Oilers final roster set….

By , October 2, 2011 4:02 pm

Anton Lander is one of the new faces to survive the cuts...

Anton Lander is one of the new faces to survive the cuts...

More cuts today for the Oilers, and this should finalize their roster, due to the injuries they have (they currently sit at 27 bodies, including injuries). Here are your roster cuts:

Gilbert Brule, Josh Green, Ryan Keller and Ryan O’Marra must clear waivers to be re-assigned to Oklahoma City.
Teemu Hartikainen has been re-assigned to Oklahoma City.

One name that jumps out (and I’m happy about in a sense… although I sympathize with him) – Gilbert Brule. The Oilers have done the right thing here and sent him down to the farm team. That means Anton Lander has made the team, at least for now. Excellent news. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is also on the team, but that wasn’t a surprise… whether he will stay with the team after his 9-game “free preview” is another question. Also exciting, for me anyways, is that Lennart Petrell has made the team. Petrell is an excellent PKer who can line up on the wing or play center and also has great size and tends to use it.

So who is left?

Left Wings: Taylor Hall, Magnus Paajarvi, Ryan Smyth, Darcy Hordichuk, Lennart Petrell
Centres: Eric Belanger, Shawn Horcoff, Anton Lander, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Right Wings: Jordan Eberle, Ales Hemsky, Ryan Jones, Linus Omark
Defensemen: Cam Barker, Tom Gilbert, Theo Peckham, Jeff Petry, Corey Potter, Andy Sutton, Taylor Chorney (injured day-to-day)
Goaltenders: Devan Dubnyk, Nikolai Khabibulin
Injured: Ben Eager, Sam Gagner, Taylor Fedun, Ladislav Smid, Ryan Whitney

My guess at the starting line-up come October 9th:

Smyth – Horcoff – Hemsky
Hall – Nugent-Hopkins – Eberle
Paajarvi – Lander – Omark
Petrell – Belanger – Jones

Barker – Gilbert
Peckham – Petry
Potter – Sutton


6 Responses to “Oilers final roster set….”

  1. John says:

    Don’t mind the forward lines but wow, that must be the weakest defence in the league!! The goalies are gonna have to earn their money in the first 15-20 games in order for the Oilers to avoid plummeting to the basement in the 1st quarter :/

  2. Racki says:

    You have to figure that a trade is in order here, really. Even with Smid back this defense still looks bleak. With Whitney back, it looks more capable, but it still has holes. It’s lacking that big blueline presence a la Chris “Fucking” Pronger. Not that there are many of those guys in the league.. least of all available. But I would say it would do this team wonders to flip some forward assets for a rock on the blueline.. especially of the right handed variety.

    Barker and Gilbert would make a very nice 2nd pairing.

    Whitney would play with our new right-side blueline rock.

    And on the third pairing, we’d put Peckham and Smid, I suppose. It’s too bad Sutton really isn’t that blue line rock.

    Bringing someone in that is a really good blue liner though would mean pushing someone out (perhaps Sutton) – once everyone is healthy, that is. I’m not giving up on Sutton btw, I just didn’t expect much from him and he’s the odd man out for me due to being the least talented of the squad.

    And who knows with Sutton, mind you. Sometimes guys take a long time and suddenly “get it”. I don’t remember Hal Gill being that formidable of a d-man several years ago, but he became a rock for the Canadiens.

  3. chucker says:

    Gagner or Hemsky could fetch a nice defender. Anyone else notice Hemsky’s quiet camp, and now injured again? Hopefully no big deal but still. I have to think he or Gagner are on the block, and most likely Gagner. One of the small skilled guys is moving out and I am betting it is the guy who is overpaid and soft as well as being terrible away from the puck. Omark fits better on the Tres Kroner line and actually doesn’t fall over every time he gets bumped. He can strip the puck too, unlike Gagner. /end rant

  4. John says:

    Hemsky’s time as wicked trade bait is over especially in light of his recent injuries (suprise suprise!) which leads me to think the Oilers would have to package Hemmer with someone like Gags or a high pick/prospect to get anyone to bite. Sorry to say it because I know many people in Oil Country still covet Hemmer as a nearly elite player but if you look at the situation objectively he just doesn’t look as awesome as we would like. Gagner might bring a little more trade leverage (on an individual basis) than Hemsky due to his age, hockey IQ, & future potential on the right team. The only way Hemsky brings high trade value now is if he gets/ stays healthy until the trade deadline while putting up real good numbers, thereby attracting the attention of SC contender with top six issues.

  5. oilinblood says:

    i was very surprised to see petrell kept in the bigs. personally i thought the guy made some bone head decisions with the puck.
    i should probably put it in the vancouver game thread, but peckham was awesome in beating up laptheyap. the yap was on the perimeter of the melee punching random oilers from behind. the beating of laptheyap was alot more to do with that, and his pu**y visor -hes no skill guy that needs to keep his eyes-, than the hit on rnh. good job of pecks taking his time with that last shot to make sure the upper cut connected hard.

    question. it used to be a 2 minute penalty for wearing a visor during a fight when you instigated or shared in the instigation of the fight, is this rule not around anymore? i see a heck of alot of non-skilled players who like to cheap shot and hide behind the visor. visors should be taken off in fights. lap was getting in some punches in the end but it mainly had to do with peckham trying to first figure out how to get laps hat off, then when they got in close pecks waited for the right moment to get the best upper cut he could. different strategy to fight a pu**y i guess.

    lander is on the team, justice is served. i like rnh’s hunger… but still not sold on him being the top player of the draft in 1-5-10 years time. larsson made the team cleanly after 2 pre-season games. the guy said he is going to make war against every individual opponent…something about every opposition player trying to steal his life and how he is determined to get them first, by any means necessary. this brings up a question…would that hunger have been there if he was drafted first overall or is this a motivational chip on the shoulder. lou made some comment about how larsson seems like he might be part of some secret swedish version of the kgb because he has been vicious at times…but avoided the calls. the kid said it at the draft… the spot on new jerseys defense will be his or someone will have killed him, because thats the only way he is failing.

    i feel somewhat bad for brule. the guy just doesnt have the skill of a 1st round draft pick. if he was chosen in a later round he would be an nhl regular i think but people expect more of him because of his draft rank and junior career playing tykes. we all know gags had a pretty good linemate to play with and perhaps pad numbers. not that he is any pouliot but….

    i am saying that gags is a decent player but i think he was drafted higher than he truly deserved, just like brule.

    any news on the edler head shot? i thought that was the bad one. sturm got the head with more force but i thought he got buddys shoulder first and it was the follow thru that got the head.

  6. Racki says:

    I had forgotten about the visor rule. You never see it called. But then again, most visored players toss them aside. However, in a case like this, I wouldn’t consider Lapierre the instigator. A line brawl broke out. Yes, he was being a typical visored douche (insert Cherry rant here), but I don’t think he had any intention of a fight with Peckham at all, so that part wasn’t instigated. Anyways, it’s a 2 minute minor for unsportsmanlike, per the rulebook. I don’t remember the last time I saw that called, but it’s been at least a couple years.

    I disagree on Petrell. Perhaps you’re single him out because of one game.. but I’ve been impressed. He’ll improve our PK, I’m pretty certain of it. I think you’ll come around. Offensively, he might not be the most talented, however.

    As for Edler, he’s off the hook because “Hall lowered his head”. Boooo. If he didn’t lower his head, we’d still be talking about the shoulder nailing him in the head. Maybe I’m being too homer here, but I didn’t like the decision. Oh well, Shanny can’t get them all. I’m not entirely certain he was wrong either, I guess.

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