILL offered him a short term extension. I call it a goodwill offering from the oilers that wasnt intelligent. Hemsky turned it down and now its time to get on the phones.
    So my original thoughts that sutton and hemmer would go to detroit are now gone. Good, but hopefully the latter is still gone come deadline.

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