Racki’s Oilers Rumor Round-up

By , February 24, 2012 10:33 am
Dustin Brown is now rumored to be available, and the Oilers are a player..

Dustin Brown is now rumored to be available, and the Oilers are a player..

Alright, here’s my post on what players are out there for the Oilers to pick up, as well as who we have available. Discuss your rumors here, and feel free to post about any successful trades and such in comments here too (also feel free to point out anything significant I’ve missed).

Oilers needs:
Goaltending – Nikolai Khabibulin and Devan Dubnyk won’t cut it.
Mobile, multi-faceted, big minute defenseman (who couldn’t use one of those?).
Bottom six depth players.
Argument for another top-six forward if Hemsky is traded.

Rumored available players:
Ales Hemsky, Nikolai Khabibulin, Cam Barker, Darcy Hordichuk

Rumored players teams are also interested in (that aren’t completely untouchable):
Sam Gagner, Theo Peckham

Rumored players the Oilers are interested in:

CBJ: Marc Methot – Left-handed defensive defenseman. Plays a safe game – not at all flashy, but gets the job defensively. He’s out for the rest of the season, so this is a long term trade.

LAK: Jonathan Bernier – Young, potential-star goaltender. Asking price is reportedly high. He’s been stuck behind Jonathan Quick, so it’s easy to see why he hasn’t broken into the league just yet. He would be

LAK: Dustin Brown – Power forward, right winger. Apparently isn’t the best defensive minded player (although he does play 2nd line PK). He’s signed to a very reasonable contract for the next 2 years ($3.175M cap hit) which makes him a more hot commodity. Dean Lombardi is said to be looking for a D prospect and top-six forward in return, so the asking price may be a little steep.

NSH: Jonathan Blum – Right-handed defenseman with decent size (although he isn’t known for using it). He plays well at both ends of the ice. He can reportedly quarterback a powerplay. Fits into our youth movement, and is already NHL ready. Not the best D-prospect the Predators have to offer.

NSH: Ryan Ellis – Right-handed, intelligent, offensive defenseman. He has a very high hockey IQ and can be a big team leader. The issue here is that his size is not what most would call NHL size. Smart players have overcome those issues, however. The Oilers should definitely give him consideration. A reuniting with Taylor Hall would be welcome.

NSH: Shea Weber – Young, two-way, physical defenseman (and a right handed D, no less). He is the complete package, and I guy I would love to have here. His contract is quite high though, and it expires at the end of the year (RFA). It would force the Oilers to be very stingy in the rest of their player pick ups, which might limit us too much. Asking price would be very high. He also may want to stay in Nashville now if the team is showing signs of being more willingness to spend to the cap.

TOR: Luke Schenn – Depending on who you talk to, Schenn is either being ruined by Toronto media and fans, or he is overrated. Might be our next shot at a Jason Smith 2.0. He has high draft pedigree, but hasn’t panned out the way fans have hoped. Plays a physical brand of defensive hockey with little offensive upside (although he apparently is good at moving the puck up ice). Lines up on the right side, which makes him more attractive of an interest for the Oilers.

Players the Oilers should NOT be interested in:
CBJ: Rick Nash – fancy player. Very talented. Unquestionable skill. However his contract is way out of our ballpark. Keep looking elsewhere, Tambellini.

NSH: Ryan Suter – much like Weber, he’s a multi-faceted defenseman. Some say his defensive game is a fair bit better than Weber’s, however. Much like Weber, his contract ends this year, however he will be a UFA. So I wouldn’t suggest trading for him unless we can guarantee a contract with him, thus why he is in this section, otherwise I would have put him in the interest column. Note, this is the ONLY reason why he is here. I would gladly take him on the team if we know he’ll be around for a few years.

With what the Kings are making available, it makes me thankful that Dean Lombardi apologized over the insults he made towards Steve Tambellini and the Oilers.

18 Responses to “Racki’s Oilers Rumor Round-up”

  1. Racki says:

    Lombardi is denying that Dustin Brown is in play. But most GMs keep their cards close to their chest, so that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t available. If I were Tambellini, I’d still give it a good consideration. This isn’t addressing one of our biggest needs though.

  2. Racki says:

    An offer has been tabled to Ales Hemsky… 2 years.. no other info available yet, but my guess it will be at $5M per.

  3. Racki says:

    It is indeed 2 years at $5Mper year that Hemsky has been offered, per Ryan Rishaug. I would be happy with that. That’s what I’ve kind of hoped they would sign him for. Now would Hemsky do it? I’m not so sure. I think he wants a longer deal, or a short deal with more cash.

    EDIT: New poll up Re: Hemsky re-signing possibility

  4. chucker says:

    Well, the ball is in Hemsky’s court now. I think he will insist on four years.

  5. chucker says:

    He just signed. Two years five mill.


  6. john says:

    $10mil/2 years seems like a lot for a top six forward who likely will never break 28 goals or 80 pts (not to mention sitting on the shelf for a couple months a year), but sorta glad he wants to stick around. Mind you knowing he wouldnt get that kind of cheese from any other team probably helped him make that decision a little easier! I suspect he was asking for less money over 4 years but Tambi wanted a shorter term therefore giving up a little more money for incentive.

    jesus OIB is gonna be pissed.

  7. LateNightOilFan says:

    Have to admit I’m surprised, and happy Hemmer’s staying on – hopefully he can stay healthy. I honestly thought he’d be dealt. Hopefully the Oilers can make the playoffs during the next 2 years seeing as he could have been a rental this year.

  8. dawgtoy says:

    Seems like we’re better with Hemsky IMO. Money is not an object in the short term, so given the two year term, the five mill is irrelevant. Smytty will get done soon at a discount from his current deal to remain an Oiler. Hopefully Gagner remains come Monday, and I’d say we are two solid summer signings from the playoffs. Yes I had my full cup of cool aid today.
    I believe Hemsky has played cautiously given he didn’t have a contract. An injury would have been devastating to his former pending UFA status. My belief is he now has a safety blanket again and health, and he will play with the reckless abandon we all love. In short I love the signing and my optimism for the future is high.

  9. Racki says:

    I’m quite happy about Hemsky re-signing, and I also figured (bang on) that 2-years at $5M would be what it would take for this to work for both sides.

    It’s sickening the beating he’s taken over this contract. Even a couple of classless former players have piled on.

    His numbers have looked bad, unfortunately due to the thrashing he’s taken over the years on ice and missing all those games.

    Here’s what they would have been if he stayed on pace.

    2005-06 – Goals: 19, Assists: 59, Points: 78
    2006-07 – Goals: 17, Assists: 51, Points: 68
    2007-08 – Goals: 22, Assists: 57, Points: 79
    2008-09 – Goals: 26, Assists: 49, Points: 75
    2009-10 – Goals: 26, Assists: 56, Points: 82
    2010-11 – Goals: 24, Assists: 49, Points: 73
    2011-12 – Goals: 9, Assists: 37, Points: 46

    Now obviously 2 things: 1, this year is just plain awful. It isn’t at all certain that he could keep on pace for the full year. To the first point, I’d say that it is just an anomaly. It is the 1 year in all those years that he’s been bad. It just happens to be the recent (which sucks when it comes to contract negotiations and respect around the NHL / with fans). To the 2nd point, he could also have an increased point production too if he played a full season.

    Really, people need to get off the guy’s back and let his actions do the talking. It was only a year ago where the majority of Oilers fans felt that he was underpaid. He actually didn’t even get a raise (as Haboiler noted to me on Twitter)… his cap hit went up though, of course. But it’s the same money he’s making this year.

  10. oilinblood says:

    i still havent liked his game this year. he doesnt take his check most of the time. he also doesnt back check very hard if he thinks its not worth trying. i still drives me insane.
    that being said, the oilers didnt budge from their original offer of 2 weeks ago on term. the dollars slightly changed but i will admit hemsky definitely left term and dollars on the table that he would have gotten from a desperate GM like maybe howson. Oilers talked with him after the philly game because rumor has it they had a deal on the table… i dont believe that. i think the oilers had listened enough and needed to know a final answer going into the weeken. hemsky accepted. Even i have to say that Hemsky leaving money and term on the table is saying alot about how highly he thinks of edmonton and the oilers. good to hear on that front.
    I would say modano and other doubters dont really remember how idiotic free agency can make general managers. faaak
    mike modano’s margarita inspired responses via twit…

    well someone has to be dealt from our prospects… or gags lander or someone. i dont want to know which 2 or 3 people in the forwards gets the axe for this. wont know the 2 or 3 total until likley july 1st or 15th.

    Was i ever worried hemmer would have success elsewhere? no i wasnt worried and i was certain he would. I just dont think his style fits nor do i like him hoping bolland has the puk hop off his stick through an act of god and land on his own as he glides behind him from the blue line as a spectator hoping a big save happens… yet is within stick slash/lift range with a little bit of effort.
    also, i will look on the bright side and say that rnh and hemmer worked well together for the momentary glimpses i saw against pitts.

    jones gone? who goes? jones, gagner, harti? only so many spots and players will get pisssed… or stunted. might as well start dishing out those not necessary. i think safe to say omark is thru… thats a given. OMark +++?

    its not like i hate the guy but cmon…you are a winger… you dont even get asked for much defensively. at least do the basics. faaak
    for the record i am optimistic, like dawgtoy. i dont mind losing other players even. hemsky is another vet which is good. hopefully he can come into camp in great shape and with likely one spot on d open… and only that we may not have nearly as many growing pains. keeping another vet means one less rookie or inexperienced player. i am ok with that.
    yes i wish the team would sock attack him but whatever. the less we mess with this team… the more consistent we will be.

  11. chucker says:

    If you look at guys making around the same dough, Hemsky is fairly good value compared to lots of his peers in salary. That is to say, he is not really overpaid when you look at guys like Fleischmann and about ten others with comparable salary. There is no NMC/NTC and it is only two years. It sends a great message to the league and hopefully he relaxes and does what he does best. Who knows, lots can happen in two years. He could be that guy we have always hoped he could and now there is talent to help him. Unlike his years before now….

  12. Steve-O says:

    Uh. FUCK YEAH. WOOOOOOOOOOO. That is all

  13. Mr.Majestyk says:

    Glad to see that Hemsky is back in the fold, now hopefully we’ll get the old Ales back. I hope next season he has a bit of a chip on his surgically repaired shoulder(s) and wants to show everyone that he is worth the money. Like chucker said, now he has someone to play against so now its just a matter of staying healthy and gaining chemistry with the young stars.

    At what point would you consider sending Horcoff to the minors? Not just because of his play but to get rid of the cap hit? I know it seems unheard seeing as how he’s our captain but if he’s the good soldier we think he is at some point he might fall on the sword and get sent down to teach our AHL players. Of course this would only happen when cap hit becomes an issue.

  14. LateNightOilFan says:

    Mr.Majestyk: Glad to see that Hemsky is back in the fold, now hopefully we’ll get the old Ales back. I hope next season he has a bit of a chip on his surgically repaired shoulder(s) and wants to show everyone that he is worth the money. Like chucker said, now he has someone to play against so now its just a matter of staying healthy and gaining chemistry with the young stars.At what point would you consider sending Horcoff to the minors? Not just because of his play but to get rid of the cap hit? I know it seems unheard seeing as how he’s our captain but if he’s the good soldier we think he is at some point he might fall on the sword and get sent down to teach our AHL players. Of course this would only happen when cap hit becomes an issue.

    So long as Horcoff is contributing in terms of his play for the Oilers you find other ways of dealing with the cap hit, IMO, especially since his vet leadership is needed here. Remember when it seemed we’d have his hit forever – looking at Capgeek it stretched across the page! Now only 3 years left after this season. I don’t think it will come to that.

  15. Racki says:

    I’ll agree with LNOF. I mean, it’s probably no secret I’m a big Horc supporter, so that probably is no surprise. I always did say from the start that the current contract he is on was bad. But we can beat that horse to death, or just live with it. I think right now his contributions have been quite noticeable. He’s played quite good this year in my eyes, even if the numbers aren’t spectacular. Last year, he helped the kids along. This year, he’s playing well at both ends of the ice. I think Belanger and Horcoff make a solid 1-2 punch on the PK, and unlike Belanger (This year), Horcoff seems to be tolerable in the offensive zone.

    Anyways, I’m happy about Hemsky re-signing. One more quick “fact” about this deal (from Jonathan Willis):
    – The $5M cap hit is the same percentage as a $3M cap hit back in 2005/06.

    Couple that with the fact that he was already making $5M this year. Couple that with the fact that just about every Oiler fan was bragging about how great a contract his past one was. The cap hit is a mere “plug salary” of $0.9M more (mere in NHL terms).

    Why are people making a big deal about it?

    You also can’t just assume a player is going to get hurt. And well, the cap hit is freed up (to simplify) if he goes on the IR anyways. It’s not a bad deal at all.

    I’m excited about having Hemsky here another year. I can bet that his teammates are too. Taylor Hall already did an interview in which he said he hopes the Oilers re-sign Hemsky because he likes him being his linemate. He also tweeted that he was happy Hemsky re-signed. You don’t often see players commenting about re-signings like that.

    “Madonna” and the other critics should stick to drinking margaritas, being a diva, and whatever else they do best.

  16. Ktown says:

    Millwoods MP Mike Lake tweeted this nice stat:
    Hemsky – .78 career ppg $5M
    Cammelleri – .75 career ppg $7M

    I like the deal. No stupid NTC or NMC and expires a year after Hall and Ebs re-sign and the same year the Nuge is due.

    I’m actually finding it funny how many people are bashing this deal. Lol – btw – who is Jamie Rivers and what hole did he crawl out of to comment?

  17. Racki says:

    In all honesty, I’m pretty good with hockey names. I’ve got a huge database of names stored up in that brain of mine. I remember the name Jamie Rivers, but he doesn’t stand out at all. Some nobody former NHL/AHL/Euro league journeyman can insult Hemsky’s contract all he wants. Most people haven’t even heard of this bum.

    As for Modano.. well.. far be it for an American to shoot his mouth off, right? 😛 I’m sure he’s still sour over the rivalries Dallas and Edmonton had, or something. Really though, players and former players probably shouldn’t be eating their own. It’s insulting to Hemsky more than it is to the Oilers or their fans.

  18. chucker says:

    Wolski to the Panthers. Making room for Nash me thinks.

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