Monday Morning Standings

By , February 28, 2012 9:28 am

See The Rum Diary. It's Hunter S. Thompson + her.

Time for another MMS, this one getting closer and closer to being on time. Crazy, I know.

Also, we have the 3rd quarter review coming up soon.

Oiler News

Tom Gilbert got traded. I’m not a fan of the deal. Others are. I can’t agree with you guys cause then we’ll both be wrong.
– That said, I’m sure I’ll like Nick Schultz. Hopefully he’ll be a good guy for us for a few years.
– Hemsky got re-signed. Fuck yeah! Won’t lie, when I got Racki and Trogdor’s texts on Friday I was grinning the whole night. Now watch him tear it up the next two years and earn a killer contract.
– Smyth looks to be re-signed soon too. I’m not really worried about this as how bad can Tambellini fuck it up?

– We still have Khabibulin.

League News

– Well, as mentioned above it was this little thing called the trade deadline. And it was pretty boring. I wonder if they’ll do away with the hype and shows soon. And how bad did TSN make the rest look. Sportsnet really needs to up their game.
– I consider Nashville to have done well. They didn’t give up much (picks) and already had one of the best goaltending and defense groups so they upgraded their forwards.
– Not sure what to think of the Hodgson/Kassian trade. I actually think that Gragnani guy will be possibly a steal in that trade.
– That said, Vancouver did well. I wonder what it’s like to have a GM that does smart moves?
– Rangers picked up John Scott, which makes any upcoming games against Boston interesting. Prust, Boyle, Bickel, Rupp and now Scott vs Thornton, Lucic, Campbell and McQuaid. The new cold war!
– Only team that really lost was Columbus. I don’t think Nash wants to stick around after being thrown under the bus.

Question of the Week

Who won the trade deadline? Who lost?

Fight of the Week



So, anyone else think that Anaheim might make it to the playoffs? They have been playing outstanding lately (minus last night) and have made mucho ground up to close to within 6 of 8th. Although it might be too much with only a quarter of the season left. The race has tightened up however, with it being close right from 6th to 13th.


Ouch, Montreal is the suck right now. And how do I enjoy the recent suckage by the Leafs. Their fans are just miserable right now.


Looks like Montreal is making a push for 2nd pick. Actually, it looks as though 26th thru 29th are going to be a battle for position right till the end. That said, I like the Oilers winning and not sucking ass, therefore I wouldn’t mind falling in the draft standings.




OKC Barons

The Barons are fighting off the Oilers attempts to sink their team, and still sit tied for 1st in entire league (7 point lead for first in the conference).

Still no scorers in the top 20, and leading team scorer Ryan Keller sits 32nd with 41 points in 53 games. Danis and Leneveu still sit 1/2 respectively in the goaltending rankings.

Oil Kings

Oil Kings have locked up a playoff position! With 89 points in 63 games played, and a 6 point lead on 2nd in the conference they are the first team in the Eastern Conference to lock up a spot.

Team point leader Michael St. Croix sits 6th in league scoring with 95 points in 63 games. Laurent Brossoit currently sits ranked 3rd for goalies.

Of interest to Oiler fans is the fact that Martin Gernat leads the team D in scoring with 47 points in 51 games, followed by Pysyk and then possible Oiler draft pick Reinhart.

3 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. zackman35 says:

    I seriously had to take a double take when I saw MMS were up this early. I’m hoping to catch a Oil Kings playoff game or two, are the tickets relatively easy to come by?

  2. Steve-O says:

    Yes they are. And pretty cheap. Right now you can get tickets to every playoff game for $99. Considering they are expected to make the WHL final, that’s pretty good.

  3. Racki says:

    This year might be the year to jump on that too, with how awesome they’ve been. Might get to see plenty of playoff games. Too bad the Memorial Cup is always in set city. Thinking too far ahead though.

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