Break it Down! – PP/PK (2011/12 Edition)

By , September 20, 2011 9:31 am

Hope for lots of these this year...

Continuing on with my series of Break it Down posts. The others can be found in the following location.

Next up, special teams.

The Oilers last year had a terrible powerplay (27th) and was actually worse (!) on the penalty kill (29th).

We have lots of talent that can play on the PP. Lots. And now that Hemsky is part robot, he won’t miss half the season (it helps that Regehr has fucked off to the other conference too).

And, we now have some players that can play on the PK! Huzzah!

Now lets see what we are working with:



I thought we would have had a good PP last year – hahaha. I actually think it can be good this year though. For reals. We have no shortage of talent now, we just need to not have Hemsky get hurt.

The PK also looks a billion times better than last year. Pick anyone, and slot them in that final spot and it can’t be as bad as last year’s PK.


Hemsky. Hall. Eberle. I’m imagining it in my head right now. So fucking tasty.

And for the PK, 2 centers! 2. Not 1 (and an overworked on at that). 2.


On the PK, we don’t have enough forwards that have that skill set, or enough defensive defensemen. Same as last year.

Could Use

See weaknesses above.

One more veteran forward, and one 3/4 d-man and I think we’d be golden.


This year should be better on both counts than the first year. Only issues I see (other than the weaknesses mentioned above) is we have Khabibulin in net.

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  1. Racki says:

    Steve-o: My PP lines would probably be:



    If RNH makes the team, then either Belanger or Gagner centers Hall/Eberle. If he doesn’t make the team, then Gagner centers Hall/Eberle, Belanger centers Smyth/Hemsky.

    I’m sure they’ll also give Omark and Paajarvi some PP time too, even though traditionally teams have 2 PP lines. It will probably be a PP1, PP2a/2b kinda thing.

    I like our PK lines too. I am thinking the guy that slots with Belanger depends on who makes the team. I figure if Hartikainen makes it, I’d put him in there. Chances are that he won’t right away though. In this case, you could go with the dangerous PK option, putting out a guy like Hall, RNH or Hemsky.. or you could go with the safer bet and perhaps ice Jones instead (although I found him and Fraser to be a scary PK duo for early last year… but I think Jones improved a lot in the long run).

    Defense seems to be a lot better, although I’m not confident Sutton will get a lot of hockey in this year. Hard to say who will slot in for him though.

  2. chucker says:

    There is also the Lander factor, although I see him taking the same path as Omark possibly unless this great play just keeps on going.

    PK should be better just by virtue of being able to win a face off or two. I am not expecting miracles there either. I would say an improvement to the low 20’s is realistic. My biggest factor there will actually be goaltending.

    For the PP I love what I am seeing in camp so far. Hopefully that can translate to the regular season.

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