Monday Morning Standings

By , February 3, 2012 9:18 am

Yeah yeah, Friday again…although to be fair I actually thought it was Thursday today for the longest time (which yes, does make it better).

Oil News

– Everyone should be back healthy soon just in time to continue to suck. But this is good as I have tickets to the Detroit game Saturday.
– Except Gagner, not sure if anyone saw that. He had a decent game against the Blackhawks.

League News

– Prospect game, Reinhart played well. Chatter on TSN (draft special Tuesday by the way) is that since the Oil are in desperate need of a D man, they’ll be looking to take Murray, Reinhart or Dumas. Might be tough with those two Russians still on the board however (Yakapov and Grigorenko).
– The Kings clock dude decided that 20min wasn’t long enough, and that he personally wanted to see 1 more second of action. It just so happened to cause a goal. Whoops.
– Carey Price…he be funny.
– Oh yeah, trade deadline coming up soon. Prepare yourselves for the massive info dump on 40 moves, only 10 of which will include NHL’ers.

Question Of The Week

Who do you like for the Oil to draft? Steve-O choice is Reinhart at the moment (but with nothing to back that up).

Fight Of The Week


Interesting fight at the top prospects game as the cameraman was allowed on the ice.

And on to the standings:



We caught Anaheim! Other than that, the gap the 7th place Kings have started to create looks like it’ll be 5 teams fighting for one spot.


Looks like 5th to 10th is pretty tight, so this will be where the interesting stuff will be at seasons end.


I wouldn’t mind seeing the Oilers win a lot more here, cause we can afford to not draft as high and I’d like them to have a little respectability.




OKC Barons

Still sitting 1st in the entire league with 65 points in 46 games, currently riding a 7 game win streak. 2nd in the league is sitting 5 points back.

Ryan Keller is the top point getter on the team with 36 points in 45 games (currently #25 in the league). It’s goaltending that seems to be getting it done however as both LeNeveu and Danis sit 2nd and 3rd respectively in the league.

Oil Kings

Oil Kings sit 1st in their conference with 72 points in 51 games, and sit tied for 2nd in the entire league (behind just the Kamloops Blazers).

St. Croix sits 5th in scoring with 79 points in 51 games, and team-mate Wruck sits 12th with 64 in 51. Brossoit is the 5th ranked goalie.

2 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. Ktown says:

    I was at the Top Prospects game… Helluva game. Fast, physical, and easily the best low-scoring game I’ve ever watched.

    The cameraman was funny. Not a great skater, and during tv timeouts, he was right up in the faceoff circle with the camera in guys faces… probably not too popular with the players or refs.

    During the fight, I was hoping he’d get laid out…

  2. oilinblood says:

    i found the prospects game very painful to watch.

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