Magnus Paajarvi reassigned to Oklahoma City Barons

By , December 16, 2011 1:23 pm
Paajarvi to OKC.. is it good for him?

Paajarvi to OKC.. is it good for him?

Magnus Paajarvi was reassigned to Oklahoma City Barons today. I think this is a great move by the Oilers, but one that was actually probably around 3 weeks or so too late. As those of you who have been regular readers here would know, I really like Paajarvi, but thought his development was being stinted by not getting the ice time he really needs.

Now, before people jump on that and continue with the “he’s being screwed, like Omark!” argument, he wasn’t being screwed. There is no way anyone can tell me that Paajarvi showed anything to this point to be playing ahead of the likes of Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle, Smyth, and even Horcoff and Hemsky. There is a small argument there that they could have bumped Paajarvi up in favor of Hemsky, perhaps. But it was going to be a tough go for Paajarvi to break into the top six. Playing on the 3rd line and not generating any offense wasn’t a huge issue, since he wasn’t leaking goals against, at least. But you have to figure that the kid’s best shot at developing is by getting a lot of minutes in a low pressure situation where he could regain confidence. That place is OK City. I like it… took them too long.. but I like it.

Your thoughts?

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13 Responses to “Magnus Paajarvi reassigned to Oklahoma City Barons”

  1. Racki says:

    Pardon the excitement here, but paajarvi has been reassigned to OKC. its what is best for him right now

  2. Grass&sOIL says:

    Good for Paajarvi, not good for my keeper team. Gonna have to update my trade block.

  3. Racki says:

    On the keeper team? I would most certainly consider a trade…

  4. gr8one says:

    About fucking time, this should have happened about a month ago…

  5. Grass&sOIL says:

    Yeah it should have happened a month ago but we shouldn’t lash out at management for delaying this after Hall went down. I’ve read in a couple of places that he was on the verge of being sent down on a couple of occasions but those plans had to be abandoned due to the Injury bug. I would now like to see Lander sent down with O’Marra coming up in his place as I think Lander is defiantly more a part of the long term plans then O’Marra and should spend time developing properly. We could then put together a hell of a Swede/Finn line and try to bring home a Calder.

    *Not too sure how close O’Marra is to wavier status but I would risk that anyways.

    Also I really like the way Magnus has handled this and the positive attitude he has shown on his demotion.

  6. Racki says:

    I’m definitely not lashing out, but on the note of what you said about delaying after Hall went down… Paajarvi really didn’t benefit from that, from what I remember. I think he maybe had one partial game where he played in the top six, but has spent pretty much the whole year on line 3, line 4, or in the press box. I guess Omark and Hartikainen both getting hurt hasn’t helped.. not really a great option outside them for call ups.

    I also agree on Lander. Although I think he hasn’t really proven much to me yet. But at the same time, like Paajarvi, I recognize the potential there and see the effort, the good attitude, and such. I think he’ll be fine. But right now a guy like O’Marra can do as much as Lander or more. Like you said, giving Lander opportunity to improve himself in the minors would be better.

  7. oilinblood says:

    i agree with the post but i disagree about hemsky being more deserving of his spot than mps. Hemsky has been the worst player on the ice since he got back… and that is saying alot considering some of those games.

  8. Racki says:

    oilinblood: i agree with the post but i disagree about hemsky being more deserving of his spot than mps. Hemsky has been the worst player on the ice since he got back… and that is saying alot considering some of those games.

    Like I said, there’s an argument there for Paajarvi over Hemsky. But I think it’s still a small one though, for two reasons:

    a) Hemsky is a proven pro. He’s had his struggles, yes… but he’ll get out of it.
    b) We don’t have any other options with Hemsky, aside from a trade, which we likely won’t get full value from.

    Hemsky should work his way out of his slump though, as the guy barely ever goes through any long droughts.

    I’d also say that Hemsky isn’t holding Paajarvi back. I’d bump Smyth back into the top six before I’d put Paajarvi there again.

    Hemsky is a whole other matter though really… point being, it’s impossible for Paajarvi to crack this top six right now with the funk he’s in.

  9. zackman35 says:

    It’s good to see the way PRV handled it, very professional and almost happy to get more of an opportunity. I hope he tears it up down there and nets a lot of goals. The only reason I want to see him back up is if he’s doing REALLY good and there is an injury otherwise keep him down for the majority of the season.

    Unfortunately I think we’ll be bottom ten again this year, we’ll see but these last few weeks have shown even if we got to the playoffs we wouldn’t be able to stack up to teams throughout an entire series. I wonder who stays/goes at the deadline. Hate to sell this team short but it seems half the time things just don’t jive quite yet.

    Positives – Hall/Ebs/Nuge

    I want to see this team win but I can see them only being a bubble team with the current roster. Wouldn’t it be something if we won the lottery?

  10. Alan-NottsUK says:

    I love the way he’s handled this. Such a great attitude towards being sent to OKC.

    Hell he’s happy to be going there, unlike a certain other swede who bitched about it.

  11. chucker says:

    Well it’s about time. He needs to get back into being a player that produces. He will do that on the farm. As for keeping him up solong, Hordichuk could have filled those minutes.

    I like the Lander and O’Marr idea too.

  12. hemmerlady says:

    I love PRV’s speed. I hope this will be really good for him and when he comes back he’ll get the chance to save the day, but without any spinorama or attitude like other swedes we know. :p Just joking, I liked the spinorama.
    PRV will be okay, he’s just super young. I feel strongly about not putting too much pressure on him (Gags!!)

    My hemmer has been mr. stone hands (or mr. doesn’t shoot, depending on how you look at it). I think whatever is bugging him will continue to do so for a little while. Wish that he would go back to his old self, because he is hogging a roster spot in my pool.

  13. John says:

    I think Hemmer misses those close quarters combat situations with Regehr; that always seemed to fire him up! Lol. Whatever is gnawing at him better get resolved soon or else he could be a key contributor in the Oilers finishing bottom 3 again. I worry :(

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