Did Corey Potter win himself a job?

By , October 19, 2011 3:57 pm
Corey Potter.. a useful, inexpensive, two way d-man

Corey Potter.. a useful, inexpensive, two way d-man

I will resist all temptation to make a Harry Potter reference and talk about the magic he brings to this team (maybe I just failed, in this statement). But let’s just say that Corey Potter has been a welcome addition to the team.

Tom Renney definitely had a hand in the decision for the Oilers to sign elder rookie Corey Potter. I have to say, right now Renney is looking like a genius here, so far. It’s early on, but Potter has fit in very well. He’s averaging a shade under 19 minutes per game on the blue line, including a team leading 4:07 min/game on the powerplay. Now, the powerplay is a pretty cherry way to pad stats and protect a player. However, he’s fit in well so far, earning a couple of assists in 3 games. He also leads the team for defensemen in team PP goals for (meaning that he’s been on the ice for the most goals for on the powerplay). It is way too early to get too wrapped up in numbers just yet though, but they are trending the right direction, which pleases me.

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