GDT: Oilers 1, Wild 2 (SO) – Game 2 – 2011-10-13 @ 6:00 PM MST – SNETW

By , October 13, 2011 10:46 am
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Date: October 13, 2011 @ 6:00 PM MST


Game 2! It’s about time…

This will be the Wild’s 4th contest so hopefully their team cohesion doesn’t shine through while our boys are still learning each other’s names. The Wild sit at 1-1-1, but the losses were by a single goal with one of those being a shootout, so they haven’t played bad hockey. Heatley and Setoguchi have settled in nicely already with 5 points between them over the 3 game span.

Not too much to report on the Oilers camp. Dubnyk played well in the home opener and most of us would like to see him get the start again. It could dictate a lot about the Oiler net minding plans by who gets the nod tonight. I’d love for the plan to reward solid play, but our wishy washy management may go the 50/50 route. Still, it’s better than watching the wall crumble last season. (Edit by Racki: – Khabibulin will start in this one, per #NHL_Oilers on Twitter.. insert sad face here)

Omark is potentially sitting out tonight with Petrell coming in, but aside from that the top two lines look to be unchanged. D pairings remain unchanged as well.

It’s time to break the streak! Minnesota has been very inhospitable to the Oilers as of late (the last 16 visits…) and completely swept the Oilers last season. It’s time to get that chip of our shoulder. I don’t usually throw predictions out, but the Oilers are way past due for a victory in Minny. 2-1 Oilers!

Rookie scoring race!!!

Name Team GP Points
Luke Adam BUF 2 4
Craig Smith NSH 2 4
Colin Greening OTT 3 2
Andrew Desjardins SJS 1 2
Cory Emmerton DET 2 2
Matt Read PHI 3 2
Marco Scandella MIN 3 1
Nick Johnson MIN 3 1
Stephane Da Costa OTT 3 1
Maksim Mayorov CBJ 2 1



Hall – Nugent-Hopkins – Hemsky
Smyth – Belanger – Eberle
Paajarvi – Horcoff – Jones
Petrell – Lander – Hordichuk

Sutton – Gilbert
Smid – Peckham
Barker – Petry



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23 Responses to “GDT: Oilers 1, Wild 2 (SO) – Game 2 – 2011-10-13 @ 6:00 PM MST – SNETW”

  1. Grass&sOIL says:

    I hope that Khabby gets the start tonight so there is a better chance that Dubes gets the start for Saturday’s game against the Canucks which I have tickets for. Doubtful that the Oilers would give Dubes 3 straight games to start the season.

  2. Grass&sOIL says:

    I got my wish. Oilers just tweeted that Khabby will start in goal tonight!!!

  3. Racki says:

    I have tickets for Vancouver too. I don’t know if this really means Dubnyk starts vs. them, but you’d have to think so too.

    Khabibulin sounded motivated by not being considered the starter anymore (by the coaching staff, anyway). Hopefully he shows it tonight. It will be a hard game with us being so awful in Minny.

  4. chucker says:

    Not a fan of sitting a guy who saved your bacon to get a win in the previous game. I would have put Dubnyk in. Politics.

  5. Racki says:

    Yah I honestly do find it odd too that Khabi would start, unless it’s like G&s suggested (they don’t want Doobie playing 3 in a row, but want him in against Vancouver).

    Both games are going to be hard games. We need a goaltender who can steal games when we’re playing Minny. I don’t believe that Khabi has stolen any games in his tenure here, so I don’t believe he’ll do it tonight. I keep an open mind though, and wish him the best. But I would have started Dubnyk too, PLUS given him the Saturday game. Are our goalies that unable to play 3 games in a week?

  6. Grass&sOIL says:

    I wouldn’t read too much into Khabby starting tonight. It is probably just a case of the coaches wanting to get both of the tenders feet wet plus most are projecting a 50/30 split between the goalies this year so this would fit that mold(with Dubes starting on Sat).


    Some strong pre-game quotes:

    “We’re going to change that, especially them being a divisional team.” – Ryan Smyth on the #Oilers 16 game winless streak in Minnesota.

    “I don’t give a crap about history. I really care about what’s in front of us and tonight it’s Minnesota and will be 5 more times.” -Renney

  7. Trogdor says:

    Nice to see DD get rewarded with some much needed rest after playing one game… This fortells another season of watching the MVP struggle. Craptastic. On the bright side, the draft looks pretty decent next year.

  8. Racki says:

    Doobie really got his 1-game sweat on, apparently… 😛

    In all seriousness though, I’m OK with the reasoning that they just don’t want Khabi to be completely cold. Hopefully Dubs is still on fire vs. Vancouver.

  9. Alan-NottsUK says:

    looking forward to this, also got the caps pens game on currently

    neal scores early 😀

    Oilers haven’t won in Minny since Smyth was traded, his last game for the Oilers was a loss to them as well.

  10. Mr.Majestyk says:

    the chats not up yet…i don’t wanna slum it at the OMB.

  11. Steve-O says:

    Chat up…man, this is my first look at the Oilers this year…really excited.

  12. oilinblood says:

    i can see why khabi gets the start here. its just too muc time between games to let him sit too long. need to get him in a game. the season has been on for a week and w have 2 games, he needed a start.

    good game for khabi. i am hoping they go with hot hand for vancouver game. whoever is most focussed in practice. khabi was a rock.

    if hemmer is not 100% keep him out of the lineup and let the guys get some cohesion without him. horc and smyth should be together. lander and rnh have both proven to be pretty reliable in all zones. magnus even made a truck load of good back check and defensive reads. an off game for eberle and he showed his displeasure…even if he is money on shootouts.

    petry made a couple rookie miscues but continues to keep defenses honest by not being afraid to carry and with his mobility its not a bad thing when he does.
    it is obvious sutton will geet those big man penalties like laraque used to, if he taps or leans on a guy the guy goes down in a heap and he is easy enough to spot to assess the penalty.

    pk impressive yet again

    horc seems to have very little chem with magnus and certainly not as much as he did with ebs and hall last season. i am thinking magnus and hemmer would work well if magnus wants to focus on shooting more.
    its time:
    hall rnh eberle
    mps lander hemsky/omark
    smyth horcoff hemsky/jones
    hordi belanger jones/petrell

    i can see that 4th line being a top line against teams like vancouver, with jones and pettrell on the wings.

    for chemistry and style sake i think those lines work best but renney wants a vet on each line i think and is willing to sacrifice chem to get it.

  13. LateNightOilFan says:

    I only caught the last half of the 3rd onwards, Khabi looked good. It would be nice if we had both guys playing well however they split the starts. Too bad they couldn’t break that nasty winless streak in Minny. And Hemmer is hurt again? Still? Wow.

  14. hemmerlady says:

    I hate thursday night games (rehearsal night). did not see the game. Sounds like we lost a bit of a heartbreaker.

    and who the fuck forgot Hemmer’s bubble wrap?? c’mon people.

    I joke, but I’m frustrated for my boy. Shoulder probs, knee probs, concussions are not injuries that go away easily. We’re bound to get some luck back on the injury front right? Right??

  15. John says:

    Looking at that game in the big picture it’s easy to say, “Good effort, just wasn’t meant to be… again in Minny!”. I’m a little scared already though that this team is not nearly deep enough to win when faced with the omnipresent injury bug. In the first period the Oilers were flying, creating chances off the rush & making the Wild look like they were wearing cement shoes. As soon as Hemsky went down, the Oil became discombobulated & very vulnerable, never really gaining any momentum or sense of attack for the rest of the game. If that was San Jose or Detroit instead of Minny the Oilers could have been shelled in the 2nd & 3rd periods! Getting Whitney back (eventually) will help solidify the back end but without Hemsky to help draw off the oppositions top checkers as well as his dynamic play making I’m not sure they have enough firepower.

  16. Mr.Majestyk says:

    The constant change of RW’ers to the top line didn’t help things. I would think that moving Eberle up would be natural since they played together last year. If they were concerned with having too many youngsters on one line they could re-unite Hall/Horcoff/Eberle from last season. Some familiarity would have been nice. 1 shot by the Oilers isn’t great no matter what and despite gaining 3 of a possible 4 points, its not promising when our good offensive team has only 2 goals in 2 games.

  17. NorwegianOiler says:

    The way this game unravelled makes me think we’ll be losing our way to a top 5 pick yet again. It’s early, but we are just as bad as last year at breaking out when pressure is applied (and it’s not just the youngsters coughing up the puck, it’s our so-called veterans as well). We are similarly devoid of any forecheck of our own, which leads to easy zone entries and comfortable plays for our opponents.

    I was very happy with the first 10 minutes or so, but as it has been in recent years, our success tends to stop when the opposition decides to fight back. There’s little sustained pressure or ability to withstand fightback from our squad. That makes me a sad fan.

    Khabibulin, for his 1 allowed goal, is below an acceptable standard for an NHL goalie by now. His decisions with the puck are mostly nonchalant or simply stupid (tossing the puck to Nugent-Hopkins five feet from the net with a forechecker breathing down his neck was a particular highlight). Good thing is that his defense helped out a few times and that Minny isn’t the best offensive team. He’s too slow for his defense to have any real confidence in him.

    Hall’s penalty in the final minutes of OT was due to one of many of his poor decisions on the night. He had taken the puck in the neutral zone, moved in with a player to his right (who was open). Instead of making the pass he tries to take the puck back towards the middle losing all momentum in the process. I was not impressed with the way he handled the puck or made his choices. Too many attempts to go back against his direction of speed (cutting inside towards the defense instead of taking it wide or simply dumping and chasing).

    I did like Nugent-Hopkins’ and Lander’s defensive play.

    It’s was sadly another game proving that we’re not ready to make a significant step up. For that to happen someone has to teach cohesive break outs (thus limiting the effectiveness of opposition forechecking) and a team forecheck. We had neither and the result was rather clear.

  18. Racki says:

    Still pretty early. Khabibulin is still a disaster with the puck on his stick though, for sure. I’ve actually been very impressed with our PK and take that as a positive, but I wonder why with all these great offensive players we’re not scoring more than we are. Losing Hemsky again won’t be good. This team is much better offensively with him in the lineup than without.

    I concur that the Nuge had a big game defensively yesterday. He is a great back checker. That alone might be what helps him stick or makes us consider moving Gagner (as opposed to the idea as I’ve always been.. just saying it eventually might come down to us being more comfortable in moving him).

    As good as Hall is, he’s still a second year player, and we can expect those kinds of mistakes. This team could use some more vet savy players, or at least we could use a bit of a boost for them. I thought Smyth had a pretty solid game too and was close to scoring one or two more.

    I’m not too worried just yet. The Wild have always been good at stifling offense. We might even get a bit of a boost if we had Hartikainen up on one of our lines too while Hemsky is out.

    BTW, last I heard, Hemsky’s shoulder was sore.. not injured, per se. So he might be back soon.

  19. oilinblood says:

    hemmerlady: I hate thursday night games (rehearsal night). did not see the game. Sounds like we lost a bit of a heartbreaker.and who the fuck forgot Hemmer’s bubble wrap?? c’mon people. I joke, but I’m frustrated for my boy. Shoulder probs, knee probs, concussions are not injuries that go away easily. We’re bound to get some luck back on the injury front right? Right??

    i think we have been saying “we cant possibly have another year of 400billion man games lost AGAIN” for 5 years running.

  20. hemmerlady says:

    oilinblood: i think we have been saying “we cant possibly have another year of 400billion man games lost AGAIN” for 5 years running.


    add that to “we can’t possibly still have a major goaltending and defense problem” for 5 years running.

  21. Racki says:

    We can’t possibly finish out of the playoffs for 5 years running.. (we already did). Oh god, that’s the one I only really care about.. end that streak already.

  22. John says:

    If Hemsky got knocked out of a game with a “sore shoulder” against Minny’s defence then what the hell is gonna happen to him when he’s getting crushed by Sarich & Murray??

  23. hemmerlady says:

    We can’t possibly finish out of the playoffs for 5 years running.. (we already did). Oh god, that’s the one I only really care about.. end that streak already.

    oh yeah, this was the 5th wasn’t it. Yeah way past time for that to end. don’t think it’s going to be this year though Racki. :p

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