Monday Morning Standings

By , November 9, 2011 8:43 am

Surprisingly difficult to find a SFW photo of her...

Oilers news: Hemsky back, awesome. Played well and got a point. Best player on the team by far (Barker returned too, not best player on team); Paajarvi HS’ed. Kinda shitty luck for the kid I’m guessing, of the 4 lines the 3rd was the least productive and of the 3 on that line he was the most expendable/not just coming off an injury.; Omark looks like he’d rather be in Sweden…I don’t blame him personally. One can only take so much “for the better of the team” bullshit that keeps cropping up (which is all good from a fan perspective I guess, but if your job keeps fucking you around eventually you quit right?), at some point you look at what is better for you and make the call. If the Oilers are not going to play him in the NHL then go back home and make more money.

League news: Columbus picks up Mark Letestu from the Pens for a 4th rounder, seems like a good deal for Columbus; Laraque called Gretzky the worst coach he’d ever had and says there was lots of steroids in hockey. Steroids call refuted by many current and ex players, worst coach call refuted by Darren Pang awesomely; Penner only has a 1 point this year, wonder what’s up with that as he wasn’t bad here (minus that first year); St. Louis fired their coach (PAYNE! Awesome last name.) and hired Hitchcock; Kuhnhackl was suspended 20 games for hitting top prospect Ryan Murphy.

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