Monday Morning Standings

By , November 16, 2011 9:07 am

Racki: "Grab one of those ladies off of the Immortal movie" Steve-O "Sweet jesus yes"

Oiler news: Johan Motin took off for the SEL, leaving the OKC Barons, will Omark be heading there next?; As per Oilers twitter, Barker will be out 4 weeks and Whitney is looking to be around 10 days; Nothing else really happened, well except for the humbling that Boston, Detroit and Chicago heaped upon the team and its fans. Still have a ways to go before being an elite team.

Question of the week: What’s up with Hall? It was aggravating watching him turn the puck over constantly trying to do it all himself. (Or is he still the golden child who we are not allowed to discuss in a negative manner?) Do you just think he’s squeezing the stick a little tight and once he pots a couple he will start using his line mates again, or will this be a whole season type deal like Cole was?
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