Monday Morning Standings

By , November 16, 2011 9:07 am

Racki: "Grab one of those ladies off of the Immortal movie" Steve-O "Sweet jesus yes"

Oiler news: Johan Motin took off for the SEL, leaving the OKC Barons, will Omark be heading there next?; As per Oilers twitter, Barker will be out 4 weeks and Whitney is looking to be around 10 days; Nothing else really happened, well except for the humbling that Boston, Detroit and Chicago heaped upon the team and its fans. Still have a ways to go before being an elite team.

Question of the week: What’s up with Hall? It was aggravating watching him turn the puck over constantly trying to do it all himself. (Or is he still the golden child who we are not allowed to discuss in a negative manner?) Do you just think he’s squeezing the stick a little tight and once he pots a couple he will start using his line mates again, or will this be a whole season type deal like Cole was?

League news: Four new players were inducted into the hockey hall of fame, Mark Howe, Eddie Belfour, Joe Nieuwendyk and Doug Gilmour. Is it just me or does it seem like it’s easier to make it to the hall now. All very good players, but hall of fame? I suppose when you let in every leaf pre 1967 though, you set the precedent. And no Burns. Bullshit. Also Terry Jones got added to the reporter wing. I wasn’t a big fan of his until he got onto twitter, but dude is pretty funny; Lucic went and ran Miller (my keeper pool goalie…fuck) and while Miller is out now with a concussion, Lucic has not been suspended. Personally, I’m all about goalies being free game outside of the crease, except when it’s the goalie in my keeper pool; Ducks claim Hagman on re-entry from the Flames, 1.5 mil to each team’s cap; Can’t remember if I mentioned this last week, but the Flyer’s and Tampa game was awesomely hilarious…love it, although on all my teams the front 1 always had to pressure the D to make a play, I’ve never seen it that passive before (that said, my team usually ran the 2-1-2); Columbus trades Kris Russell for St. Louis D-man Nikita Nikitin; Not hockey, but that Penn State dude is pretty fucking disgusting

Fight of the Week

Two of them this week, as I was going to go with the Brown fight (who seems to be showing up a lot so far) but once I saw the handiwork of former Oiler MacIntyre I had to include it.


And finally, before the standings, this series at Puck Daddy just kills me. Love it. Anyways, onto the standings:



Nothing too surprising here…Toronto has fallen back to the pack, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them out of the playoffs by the end of the month. As expected, Boston has fought their way back up to 9, and I imagine they’ll move past Ottawa and Toronto soon.


Detroit has moved back into a playoff spot, which isn’t really surprising. More surprising was their terrible start. Actually, more surprising is Anaheim’s terrible season so far. Looking at the standings though, and 3 points separate 3rd from 11th, so this year looks to be another crazy one in the west.




No change:


13 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. mrgod2u says:

    Yeah road trips like this last one are hard on young teams. The boys are in the big city, and playing hard teams. Everyone grips their sticks tightly (except Smytty, who has seen it all before) and Khabbi played like a regular goalie, not some kind of Russian Robot-hybrid (the No-Goalski 5000)… and of course the media who have been looking like dumbasses while we were winning are all over the Oilers losing 3 as it validates their original predictions…

    Not to mention that now teams have a bit more film to scout, and are no longer treating us like the free square on the bingo card.

    Personally I expected this road swing to go bad (well under 500), I’m glad we have the time after it to let Renney work their confidence back up and learn from the lessons on the road. The real test of character will be to turn it around against Ottawa, as they are on a bit of an up. We can take ’em tho. I think it’ll be a 3-1 victory.

  2. Raine says:

    Seeing Hall playing this lousy is only amplified watching Seguin lighting up the NHL.

    Hall isn’t playing well and that’s all there is to it. The bad part about it is that he is playing his game and he is trying hard. His game just isn’t working and the NHL appears to have him figured out. He needs a few more tricks up his sleeve. He’s too easy to keep to the outside, as are the rest of the team not name Ryan.

    Hall needs to create some space for Nugent Hopkins than he needs to get open. Simple as that, RNH will find him. Trying to carry the puck and power his way to the net every moment he receives the puck isn’t always going to work. Change things up a bit and become less predictable.

  3. NorwegianOiler says:

    Hall will come around, he does have tremendous skill. He’s going through the same thing he did in the first games last season – trying to take the puck through defenders rather than around them. Trying to force his way where there is no space or simply taking too long to shoot. He has the Horton/Hemsky syndrome, taking forever to load up a perfectly weigthed shot. That tends to give defenders enough time to get a stick or a skate in the way and the only netting you catch is above the glass. Disgruntling to watch, because he does have a rocket shot. Eberle’s doing a bit of the same. They should both get their attempts off quicker and rather just seek out their own rebounds (before Smyth gets them).

    We’ve been undone by some good teams, but not just because they are good. We’ve left that feel-good composure behind, now our defensemen look mortal again, as does our goalie. Potter’s giving away pucks much more than he was, so too are Smid and Gilbert. I’d rather the opposition come and get the pucks off our sticks than we surrender it to them outright.

    Looking forward to the game tomorrow! 😀

    (And also, Bruins are rocking and helping my keeper Vikings)

  4. chucker says:

    Hall is the focus of top line checking. Last year he was not. Patience and he will be fine.

    The only thing I look forward to in MMS is the feature girl. :(

  5. dawgtoy says:

    “His nose looks like a stick of butter in July.”

  6. oilinblood says:

    i think i am known as mister negativity.
    first -the immortals- i am looking forward to seeing when the woman and i get some time free. i am a huge tarsem fan from ‘the fall’ and ‘the cell’ and have been looking forward to another film from him. I am a big batman fan too so i am unimpressed that dc is trying to make the next superman (starring immortals lead caville) dark like batman. Batman is dark and has issues, superman is in sunny metropolis and bones wonderwoman while rescuing cats and telling kids not to smoke.
    anywho… i was not part of that whole “hall wins seguin loses” crap fest last year. i like both players and was happy when they drafted hall because hall said he wanted the oilers. if it wasnt for that statement i would never have changed from seguin. that being said halls issue is not making the puck do the work. i think he is actually more dangerous without the puck than with it. he has a good release and if he focussed on distributing it more he would have more success. most post game interviews are renney saying they didnt chip pucks in, got away from the game plan, and didnt distribute very well. i see alot of that on halls shoulders and finally hall paid for a few of his solo runs in montreal when he got benched for a bit and smitty took his spot on that line. its learning and he wont be effective until he gets it. seguin had to develop on an established, contending, and stacked squad. seguin due to adversity alone is further along than hall and i would give hall a life boat by saying that hall is experiencing now what seguin did last year.
    i partly blame renney for not making adjustments on the road sooner. those lines arent going to work for you every night and its the job of the coach to put players in the best possible position to achieve for the team every night. he hasnt done that. Instead he just spouts off what we can all see being a continuing issue. good road teams are good coached teams. i see very little evidence of good road coaching.

    all in all i like the system we are playing in our attempts at d-coverage and our exits from our own end. our groups are most of the time a tighter and mobile pack of 5. we have had good support and just poor passing/execution. our neutral zone ability seems to be better on our side of centre but their are a few players that abandon common sense once they get on the other side of the red.
    its another season of teaching and learning and we all knew that. i never bought into us being a top 4 team right now in the conference but thru the year, keeping relative health, we will be a playoff team. The growing pains arent going to stop and looking at the schedule in august i am sure most of us saw that 3 road game in 4 nights blip as a huge challenge considering the competition. we lost them, so what. learn and move on. if you cant learn then ship people out. if they can learn than teach.

  7. Steve-O says:

    Anyone watching this whl/russia game? They just said Bunz is in the hospital but I missed for what. He was supposed to start tomorrow.

  8. Racki says:

    I didn’t see what happened, but I had read on twitter that he got hit with the puck while on the bench.. I think in the head or face.

  9. Racki says:

    Actually Tyler Bunz just tweeted:

    out of hospital, back at the hotel. Hoping to be ready to go tomorrow! Sore face/temple .. long way from the heart #suckitupbunz

    Seems to be OK, but you never know though.

  10. Steve-O says:

    Barker now out for 3 months due to ankle surgery

  11. NorwegianOiler says:

    Barker’s career might just be at play here. It’s a pivotal season for him, lose his place to someone now and he could well be looking outside the NHL for employment next year.

  12. Steve-O says:

    At the very least it’ll mean a pay cut. A team will probably pick him up for 800k I imagine.

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