Monday Morning Standings

By , November 9, 2011 8:43 am

Surprisingly difficult to find a SFW photo of her...

Oilers news: Hemsky back, awesome. Played well and got a point. Best player on the team by far (Barker returned too, not best player on team); Paajarvi HS’ed. Kinda shitty luck for the kid I’m guessing, of the 4 lines the 3rd was the least productive and of the 3 on that line he was the most expendable/not just coming off an injury.; Omark looks like he’d rather be in Sweden…I don’t blame him personally. One can only take so much “for the better of the team” bullshit that keeps cropping up (which is all good from a fan perspective I guess, but if your job keeps fucking you around eventually you quit right?), at some point you look at what is better for you and make the call. If the Oilers are not going to play him in the NHL then go back home and make more money.

League news: Columbus picks up Mark Letestu from the Pens for a 4th rounder, seems like a good deal for Columbus; Laraque called Gretzky the worst coach he’d ever had and says there was lots of steroids in hockey. Steroids call refuted by many current and ex players, worst coach call refuted by Darren Pang awesomely; Penner only has a 1 point this year, wonder what’s up with that as he wasn’t bad here (minus that first year); St. Louis fired their coach (PAYNE! Awesome last name.) and hired Hitchcock; Kuhnhackl was suspended 20 games for hitting top prospect Ryan Murphy.

Fight of the week

Was originally going to have this one in there, but this fight made a stronger case for fight of the week last night. Glass with the Gordie Howe hat-trick!

And now to the standings:



With that goal differential I’ll expect Toronto to fall back to the center pretty quick (however I understand that it’s mainly a product of their last two games, 12-1 over the last two). Boston really will start to trend upwards too I think.


I think Dallas has to be just as big of a surprise as Edmonton up there, as is Minny. Wow. Detroit and Vancouver have started to make their way back up the standings, and I’m actually pretty surprised to see Anaheim as low as they are. Then again, outside of Columbus, all the teams are within 3 of 8th so there is that.


Just how bad is Columbus? And why can’t the Islanders ever be good? That is the perfect cautionary tale for the suck to be good type of rebuild.



Hope NorwegianOiler doesn’t mind but I’m going to steal his findings of the first month:

Some impressive early results, however, worthy of comment:

* 485th overall Joffrey Lupul taken by Trogdor has been a certain steal of a pick – taking large part in the Leafs’ disgusting early rise to the top of the Eastern Confernce. He has in turn helped the Burninators take 5th place in the league (so far).

* 468th overall Milan Michalek of the Sens, taken by 7th placed Mr.Majestyk has carved out a similar story for himself during October.

* Other fine late picks include Jason Garrison (455th overall, Raiders), Kyle Wellwood (474th overall, Wild Cats) and rookie Luke Adam (also of Steve-o’s Raiders).

* We’ve had some major trades already, a particular highlight being the massive deal between Ktown’s Heatwave and Haboiler’s Lakers, swapping a total of 6 players and 2 draft picks in the process. Although Steve Mason could hardly be called the centerpiece of the deal, he has since been waivered and cleared – though not without some back-and-forth administration. Picking up Phil Kessel, NHL player of the month for October, has the Lakers emerge early winners of the trade.

Anti Niemi
Trevor Daley
Evander Kane
Lakers 3rd pick (2012)

To LAKERS (Haboiler)
Steve Mason
Brent Burns
Phil Kessel
Heatwave 1st pick (2012)

* That the only team to lose its original GM (rtsen) is the team that also leads the league by a clear margin qualifies as a surprise: the former 780 All Stars, now Rhinos, have rocketed to the top with a solid 210 points (123 – 48 – 40) – which includes a great output from its number 1 goaltender Jonathan Quick.

* Less fortunate with its netminders was my Vikings, weighed down by the organisation’s first ever draft pick (18th overall) Roberto Luongo – who collected 3 points during the entire month of October. Thanks Lou, you suck.

* Taken at 321st overall, Crott’s Rattleheads blueline is anchored by star Marc-Andre Bergeron, who hilariously leads all defensemen in points on November 1st, sitting at 14th place in scoring (2g 11a). He is a major reason that Crott’s blueline is the best in the FHL, propelling him up the table with their 64 points.

* Even without the NHL’s greatest star, Sidney Crosby, in the lineup, iCanada’s Flares have done well enough to crack the top 5. Should be a dangerous contender once Sidney returns.

* There appears to be no correlation between draft position and league position at this point. Snake drafting is a solid principle.


And we’ll just ignore this one for now…

6 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. NorwegianOiler says:

    ‘Twas a sloppy game last night – except for our very solid penalty kill.

    I’m not so sure I’d say Hemsky had a good game either, to me he was struggling with the tempo and apart from a couple of good-ol’e Hemsky passes he was turning the puck over and waiting for things to come to him. He’ll surely come around though.

    We are managing the neutral zone so much better this year that it’s getting really weird. Stepping up to pokecheck, supporting the checker, keeping tight gap control and clearing the crease. I passed through the wormhole quite unnoticably it seems.

  2. dawgtoy says:

    Oh Yahoo…how I suck at your Fantasy Pool. I lead in my office pool (78 entries), and I’m in second in the pool I chose for my wife’s work…yet Yahoo….I suck at thee!

    I’m still not convinced that this team is for real. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but we win…ugly. The kids are…well….kids. PRV is fully involved in the sophomore jinx. Omark is…in the farm. Hemsky, are you healthy yet? Whitney, are you healthy yet? Can the wall continue his MVP pace? Ryan Smyth leads the team in scoring … And I love it, don’t get me wrong. But can this continue….fuck I hope so!

  3. mrgod2u says:

    Regardless whether or not we can keep up the pace, the points we are earning won’t go away and come April if they are the difference between post season or not…

    Man it would be nice to see the post season from the inside again.

  4. Racki says:

    Yup, exactly mrgod2u!

  5. dawgtoy says:


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