Monday Morning Standings

By , February 22, 2012 10:28 am

When does Mad Men start again?

Oiler News

- Gagner still lighting the lamp, 3 points in the game last night to bring his February to a respectable 18 points in 9 games.
- Renney still feeling the post-concussion symptoms. The league really needs to look at fighting/head shots in order to cut down on this.
- O’Marra was traded for an offensive AHL defenseman.
- Hemsky looking good again, just in time for him to be shipped out for a shitty return (seriously people, we should want to keep NHL talent on the team). Although, one of the MSM asshats was saying that he’s considering a 2 year deal which would be cherry (as yeah, even I recognize this hasn’t been his greatest year).
- Kruger got a win!
- Eberle still awesome.

League News

- Tampa has started the fire sale, trading Downie for a Quincey, then turning around and flipping Quincey for a 1st round pick (and a prospect I heard)
- Montreal traded Gill to Nashville for a kid that now has way too much hype on him.
- Tampa traded Kubina to Philly for a bunch of picks, and Dallas traded Grossman to Philly for a bunch of picks.
- Comrie retired. Looks like he’ll have to spend some more time with Duff.
- James Neal got extended for 6 years and 30 mil.
- No surprises on the latest player poll.
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