Oilers 0, Ducks 5 – Game 43 – 2012-01-13 @ 7:30 PM MST – SNETW

By , January 13, 2012 2:23 pm
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers vs. Anaheim Ducks
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16-22-4 Record 13-22-7
Location: Rexall Place
Date: January 13th, 2012 @ 7:30PM MST


Tonight is Andrew Cogliano’s first game back at Rexall Place as an Anaheim Duck. I liked him here, but you never know what fans will do when players return. Could be some boos in there… maybe the odd applause. But I’m betting for more of the former.

There aren’t many teams worse than the Oilers, but as luck would have it, the Ducks are one of them. That means the Oilers should play pretty awful tonight 😛 I’ll be rooting the team on live at the game tonight. Hopefully it’s a good one. The Ducks are only 3-10-6 on the road while the Oilers are 10-6-3, so it SHOULD be a good one for us. But you never know.

Nikolai Khabibulin gets the nod in net tonight. Josh Green was recalled and will play wing with Ben Eager and Ryan O’Marra (who is OK to play now, after being sick for the last game).


Taylor Hall – Sam Gagner – Ales Hemsky
Ryan Smyth – Shawn Horcoff – Ryan Jones
Magnus Paajarvi – Eric Belanger – Anton Lander
Josh Green – Ryan O’Marra – Ben Eager

Ladislav Smid – Jeff Petry
Theo Peckham – Corey Potter
Andy Sutton – Colten Teubert

Nikolai Khabibulin
Devan Dubnyk


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7 Responses to “Oilers 0, Ducks 5 – Game 43 – 2012-01-13 @ 7:30 PM MST – SNETW”

  1. Racki says:

    Awful, awful game. Terrible. Very few positives. Actually only one really stood out, and that was Gagner showing some give-a-damn and standing up for Hall on Beauchemin. Actually Josh Green also threw a big hit in the 3rd too, but that is it.

    The team looked like it just really didn’t care tonight. Example, the Corey Perry goal where he “walked” right through Smid and Petry. I watched that unfolding from the stands and could see it about to happen several seconds before it did, while Smid and Petry seemed completely clueless as to what was happening and made no effort to hit Perry. Simply terrible hockey tonight. Renney was pretty pissed off at the team.

    I am not in an “end of the world, blow the team up mood” though. This was just one very bad game (while yes, we do sit in 28th, there were obviously more of those in the season). The Oilers normally put in a solid effort, even if their solid isn’t good enough. But tonight, the effort was really not there by the vast majority of the team.

    They were beaten by a team even worse in the standings them them (of which there are only 2 of those, BTW). A team that played last night. A team that lost last night. They were SHUT OUT by that team. They allowed 5 goals by that team. Just terrible hockey tonight. Hell, even Anaheim wasn’t that good, yet they still managed to win 5-0.

    End of rant. And one last thing.. again, just re-stating that I’m just basing this big rant on tonight alone… I expected them to be a bottom club again this year (although I expected them to be better than this).

  2. NorwegianOiler says:

    What to do, my friends, what to do?

    There was a window of opportunity between mid-November and early December when a trade for a defenseman or two could have actually empowered this team to make the playoffs. Now it’s too late and Tambellini has yet to utter a single word or make a single action that convinces me that he knows what to do other than keep stockpiling top picks.

    Moreover, can we yet again afford to pick a forward at top 5? This team clearly cannot survive without adding defense. Tambellini has constructed a battleship that is 90% and 10% hull. It sure fires big shells but cannot stay afloat.

  3. Racki says:

    Our pick is obviously going to be a very good one this year.

    Our 1st rounder (Which likely will be top 3) and Hemsky somewhere for an established #1 pairing defenseman… is that enough?

    Perhaps to Nashville, where offense is needed there.. and perhaps we pad our end of the deal more with prospects such as a Linus Omark or a lesser D.

    I still say the Oilers need to improve their standings as much as they can… which is why I want to see that pick traded.

    There are still many glaring holes on the team beyond that though, such as having completely useless (I wish this was hyperbole) 3rd and 4th lines. Those problems can be addressed in free agency though.

  4. oilinblood says:

    Rack – I have been preaching the “trade our 2012 1st’ since before the ’11 draft. However, the time to have done that and bolstered our lineup for this year and make some positives has come and gone. (it may seem like i am just changing my opinion because now you are on board and i must like to be looked at as the moron on his island all the time but its just not that way). If we do it at the deadline or in the next two weeks the changeover wont be enough to undo all the wrongs that are already in the heads of our young players. To me it is too late to avoid the embarassment of more excuses, more losses and a losing attitude. December was really pushing it, as far as trading that pick too late. THIS TEAM NEEDS ACCOUNTABILITY! THIS ORGANIZATION NEEDS 100% ACCOUNTABILITY! 6 YEARS. In 6 F***** YEARS NO ONE HAS STEPPED UP AND OWNED IT. excuses…excuses…excuses. You win 5 games in a row, lose a back to back and you go on tv and rant about the schedule being the issue. To me it makes no sense to trade that pick now. I think this team has been given enough excuses for the year, game-by – pathetic game, excuse by pathetic excuse, that no one in this organization should be allowed a way out now. Hemsky is the man, the second coming of jesus christ, the best player in the league, elite, soon to be 100point player? Live with it. Gags is a number 2 centre on any team but 30th place? live with it. Horcoff is a top 6 centre 5.5 M cap hit? Live with it. Live with it for the rest of the year because theres no lifesavers to be thrown in THE REAL WORLD. With hacks like Josh Green being called up its obvious the NHL club doesnt want to mess with its minor league success. That about sums it up there.
    This team is being coached by a guy that constantly tells his tough guys to pick their spots better -then attacks them in post game- and excuses losses when he screams about poor scheduling and how the oilers always have tough opponents on back to backs… yet cant beat opponent on the opponents second night of back to backs.
    This team is still in loser, ho-hum mode. Their coach goes out and excuses, their captain goes out and excuses, their vet #94 goes on about showing more effort and guts…yet he was one of those guys invisible. All the while the young guys are learning the ropes, developing the habits, and adopting the excuses. OR those young guys are seeing how pathetic the charade is and seeing this organization is doing nothing, going nowhere and is looking a whole lot like the NYI’s.
    Back in the 80s Sather had to fire a good friend and coach (Watson) because he had to stop the piling losses before losing became acceptable and shrugged off as “learning” and “to be expected”. He fired him then ripped the team for an hour…rookies and all. No one avoided being verbally put to the wall. Some players were too young to handle it without tears. It didnt hold Sather back. This is the big leagues. It was after this that Sather decided he would be the coach. He already had his coaching choice ready to take over that same day but after blasting the team to a man, trainers, doctors, assistant coaches… he knew he couldnt go back to being just an observer. He went in and took over as coach. He bag skated the ones not buying in. He shipped people to siberia. He told people to eat their potato chips at home if they wanted it easy. He made good on threats and his threats were permanent, written in stone for everyone to take note of. He was there every day being held accountable and making damn sure everyonelse was too. His hangup was he knew he didnt know strategy or technical sides of the game… so he hired his coaching choice as his assistant and employed another coach who made the shortlist – as a video coach (the late Mr. Video himself). Why did he stay coach? Accountability.
    More history? Ok. Sather put a young coach in charge of the low budget oilers. A chance of a lifetime with low expectations. In retrospect … Sather said the first impulse to fire was when the coach came up with an excuse for a no show game. while debating a replacement an official after a game told sather that an on-ice disagreement between himself and captain shayne corson was about corson not being awarded an assist on an oilers goal. This happened in front of the oilers bench. Sather then fired his coach (Burnett), turfed Corson to the first taker and stepped behind the bench.
    More history —“I had the shakes during Oh Canada but i had the chance to play and to score the winning goal… its just a dream come true. It was unbelievable to watch the puck dribble into the net for the win” – Jason arnott after scoring a late game winner in his 1st nhl game.
    “If our team had done better we would not be making this trade. We cant flounder close to the bottom and not do something. Tikkanen is not a great loss in my mind. Realistically he is done in four years. When this team is ready to succeed again, he won’t be able to contribute. With Weight, there is a HUGE upside”

    keep the pick and let the new GM do his job. Let the new coach try to erase all the BS excuses and whining of schedules from the players mental records.
    As much as people might say that this was just one game (which to me it wasnt) I would advise that it is a slippery almost completely vertical slope to try to get out of this gutter and you cant be taking these mishaps lightly.
    Too many excuses. I can deal with losing but dont tell me those pitiful, unprofessional, excuses. In the real world if you dont succeed… YOU GET FIRED>

    Unbelievable mickey mouse organization.
    When this team actually wants to move forward and believes in their future and is ready to demand accountability from themselves and others… they will trade their next years top pick at high value to move forward into the great realm of not being a pathetic joke punch line.

    Get rid of :
    Horcoff – this era is done and im thru with his ho-hum reactions to losses. NMC is a problem but there has to be a way.
    Hemsky – the one guy who never has to buy into a system…and that is something everyone can witness especially the players
    Khabi – Like Tiks, he wont be here when we are ready anyways.
    Renney – Likes to point to everything and everyone but himself. Excuses excuses. (Look at renneys history in Vancouver and NY… fired for excuses and throwing players under the bus for doing what they were hired to do …Eager fight, Sutton play big etc… which leads to Renney calling them out later for NOT doing what he called them out for doing earlier.)
    Tamby – you got to know the pulse of your team. Tamby is numb. Long list of signings…Jones, Belanger and potter the only good ones (and used effectively) – Belanger was a no brainer and Potter was renneys choice. Long list of mistakes.
    Eager – I liek this guy and would like to see him under a new coach but facing facts he wont be here when we succeed.
    Smyth – Id rather have the “leader” show up when we really need it rather than give good interviews and get off the ice last. maybe get off the ice first and save it for leading the team when it matters? Under a different coach does he get the chance to lead better? He COULD be here when we succeed. Thoughts on this?
    Sutton- Trade
    Hall, Eberle, RNH, Lander, Gagner (yes i said him), Petrell (rumor has it he spoke up to a vet during practice before demotion), Peckham, Smid, Sutton, Jones, Magnus –got 3rd line minutes and tried to adapt while never complaining or whining, Gilbert, Potter, Dubs.

    When this team succeeds it will still need its Hunters, Lumleys, Semenkos, Tikkanens, Munis, Greggs, Lambs, Murphys, Graves, and MacTavishes…
    Right now I dont trade any of my picks but i do see if i can aquire picks and young roster players of the above ilk. If i can acquire character players who fit our timeline (23-30 likely) and can play those roles right now… i do it and start the mental change of this team. we have the talent ready and coming…and another top pick on the way. This is/should be the final push of the house cleaning.
    first things first…renney and his excuses and public verbal bashings of players for one reason, then doing the same for the opposite reason… FIRE.

    step 1 – fire Renney and buchberger, maybe keep smith
    step 2 – tell horcoff to hand over his jersey infront of everyone. remove the c. tell everyone its each of their fault.
    step 3 – yell at them so much the paint starts to remove itself from the walls at attempts to escape and those fake stanley cups start to melt.
    step 4 – put an A on Hall.
    step 5 – Who wants in and who wants out?
    step 6 – Earn your money and get on those phones. Move dead weight.
    Step 7 – let the new coach beat the SH%^ out of them for a week of bag skates and seperate the weak links. send weak links to echl, or siberia, or the NYI’s.
    Step 8- hold players accountable consistently. dont change what a guys job is. when eager jumps in to defend and send a message about a late hit on smid dont rip him in the papers for not using his head and getting a roughing… then bad mouth him when he doesnt know how to respond to a clean hit on hall.
    let new GM look over the remains and discuss with Stu the player who will best add to his wealth of talent.
    move into summer casting off more of this loser reputation.
    BEFORE people start wondering if we will lose ANOTHER season to lockout and thus end up with a full lotto draft. trade top pick in ’13 and assets for a package of top pair Dman AND a good BIG centre prospect (regardless of who we draft).

    Sorry— in the words of bob saget —theres shit all over

  5. john says:

    Well you all know I’ve been screaming for defensive & depth improvements on this team since summer as well as throwing all our eggs in one basket at the draft to try & get everything we needed for a push year. After the Anaheim loss a brand new problem has shown it’s ugly head; acceptance & complacency. I watched this team play some really tough opponents over the last couple weeks & come close to securing points against those teams but of course falling just short every time. It was only a matter of time I guess until the team as a whole threw their collective hands up & said, “We can’t win even when we play well so why are we beating the hell out of ourselves every night for nothing!?”

    Every player, GM, coach, & stick boy in the NHL knows the single biggest threat to the success & morale of a team who is struggling is to get used to a culture of losing. Just listen to any interview by any coach or player in the league when media is addressing someone on a team who is struggling to win. This is where our team is at now & that is ALL on the management.

  6. Racki says:

    OIB, you really need to learn how to summarize. lol

    Although I got the gist of it, and I don’t think Horcoff is bad for this team. I think if we could trade him, I would though, just for the sake that Lowe made a mistake with the salary. But I like Horcoff and will always be behind him. Great team guy, even if he is relied upon too much by the coach and overutilized in situations he shouldn’t be in (read: needs less PP time).

    I also disagree with your shift in stance on the 2012 1st rounder. I think it should be traded still, even if we completely shit the bed and get 1st overall.

  7. Racki says:

    Agreed John.

    Like I said in the new post by Zackman35 (http://puttingonthefoil.com/2012/01/the-rebuild-part-1-introduction/#comment-39794), Tambellini is either content in getting another high draft pick, or he is horrible at reacting to a dire situation. I think the Oilers need to trade that draft pick while it has great value, and do everything they can to turn things around. Trade the pick and a player/prospect for one of the more established touted D. We have the assets to make a trade like that, I feel.

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