Oilers 3, Leafs 4 (OT) – Game 56 – 2012-02-15 @ 8:00 PM MST – SNETW

By , February 15, 2012 8:30 am
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Toronto Maple Leafs
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22-28-5 Record 28-23-6
Location: Rexall Place
Date: February 15, 2012 @ 8:00PM MST


Leafs are coming off blowouts to the bottom dwelling Canadiens and an injured and under-manned Calgary team so this should be a good time to kick the crap out of them. That said, Oilers like to be slump-busters so it may not turn out so well. Plus the Leafs won the last meeting a week ago, so I hope to get that back (the few Leafs fans I know have become damn near unbearable).

I predict a rather boring game, with both teams playing like shit. Maybe lots of screen time to Burke looking surly and Tambellini looking quite pleased with himself.

No idea about the lines yet, will leave them the same until later. Edit: From what I understand, Potter is now out due to some soreness or injury and Khabibulin is getting the start.

OILERS LINES (projected)

Hall – Gagner – Eberle
Paajarvi – Horcoff – Hemsky
Smyth – Belanger – Jones
Eager – Lander – Petrell

Smid – Petry
Whitney – Gilbert
Sutton – Barker



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20 Responses to “Oilers 3, Leafs 4 (OT) – Game 56 – 2012-02-15 @ 8:00 PM MST – SNETW”

  1. Racki says:

    Potter might miss this one. He missed yesterday’s practice with a groin injury.

  2. Racki says:

    love the last tag of this post btw.. lol

    Anyways, slightly off topic here, but I am sure the Admin won’t mind…..

    Just read a tweet by Dustin Nielson @ TEAM 1260 saying the Oilers are scouting Jonathan Bernier (well, he said McKenzie said that). Oh man, please be true, please be true.

    That would scratch off another very important need for this team.

  3. G&S says:

    I have always wanted the Oilers to target Bernier. That would be huge!!!!

  4. Racki says:

    That would be a big move. Jack Johnson is also reportedly available. Perhaps a big package can be put together from both sides?

    I think Johnson helps make our back-end better. Bernier would improve our goaltending long term. Would that not be good, or what??

    I know we’d have to give up a fair bit to get that done, but hey, we do have some good pieces available although most are young players.

    Edit: I mistakenly thought Johnson was a RHD. He’s a lefty. But looking at Leftwinglock.com, I see he has played a fair bit on the right side this year… so maybe it’s a possibility. Humoring that thought…

    New backend:

    Smid Johnson
    Whitney Gilbert
    Peckham/Sutton Petry


    Are we looking significantly better? I think it kind of hangs on Whitney. If he misses lots of the season again, then it puts us in a bad place again. But with Whitney in, I think that D looks pretty decent and at a good age.

    I’d still like to see it get better though… and I’d prefer to upgrade Whitney for a player with less health issues, sorry to say.

  5. dawgtoy says:

    Check cap geek and have a look at Johnson’s contract…no thanks. Schenn would make me much happier, but I’d say a D will come this summer and not on deadline day. Bernier would definately put on a smile on my face though.
    Wow bad start boys. Yuck!!!

  6. Racki says:

    Well, I’ve heard poor reviews on Schenn.

    JJ, I’m still a little unsure about, myself. I’ve heard mostly good on him. The only thing I don’t like about that contract is the length. I’d likely pay him that kind of salary over Whitney or Gilbert though, but the grass is often greener on the other side. Might be overvaluing him.. but I do think he’s quite good and I think he’s a step closer to the kind of D we need.

    I think Ryan Suter is the only big-name, young defender who is potentially a UFA, so if you’re referring to a signing of a d-man, I’m not too optimistic it happens. If we can pick up a great d-man via trade at any time of the season, I’d do it.

  7. Racki says:

    BTW, I’ve been interested in Schenn in the recent past but been reading some stuff saying he’s been pretty overrated. Also not saying much but fans seem content with his name in rumors.

    That’s said though, he’s young and I like his skill set.. so who knows. He could definitely imprve too.

  8. NorwegianOiler says:

    I’ve watched the Kings quite regularly the past few seasons and Jack Johnson is not the type of defenseman that would help our defensive game. He’d do well on the power play, but so would Marc-Andre Bergeron. Unless Johnson suddenly learns puck management and defense, I’d leave him be. His plus/minus on a defensively minded team (under Murray) is nothing short of dreadful. He has actually been team worst in every season – several of which have yielded solid numbers from the rest of the Kings’ blueline.

    I’d love for us to make attempts for players like Seidenberg, Meszaros, Coburn, Z. Michalek, Murray or Schlemko. Relatively smart players, capable defenders who often make easy, yet effective plays. We’d probably have to pay a price, but that’s just how things go when you’ve neglected a part of your roster almost entirely.

    Schenn would be interesting, if available at a decent price.

  9. Racki says:

    Z. Michalek is a guy I mentioned wanting a couple years back. Would definitely have been nice. Always like Meszaros too. By Murray, do you mean Douglas? Sorry, a little vague there since Murray is a very common last name. He’s the first Murray that comes to mind though because of his punishing hits. Generally the exact type of d-man I like… big bruiser that can play defense very well. But from what I’ve been gathering about most of what you’ve been saying, doesn’t fit your general criteria (since he’s not known as a very skilled offensive d-man by any stretch of imagination).

    As for Schenn, haven’t watched him enough myself, but was scared off by recent comments that he was overrated. I wish I could remember the source, but I am somewhat sure it was a GM or scout that was asked about it.. or perhaps one of those NHLPA internal, membership bashing surveys.

    You could be right about Johnson. However I’d have to say you’d have to be watching a lot of Los Angeles games to really know that for certain. The “saw him good/bad” bias can be pretty strong. Unfortunately I have to go by scouting reports and advanced stats and other things with him, which seem quite good. But I definitely have leaned more towards “what I’m seeing” more than stats reading, so you are likely right there, especially if you’ve watched a lot of his games. I’ll take your word on that since I think you’ve got a pretty good eye (maybe even two good eyes).

    Dennis Seidenberg is probably the most intriguing name to me on the list though, as his game has come a long ways to be coming a complete defender. Not a considerably young guy, but still has several years left in him. More proven than a guy like Schenn (again, based on what I’ve read when it comes to Schenn – although I know Leafs fans are extra critical on him due to draft position).

  10. NorwegianOiler says:

    One can never rule out confirmation bias when talking generally about a player, but I tend to like players like Johnson – mobile, offensively minded, creative. I possibly give that type of player more slack than others, but he doesn’t make the cut for me. His downside outweighs his upside by a solid margin. I just don’t like how he takes bad risks and lacks awareness in his own zone.

    And I did mean ol’ Dougy Murray. His offensive ability as far as points go isn’t good, but he is able to move the puck fairly well, makes good little plays and doesn’t get his d-partner in trouble a lot. Not my first option on that list, but still a player I’d like to have. An better Sutton, if you will. As far as my previous comments go, the d-men I like (generally) don’t have to be ‘skilled’ as such – but they have to be able to make smart plays. Managing the puck well doesn’t have to be flashy.

    I would love for the Oilers to find a Seidenberg some day – the type of guy who has quietly become reliable in his own end and still capable of moving the puck forward.

  11. Racki says:

    Fair point on Johnson. Like I said, I think you have a keen eye for talent, so I’ll take that as being a strong case not to pick him up.

    But yes, love Douglas Murray. Reminds me of Igor Ulanov in the sense that he can take a puck off the face and shrug it off… although doesn’t remind me of Igor Ulanov in that he’s not “dangerous at both ends of the rink” (as MacT once said, I believe). I make the comparison only based on toughness, as both are/were tough S.O.B.s

  12. NorwegianOiler says:

    Thank you for the compliment. Just tend to catch a lot of Kings games (as well as the Blues, Bruins and a few other teams). In addition to the Oilers that is.

    Ulanov was a wall of flesh. Pain doesn’t hurt. Iconic.

  13. G&S says:

    Wow can Ebs shoot or what. Best shot in the game since Joe Sakic IMO.

  14. dawgtoy says:

    Speaking of Ebs…Schenn was drafted the same year as Eberle, therefore given his age, given the time it takes to develop Dmen to their full potential, I believe he’d be worth the risk. Years ago we stole a D from the leafs who was a strong defender for the Oilers for many years. History often repeats itself. Petry is 24 and just starting to show some real positive arrows to his games, Schenn is 22 … I know they’ve taken different routes to the NHL and their draft pedigree is significantly different, but sometimes a trade is risk vs reward. If it could be done, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Maybe he needs a change of scenery and a boost of confidence. Age is perfect for the rebuild as well. Of course opinions vary, but that is mine.
    My reference earlier to picking up a D this summer would be via trade given the difficulty to sign viable UFA’s and also given the overpayment they receive in terms of contracts.

  15. Racki says:

    Fair enough dawgtoy, valid argument. And like I said, I was once pretty keen on Schenn, but have been hearing some less than flattering stuff about him. It could just be unreasonable (early) expectations due to draft position. I wouldn’t consider Schenn at this point to be our home-run defensive acquisition though, but I would definitely agree that he would be a valueable pickup. I think it would be more of a project though (not your typical project, however.. just trying to get him to reach his high potential), and a guy that would have to work up the depth and gain confidence within the organization. I’d still like to see management sign a guy who is a proven talent too. But Schenn would be a good supplementary player.

  16. Racki says:

    Per Oilers Twitter, the Oilers have traded Ryan O’Marra to the Ducks for Bryan Rodney.

    I assume this is a minor league deal, cause by the scouting reports, Rodney doesn’t sound like that spectacular a player:


    * Moves the puck well and has plenty of offensive capability. Displays good instincts for the game, especially in the offensive zone.


    * [b]Can cough up the puck in the defensive zone when pressured,[/b] and must also work on his play without the puck. Lacks size and the physical strength to handle the NHL’s biggest forwards.

    Career Potential

    * Offensive depth defenseman.

  17. G&S says:

    This trade shows the true priority of our management at the moment. The Barons

    13 pts in 33 NHL games……you never know????

  18. zackman35 says:

    Well, I guess Plante is the remaining piece now in the original Smyth trade. This is a perfect example of why it’s risky to trade for futures.

    I’m not too sure why but I’m kinda dissapointed to see O’marra go but I’d imagine this helps the D down in OKC. I’m hoping they make a deep push for the Cup this year down in the A.

  19. Racki says:

    I liked O’Marra, although it was kind of clear he didn’t really have much of a future here even though our bottom six should be easy for someone to break in to.

    As for the Smyth trade, funny you should mention that.

    Article from Lyle Richardson (Spector’s Hockey) and his take on returns on stars at the deadline

    If he did a good job of digging up all the deadline deals, then it looks like deadline trades are almost always not good for the seller at all… even long term.

  20. oilinblood says:

    acquiring rodney is a great move for OKC. Thay have a real shot of hoisting a cup down there.

    as for that idiot lyle richardson… i will first point out that Carson didnt directly do anything for the Oilers cup win in 1990, but the assets we acquired for just his services (he was only messiers punching bag here) from detroit were graves murphy and klima. Without that trade we dont have most of what won us the cup. Graves Murphy and Gelinas were HUGE reasons we won in 1990, and klima …well… when he showed up he normally won the game for us.

    A simple intelligent point about the trade deadline. Usually the player you are trading will not be sticking around long term. ou have a depreciating asset when assessing their likelyhood of being in your organization for more than a few more weeks.
    I was surprised recently to see a Smyth interview where he stated he was happy he was garnering so much outside attention. He went on to state that talking to oilers brass would be going against his word. you didnt have to have a phd in psychology to get the clear message that he is interested in being dealt. Would he re-sign here? Im 99% sure he would but he wants to play playoff hockey in the mean time.
    this is a tough play for the oilers brass. Smyth is beloved in this community and alot of people, even if they saw the interview, would be blind to what he was saying. If the oilers traded him again i suspect even more weirdos who cant add 2 and 2 together would be ranting all over radio broadcasts and id have to quit listening to the stations on my drive to and from work. Theres not much to look at on my drives this time of year so i am not eager to go thru this.
    assets that could get moved, should be moved, are in my mind hemsky, and peckham or barker. additional moves i can see are petry, and a top 10 internal prospect like pitlick etc.

    with deadline moves the seller will likely receive NOTHING for the asset come 2 months from the deadline. hmmm…nothing or something? Hemsky even stated it. The oilers offered him a 2 year extension despite his feeble year. He wants a 4+ term contract and brought up the idea (the press had talked about this being in hemmers mind early in the year as did renney)that he doesnt want to be a 3rd and 4th line forward. Hemsky isnt dumb, he can see eberle is the man and is a decade younger and we dont need to put on believer goggles to see it, nor do we have to say “oh he just needs better players”. eberle wins…pack your bags you puss.

    as for our second rw position? ive always had gagner in there. If we pick at 2nd overall this year i suspect we will be going with bpa and centre grigorenko who only has a mere 31g and 38a in 46 games. whaddachump.

    now thats a big centre who obviously has no hands to go behind rnh and infront of lander.

    hopefully next year we are wondering about what to do with belanger.
    going into next seasons camp there will be some vet forwards made expendable to possibly get us the pieces to make a pckagefor the damn should we need it.

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