GDT: Oilers 2, Flames 1 – Pre-season Game 4 – 2011-09-24 @ 6:00 PM MST – Webcast

By , September 24, 2011 10:26 am
Tonight we see Andy Sutton in an Oil uni for the first time

Tonight we see Andy Sutton in an Oil uni for the first time

The Oilers will host the Flames tonight. This one will be webcast on the Oilers website and is a 6PM MST start.

This will be our first chance at seeing the big man Andy Sutton. He’s going to line up with Tom Gilbert and hopefully provide a physical presence to match Gilbert’s more positional and offensive nature. The d-pairings are pretty interesting across the board, actually. Camp invitee Kirill Tulupov is playing the right side with new-comer Cam Barker. Theo Peckham and Jeff Petry will suit up together. It’s not often that we actually have a legit RHD (right-handed defenseman) paired with a legit LHD or a physical/defensive defenseman paired with a offensive-minded defenseman, but tonight we’ve got both.

Khabibulin is going to get the nod tonight. Hopefully he can find his legs.

Some much more exciting news though is that tonight we’ll have a glimpse of perhaps a future line duo in Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. “This morning was the first time I skated with RNH, to play with a guy who has that kind of hockey mind is great,” said Hall of Nugent-Hopkins. Hartikainen will play on the right side with them, and hope to provide some good energy, net presence and strength in the corners as needed. I think that could be a heck of a line. The other line to watch, perhaps, is a line of Martindale, Lander and Tyrvainen. Tyrvainen has been a pretty exciting player to watch, providing energy and grit. Martindale is a big centerman but will play the wing here. Lander has shown to be a smart two-way player with a lot of determination.

As for the Flames, looks like they’re dressing a fairly light lineup tonight, much like the Canucks did against us (although not as extreme).

Oilers Lineup




Flames Roster


57 BOUWMA, Lance
17 BOURQUE, Rene
32 BYRON, Paul
26 DESBIENS, Guillaume
10 HAGMAN, Niklas
19 MEYER, Stefan
48 NEMISZ, Greg
71 PATTERSON, Gaelan
18 STAJAN, Matt
36 WALTER, Ben


33 BABCHUK, Anton
54 BREEN, Chris
23 HANNAN, Scott
42 HENRY, Jordan
29 MIKKELSON, Brendan
27 SMITH, Derek


35 KARLSSON, Henrik
37 IRVING, Leland


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15 Responses to “GDT: Oilers 2, Flames 1 – Pre-season Game 4 – 2011-09-24 @ 6:00 PM MST – Webcast”

  1. chucker says:

    Going to the game tonight. Should be fun.

  2. Steve-O says:

    Oh god do I miss hockey. How has the team looked?

  3. Racki says:

    Steve-O: not enough to go on yet, check the GDT threads though. Hall has looked pretty damn awesome though so far, but he seems a bit jinxed.. can’t get on the scoresheet yet. Lowetide nicknamed him “the Chance now” cause he generates a fuck load now, even if they aren’t working just yet. He still is finding his NHL hands… when he does, we’re in for a treat. Picture Ales Hemsky of now in a 19 year old.

    Omark/Paajarvi have had nice chemistry. Khabi had a horrible first game. I thought Barker and Gilbert were a nice pairing. Barker seems to have a Whitney-like poise to him. The Nuge hasn’t looked out of place, definitely a really good playmaker and he works hard on the backcheck. But he is catching up to the NHL right now (still only played 2 games so far). Doobie is the usual Doobie. Solid. Martindale has looked pretty good, but I only saw him in the young stars. Pitlick Gagner and Hall played together and all 3 looked to be good together.

    Hordichuk is a beast. Hits everything that moves. Fights everything that needs to be fought. He’s had 3 already in just 2 games. Once vs. Matt Kassian and two vs. Fedoruk. All 3 were fairly close fights, I’d say. But the guy is an energy ball. Just what I remembered him to be.. but I also remember him to be energy prone.

    Speaking of injuries, Eager is already out. He was concussed by Tulupov.. yes.. he’s an Oiler. Tulupov drilled him and got the arms up in … THE JOEY MOSS CUP. I’ll say one thing.. Tulupov isn’t afraid to hit. But so far the scouting report that he hits TOO much seems to be pretty true. Very Igor Ulanov-like. Takes himself out of the play to deliver the big hit.

    Eberle scored another beauty. RNH battled for a puck and from his knees chipped it to a speeding Eberle who cut across the net in tight, right to left, and backhanded it in. That was against the Canucks (whom we lost to 2-1… they had a scrub line up vs. our almost NHL team). Gagner was 88% on the dot that game. But it was also vs. a weak line up.

  4. Racki says:

    Oh and just so I am not sugar coating everything (because really, they still need a lot of work), the defense still looks to be m.i.a. out there.

  5. zackman35 says:

    Our defensive pairings seem to have quite the contrast, it should make for some entertaining hockey. I don’t know how productive they will be though.

  6. USA oiler says:

    Anybody know if the game will be available for viewing in the eastern u.s? Or does anyone know a good free website to watch the game on besides the oilers? I can’t stand knowing the oilers are on and not being able to watch them, it’s torture!

  7. Racki says:

    Can’t you watch it on the oilers site, usa? Its likely the only way its available. That and flames site

  8. USA oiler says:

    Last game the oilers website said that the game was not avaiable in my area, or something like that, which is understandable, I do live in eastern pennsylavannia after all but hopefully that won’t happen tonight.

  9. Racki says:

    Ahh.. That sucks. We have other americans here too that I thought watched online. Maybe not. I don’t get why they have to do that

  10. gr8one says:

    I;m in North Carolina and even though it says that on the website I tried watching the stream and it worked…It may have just blacked out Canadian IP’s.

    Did you actually try watching it USA?

  11. Racki says:

    Mr M even watched it from Ontario too.

  12. Racki says:

    FYI, a decent game. Jones scored a beauty goal, short-handed. Sutton got him a pass and Jones was off to the races. He opened up the five hole on Irving and slid the puck into the net.

    Hall scored his first of the pre-season (if I’m not mistaken), banging home some loose change left by Ryan Nugent Hopkins.

    I’m glad that tomorrow’s game is on SNET, cause I have a tough time following the action on the web.

  13. dawgtoy says:

    Hartikainen must make this team! Size, grit, and hands. Didn’t look out of place at all on the top line. Mind you I was only able to see limited amounts of the game, but he was the first star. Khabi wasn’t horrible…nuff said. Gagner doesn’t appear too bad, day to day with a soar ankle and a bump to the head, he wasn’t gonna play tonight vs Flames anyhow (as per EJ).
    Round 2 tonight and I can watch the whole thing uninterrupted this evening, woohoo.

  14. USA oiler says:

    For some reason the flame’s site allowed me to watch it when the oiler’s didn’t, but who cares, it feels great to watch the oilers again!

  15. Racki says:

    Glad you got to see it!

    Tonight’s game is on Sportsnet though.. so you might be out of luck for watching it, unless you find some shady stream on the internet somewhere. 😛

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