Monday Morning Standings

By , February 28, 2012 9:28 am

See The Rum Diary. It's Hunter S. Thompson + her.

Time for another MMS, this one getting closer and closer to being on time. Crazy, I know.

Also, we have the 3rd quarter review coming up soon.

Oiler News

– Tom Gilbert got traded. I’m not a fan of the deal. Others are. I can’t agree with you guys cause then we’ll both be wrong.
– That said, I’m sure I’ll like Nick Schultz. Hopefully he’ll be a good guy for us for a few years.
– Hemsky got re-signed. Fuck yeah! Won’t lie, when I got Racki and Trogdor’s texts on Friday I was grinning the whole night. Now watch him tear it up the next two years and earn a killer contract.
– Smyth looks to be re-signed soon too. I’m not really worried about this as how bad can Tambellini fuck it up?
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