Monday Morning Standings

By , November 1, 2011 5:20 pm

So true

In Oilers news, the boys have been playing well. Khabibulin has earned the 3rd star of the month from the NHL (Dubnyk played lights out in his few starts as well), the Nuge is staying all year (although as per Bob MacKenzie just said on twitter, this burns the first year of his contract, once he plays 40 games it gets him closer to UFA) and the defense looks to be playing way way better than I predicted. TSN was going on about how good of a shutdown pairing Smid and Gilbert are. I figure that made a few heads explode in Oiler fan land. And Potter has looked very good as well. The rest haven’t stood out but they are not getting murdered either so that’s good.

Except Sutton decided to help Landeskog look behind him, and in what must be a record for longest time between hit and suspension, just got a 5 game Shanaban (got the saying from a post on Puck Daddy, I like it and will continue to use it). Figured it was at least 5 because of the in person meeting.

As for the rest of the Oilers, the kid line (Kids & the Hall, Baby Oil…whatever the line name is) is carving up the soft parade (as Lowetide calls it) and the Horcoff/Smyth/Jones line is killing the toughs. Personally I can’t wait for Hemsky to return (he expects the 3rd game of this road trip) to reunite that line and see what kind of dominance they can perform.

The third line has been kind of invisible, but last game it looked as though Paajarvi had his legs going so I imagine it’s only a matter of time…ideally when the kid line starts to drag. Eager has also been playing well. I’d like to see Omark playing, but it’s just a case of too many bodies at this point so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets traded (or someone else does).

In league news, Elliotte Friedman had a bit on Hockey Night in Canada where he discusses the fact that re-alignment is gaining steam with only some eastern teams against it. I’m all for the return to the 4 divisions and dammit, THEY MUST RENAME THEM TO THE ORIGINAL NAMES! I’m also a fan of divisional play in the first round of the playoffs (that is how you start/maintain rivalries).

And some quick hits: Avery has passed through reentry waivers and will join the team tomorrow (?); Torres went as Jay Z for Halloween and cause a whole lot of ruckas over him going in blackface; City of Vancouver is finally charging 60 people with charges earned during the riots; Bryzgalov is currently lost in a forest somewhere; Kronwall just resigned for 7 years/4.75 avg with Detroit; And finally the Canadiens decided to fire their assistant only a couple hours before a game…every one is upset.

Fight of the week


Ottawa! Toronto! Boston! What the hell is going on.

And I was happy to just see the Oilers sitting above 8th last week. Holy crap cakes. But now the road games begin…




I’ve had better starts…


And here is the first month standings of the keeper pool…but only what there is so far (as you can see, not everyone has reported in the stats)…I will update once it has been completed.

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  1. oilinblood says:

    ive liked what shanahan was doing up until the last couple of weeks. now that the season has hit and the ahl, and never-gonna-bes, players are where they should be the dynamics of shanahans decisions are getting a bit chaotic. im desperately trying not to be a homer… yes it was a hit to the head… body checks are supposed to be with your shoulder, suttons was. shoulder from 6’6″ guy to a player 6’1″ who was slightly crouched. i figured 2 games for the fact suttons negligence was the timing of the hit.

    point of reference from today:
    cfl (i hate football)… qb does his nancy boy slide and gets knocked out on a helmet to helmet hit. its ugly to watch and no one wants to see a guy limp on the grass. but FACT… every sport is about ground. whether you are putting a ball through a hoop, kicking some dog crap through two post, skating around the ice trying to get a black disk behind a heavily padded stickman, or trying to run a pigskin whatever many yards to glory… the object is always territory. i have NEVER liked the QB slide, partly because of the lack of athleticism needed (copout), mostly due to fact it puts the quarterback in an extremely vulnerable position which i feel weakens the game. are opposition players supposed to just let up because he wants to turtle? every inch matters in every sport. people bring up gamesmanship, sportsmanship, but is it poor sportsmanship to expect that in a physical sport someone will go easy on you? im sorry but if you are going to try to slide for one extra yard, and get all that you can…than the opposition should be able to hit you hard to stop you until the moment the play is dead. you are responsible for the position you put yourself in. was it helmet to helmet yes, and like a stick in a hockey football players must be in control of this. a one game suspension was warranted due to the negligeence but again the real responsibility lays on the qb.

    in hockey once in a blue moon we see this scenario; a defenseman with his team putting on pressure in the offensive zone and is the last man back while other d pinched, needs to trap an attempted clear off the opposite boards of the pressure. the puck is bouncing, wobbling, and dancing like michael jackson…the defenseman does the stupidest thing ever…he either crouches or gets down on his knees (poti, hamrilik and brewer all got caught doing this). this is THEiR responsibility. they put themselves in a vulnerable position and like belanger diving headfirst for a shot its not the oppositions responsibility to make sure he is safe. unlike belanger blacking a shot -which might hurt belanger but also nullify a scoring chance, the defenseman is the last man back and easy victim to ssevere injury. hit him hard and you have a break away. more often than not the opposition will hold up. to me this is nice and its typical hockey player respect, BUT its unsportsmanlike on the part of the idiot defenseman. through good sportsmanship he doesnt get clobbered legally. the hitter is not responsible for making sure the hitee doesnt make himself vulnerable.

    in the end i think the sutton hit warranted 2 games for the timing of the hit. the head was not targetted —alfredsson can tell you about head hits once he wakes up, sutton stood straight and hit with shoulder as per textbook body check, he did not alter his line of engagement, he did not stick out his ass, hip, knee, elbow or tongue to make the infraction. 5 games was a bit steep and my boy alfreddson has a lot less brain cells on a cheap fuc^&*^*&Y(^)(in hit that warranted 0 games even though he was on the other side of the planet from the puck.

    shanahan got alot of kudos in the preseason dealing with hacks and wannabes and also the after math of situations caused by the previously mentioned. if the responsibility of all that encompasses the physical aspect of hockey rests soley on the hitters and not receivers than we might as well take hitting out of the game, because history is taught for a reason and hockey history of boarding has told me every forward would face the boards when he wants to draw a penalty or make that defenceman hold up a step or two. give it two months and it will be welcome to the head shot dive olympic tryouts. I can see teams being down by a goal and players lowering their heads in contact areas…its coming. when boarding penalties became a big deal it took 3 months before every cycle forward was putting his face to the glass. bye bye hitting.

    i hope the oilers pay him aanyways.
    i never quote rap … until now…. fu*k fu*k fu*k the po po police!!

  2. Steve-O says:

    In other news, Teubert is called up and Omark is sent back down…although it should be noted that Omark has a Europe escape clause in his contract so he could possibly leave the team and go back to Europe (as per Ryan Rishaug on twitter)

  3. NorwegianOiler says:

    The Noooge wins rookie of the month. Well deserved for his production and level of play. 😀

  4. Trogdor says:

    Our very own rookie of the month will be on OTR tonight. TSN at 5PM MST.

  5. chucker says:

    Gawd. I’m suckin’ in both pools bigtime. This happened last year too. I sucked until about January. Hopefully history repeats itself and I have a chance to defend. Not gonna lie, I don’t like my chances right now.

  6. John says:

    Steve-O: In other news, Teubert is called up and Omark is sent back down…although it should be noted that Omark has a Europe escape clause in his contract so he could possibly leave the team and go back to Europe (as per Ryan Rishaug on twitter)

    Making room for Hemmer perhaps, or just in the dog house?

  7. Racki says:

    Hemmer likely will be a while yet. He just started practicing if I’m not mistaken.. and we’re talking no-contact. He’s travelling with the team on the road trip though (which is painfully long), which likely means he’ll get in eventually during the trip. But it could be a while yet.

  8. Alan-NottsUK says:

    I think it’s just to get Omark some actual game time, he’s not going to get into the team while they’re hot and there is no point him just sitting in the press box game after game

  9. Steve-O says:

    Hemsky told one of the local rags that he’s expecting to be in the third game of the road trip.

  10. chucker says:

    Alan-NottsUK: I think it’s just to get Omark some actual game time, he’s not going to get into the team while they’re hot and there is no point him just sitting in the press box game after game

    It also has to do with the 60 game clause. In a few games they would not be able to send him down without clearing waivers, which he would not. Agreed though, the kid needs to play somewhere for now until some more clarity appears on the shaping of the team. This road trip will likely show the mettle of the team and perhaps the reality of where some players are really at, good, bad or otherwise.

    Renney said about a week ago that he wanted to get Omark into the lineup and that he needed to be in the lineup. A winning record makes all scratches wait, so off to OKC he goes, for now. Also when Hemsky comes back, there will need to be some more room. Lots of bodies in the top nine and some of those are already in OKC.

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