Did Corey Potter win himself a job?

By , October 19, 2011 3:57 pm
Corey Potter.. a useful, inexpensive, two way d-man

Corey Potter.. a useful, inexpensive, two way d-man

I will resist all temptation to make a Harry Potter reference and talk about the magic he brings to this team (maybe I just failed, in this statement). But let’s just say that Corey Potter has been a welcome addition to the team.

Tom Renney definitely had a hand in the decision for the Oilers to sign elder rookie Corey Potter. I have to say, right now Renney is looking like a genius here, so far. It’s early on, but Potter has fit in very well. He’s averaging a shade under 19 minutes per game on the blue line, including a team leading 4:07 min/game on the powerplay. Now, the powerplay is a pretty cherry way to pad stats and protect a player. However, he’s fit in well so far, earning a couple of assists in 3 games. He also leads the team for defensemen in team PP goals for (meaning that he’s been on the ice for the most goals for on the powerplay). It is way too early to get too wrapped up in numbers just yet though, but they are trending the right direction, which pleases me.

For a guy who has only logged 9 NHL games previous to coming here, he’s got a calming presence back there. It might be that he’s not really a young defenseman, being only 1 year younger than Ryan Whitney and Tom Gilbert. So why didn’t he break into the NHL yet?

Well, that’s the nature of the business. One man’s “junk” is another man’s treasure. It’s another example of a Jason Smith type here. Tom Renney mentioned that he was a victim of the numbers game in New York. Sometimes a good player fits your needs… sometimes he doesn’t! The same can be said for some of our forwards here. The Rangers just didn’t have the need for a guy of his type, it would seem, nor did the Penguins (that shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise).

So to me, yes, he has earned a job here. I’d say he has stolen it from one of our more promising defensemen in Jeff Petry.. at least temporarily. That is simply because Petry does not need to go on waivers to be re-assigned to the Barons (which Dan Tencer figures will happen soon). But really, Potter didn’t earn the job by default. He’s earned it by playing a solid, safe 2-way game. He can make a good, crisp pass, and he can defend his own zone. He’s reliable. He’s also a right-hand defensemen (something I typically covet, because they can be hard to find at times). He’s something I’d say we currently need right now.

Corey Potter makes $525,000 and he brings much of what our better d-men do. Let’s hang on to him for a while and see what he has to fully offer this team. Kudos to Tom Renney for recognizing a good player caught up in the numbers game.

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  1. Racki says:

    Jeff Petry has indeed been re-assigned to the Barons now.

  2. dawgtoy says:

    With the strong play of Potter ,and the return of Whitney, things hopefully are looking up defensively. Hopefully Teddy can rediscover his game soon as well. I just pray for the team to remain healthy, that is the single factor that can make or break this team.

  3. oilinblood says:

    i thought petry looked pretty good for his experience level. now he can go get big minutes again in the A and be ready for a call up. things like the simple and utter embarassment of a whole team collapsing out of fear of a crap offense team… show that we need to get some confidence and that might come with eliminating some rookies like petry. mind you he was far removed from the farce last night.

    ive never seen a team so afraid of such a pathetic offense. collapse collapse collapse? its calgary. stand them up. worst team offense in the league imo.

    i thought the performance was gutless. we still have the “we are losers ‘ mindset. there is no way that offense beats an nhl team unless they run around worried and scared.
    hopefully a lesson learned. we are a better team than them. plain and simple.

    hopefully we renney kicked their asses a bit about the show of lack of confidence and self respect and that we move on a stronger team.
    i would have rather been beaten 10-1 than collapse to a calgary bantam level offense.

  4. chucker says:

    Agreed Dawgtoy. Pecks is getting the wrath of many right now. For anyone who has played D at a high level, you will agree that lots of new bodies on the blue line are more challenging for a defenseman than the average forward. The defensemen also have to learn which new forward combos they can count on in certain situations. This takes a while. I say Pecks is re-learning the tendencies of his old and new teammates. He will be fine.

    As for Potter, I am not surprised that a guy who has been around on other teams in their minors is also a really good NHL level defender. I would feel comfortable in saying there are lots of them out there, but the lose out due to contracts and roster size and contract number limits. Most go to Europe but this Potter kid has done it all. Remember Allen Rourke? Super solid stay at home guy who could play on most clubs if all the wanted was capable and sound defensive defenseman, but just got to an age where he was better off to go to Europe. I think this happens a lot because teams do not wantnto let D-men go as they are so valuable, so some lose out due to new guys coming in and established players staying put. Seems to be the case here.

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