Monday Morning Standings

By , November 23, 2011 9:56 am

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Oiler news: Not much in the way of news, the Nuge keeps scoring, Eberle is getting it done as is Smyth. Hemsky, Hall and Horcoff are no slouches either. Not too shabby; Our D keep getting hurt (Potter + Sutton) causing Chorney + Teubert to be called up, then Chorney was sent back down and Plante was called up. Although Whitney is close to coming back from what I read.

League news: Are you aware that Crosby came back?; Turris signs, will probably be traded; Ovechkin is not playing so hot right now; Recchi says what we all knew…Vancouver is a bunch of bitches; Columbus won two in a row!.

Question of the week: Would you trade Ovechkin for Weber if you were Washington? Would you if you were Nashville? On the game day chat I mentioned to our UK friend that there were few players I wouldn’t trade for Weber, and as I thought of it some mention came on TV of Ovechkin sucking lately. And hence above question. I think I’d do it. It would greatly help both teams (Caps get a stud D man, Preds get a super talented forward).


Fight of the Week



Surprised to see the Wild up at the top this late in the season (did we do a prediction post?). I’m quite fond however of seeing the Flames so low. Looking at goal differential, Dallas might fall out of a playoff spot but everything looks as it should.


Still surprised to see the Leafs as high as they are. Although looking at goal differential they may be in for a drop soon (I’ve probably said that other weeks though). And wow are the Islanders bad.




Now with team logos!


Playing GM for Wash/Nash .. would you trade Alex Ovechkin for Shea Weber?

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8 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. Racki says:

    Oi. Tough question about trading Ovi for Weber. I don’t think this slump is at all a big concern. He’ll get going.

    Would I do it? I think I would though. My first thought was no. But Weber does it all back there. He can score points and move the puck and has a wicked hard shot.. he can hit hard… he can lead a team.. he can shut down opponents. What’s not to like? Ovechkin brings all of that too, minus the shutting down (well, that’s definitely not his focus at all, but I had heard he did play PK in Russia days). However what gets the win for me is that I’m a firm believer of always building from the back end up.

    If you can get a guy on your blueline scoring 40-50 points a season on an offensively-nerfed team WITHOUT being a problem in your own zone, that is pure gold. These are the guys that win cups… the Chris “Fucking” Prongers and Nicklas Lidstroms and such. That back end power is extremely important. It also often goes unnoticed, but having a guy back there that plays so well can really calm things down.. for his d-pairing, and for forwards to be able to focus more on their own game.

    Poll will be added…

  2. zackman35 says:

    I would easily do this if was the NSH GM and WAS offered OV for Weber. As for WAS GM I would laugh at this idea, OV is in a slump but he is still an elite player. I think more than anything it’s Bruce Budreau’s new “defensive style game” he’s tried to implement on top of the bad luck (12shots on one of the games’ he played this weekend). It’s a funk, he’ll get out of it and if not he’s still on pace for 30G 35A or something, not good for OV but he still has many 40G+ seasons in him.

    Suter is worth a lot but this deal just won’t work for the Caps. Interesting idea though!

  3. oilinblood says:

    on the business side; i think ovechkin sells tickets period and weber doesnt. maybe you do green and semin for weber but getting rid of the money machine is not an option. nashville would definitely benefit from having an elite player who is marketable and exciting. Ovechkin puts consumers through the doors.

    i doubt a 1 for 1 will be happening anytime soon for elite players.

    on a side note; it would never happen but i would love to see tavares rescued from long island. also arnott is doing well this year. steady jason being steady jason.

    @Steve-O i am pretty sure the NHL needs to put in place the “islanders rule”, kind of like the makarov rule, but teams would be eliminated from being awarded a top 5 pick if they continually fall to the bottom 5 through a 3 year period. i think nyi hasnt been relevant since i have been alive.

  4. Racki says:

    Speculation is that Ryan Whitney will return for tomorrow afternoon’s game.

  5. Grass&sOIL says:

    Speculation is that Ryan Whitney will return for tomorrow afternoon’s game.

    Confirmed now that Whitney is back in !!!

  6. chucker says:

    I sure hope he stays healthy. That would be great for him. It would also let us ponder some moves.

  7. Racki says:

    I think once we get Potter and Sutton back too, this team will be a lot better off. Potter will be a while yet though.

  8. zackman35 says:

    I heard Fedum was walking around on crutches a few days back, from Gozzola’s twitter maybe? I really hope he gets another shot next year!

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