All Star Monday Morning Standings

By , January 27, 2012 8:13 am

Oiler News

– Eberle got selected to the All Star game, should be a nice little bonus on his pay cheque.
– Rumors abound about Hemsky being traded (booo personally) and Gagner being on the block (boo again). I wouldn’t do either unless you have a current top 4 D man coming back. Some other rumor monger is saying that there is interest in Peckham and Sutton too. What kind of rebuild trades away kids too?

League News

– All Star teams were picked, Eberle got selected by Team Chara. Couture ended up being picked last, and apparently got a old person car. Datsyuk was picked first, cause he’s pretty fucking awesome.
– Tim Thomas was a right wing nut bag, but meh. I would have personally loved to have gone to meet Obama and see the white house, but then again I’m Canadian and I’d be like a fucking tourist. “Look! That’s where JFK banged the shit outta Monroe!”
– Ovechkin got suspended 3 games for a high hit, and subsequently removed himself from the All Star festivities.
– Puck Daddy has an interesting contributor called The Player, who is a current player and offers some insight to the game. My guess is it is a college grad, and union rep. Since I am Oilers biased, I’m guessing Horcoff.
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