Monday Morning Standings

By , October 18, 2011 11:31 am

Going old school for the first one of the year

I’ll sneak this in between game day posts…

Welcome back for another year of the MMS. Again, it’s pretty useless this early in the year but I use this to talk pools and other league news as well. (last few years it’s been useless at the end of the year too because the Oilers suck balls, but what can you do)

Oilers news up first: Hemsky only out 10-14 days as per twitter. Good. He’s the best player we have by far (anyone else notice things went to shit once he left the Minny game?).

In other injury news, both Gagner and Whitney seem to be getting closer as well, so that is good. Our D core needs Whitney back desperately. Either that or Tambellini can actually do his job and fix the holes on this team.

It may just be me (actually it’s not, as others have mentioned it to me) but Hall seems to be trying too hard. And trying to do it all himself. He needs to take a step back and not try to beat 3 defenders by himself.

Why is Khabibulin getting starts?

Other than that I haven’t watched much of the Oilers this year yet, so we’ll see what comes of this.

As for other league news, to be honest I haven’t had the opportunity to check out many other games, but from what I can tell:

The Leafs have won the cup.

Tavares is a pretty good player.

Cherry got called out for saying shit about players, and then had to apologize for not fact checking his stats.

I can’t think of anything else.





Nothing to note as of yet.

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