Oilers re-sign Theo Peckham and sign Yann Danis

By , July 4, 2011 1:25 pm

Old news now, but I like to keep a post up for posterity’s sake and for comment posting…

The Edmonton Oilers signed “Teddy” Peckham to a 1-year deal reportedly worth $1.075M, according to TSN’s Ryan Rishaug.

This is a very good signing. The Oilers get him for cheap. It’s a short deal because obviously Peckham and his agent want them to be able to prove that last year’s season by Peckham wasn’t an anomaly. Look for a good season from #49.


The Oilers have also signed goaltender Yann Danis. Danis played 31 games for Khabarovsk Amur in 2010/11. He had short stints in New York (Islanders), New Jersey and Montreal. However, Danis spent most of his time in the minor leagues in Hamilton since being signed as a free agent by Montreal in 2004. I would have to assume that Danis is being added for the Barons club, and not the big club.

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  1. Alan-NottsUK says:

    just signed a goalie as well yann danis 1 year deal

    treenasoil called a goalie signing about 9 minutes before the oilers posted it

  2. Racki says:

    Danis should be here for the Barons.

  3. Bostonoiler says:

    Peckham, cheap and short contract, perfect move. As for Danis he is a pretty good goalie for OKC and a solid option should an Oilers goalie get hurt.

    Once aain our friend treenasoil called it before anyone else.

    Oilers have also signed captain of the Binghampton Senators, Ryan Keller, to a 1 year deal. Keler scored 34 goals in 09/10 and 32 goals in 10/11 for them. He will probably be Giroux’s replacement on the farm. The Oilers are also now at the 50 contract limit. What ever happens next will be a trade. I’d put money Cogliano is gone by the end of the week.

  4. zackman35 says:

    I wonder if we could ship Khabi out for Andres Lindback sp* to help Smashville raise themselves to the cap floor. We would probably have to include a few picks and send them Cogs.

    I would love to see him and Duby battle for starting position. I wonder if Nashville would even bight though…

  5. Grass&sOIL says:

    Good that he is signed but I wanted a longer deal myself although motivation will not be missing from Theo’s game next year(never has been missing anyway). I love how (almost) everyone is on board with Theo now. If you asked most Oiler fans at this point last year what they would have thought about Theo getting a $1M+ contract with the Oil then there would have been outrage, Now most are calling it a value contract!!!!

  6. Racki says:

    I’m sure you know, but I’ve always been a fan of Theo Peckham. My kind of defenseman… physical and takes care of his own zone.

  7. Bostonoiler says:

    zackman35: I wonder if we could ship Khabi out for Andres Lindback sp* to help Smashville raise themselves to the cap floor. We would probably have to include a few picks and send them Cogs. I would love to see him and Duby battle for starting position. I wonder if Nashville would even bight though…

    Doubt it, remember that Nashville will be going up 8M when Weber gets signed. No need for a backup like Khabi in Nashville, considering they are working on their own budget and still need some forwards.

  8. Alan-NottsUK says:

    JasonGregor Jason Gregor
    Andrew Cogliano has filed for arbitration…Interesting decision. I don’t see him having much bargaining power.

  9. Racki says:

    Maybe the Oilers aren’t offering much. In that case, he might not really have much to lose. I don’t see him getting too much either, but maybe he’s trying to squeeze a bit more out of the Oilers. Hell, maybe they didn’t offer him a contract at all, outside of the Q.O…. in which case, I can see why he’d try to get more.

    I feel a little bad about Cogliano. I think he could be a better player on a different team, but is just being edged out here by the numbers game.

  10. Bostonoiler says:

    I just wish they would trade Cogliano and get this over with lol. I don’t think Cogliano is horrible, but its clear he doesn’t fit here anymore. I still think he gets traded by the end of the week.

  11. hemmerlady says:

    I’m not ready to give up on Cogs yet, for the same reasons as Gagner. He hasn’t been great, but the team has been mostly abysmal. I think if we let him go, he will end up being a really solid player for another team and we will regret it. Not like that’s never happened before. Maybe I’m being sentimental about Cogs but I think there is still a spark in him and don’t want to give him up.

  12. John says:

    @ hemmerlady, I agree on Cogs. Considering when he first got drafted many were projecting him to be a #2 center in the league, he seems to have come to grips with the fact that he might have to settle for 3rd line duty & has trained hard to do as well as he can at it. Instead of whinning about being misused in the Oiler system ( as a few players have done), he put his nose to the grindstone & is genuinely working to be the best he can be in his current role. That has to account for something. His defensive game & face offs needs a little work but he’s only 24; aside from that 35pts from a 3rd line center who only makes @ $1mil is not too shabby in my books.

    Having said that I think he becomes the easy whipping boy because of the fact he hasn’t been able to blossom into that bonafide #2center position & is looked at as the easiest to part with of the younger top 9 forwards.

  13. chucker says:

    Cogs is redundant on this team. I already have him behind Lander and VandeVelde.

    Nice article here on Lander: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/Oilers+rookie+centre+Lander+models+play+after+Wings+Zetterberg/5069042/story.html

  14. LateNightOilFan says:

    HL & John, for the reasons you have both given, I’d actually like to see Cogs get a shot with another team, while the Oilers might still be able to get a little something in return for him. I suspect he will get signed and traded this off-season. I think his Oiler ‘window of opportunity’ has passed him by and because he has worked so hard and not complained, he deserves a shot on a team that can give him a better opportunity. It may sound harsh, but chucker is right IMO – he is redundant on this team, especially now with the signing of Belanger, so why make him continue to work so hard with so little opportunity for reward? Why also make him continue to work hard, push him down even further in the depth chart and continue to see his value decline as a result?

  15. Racki says:

    I agree with LNOF and Chucker that Cogliano should be moved. I can’t really see how he works as a center option, and really that’s the only spot this team really needs at forward. We’ve got the wingers covered quite easily.

    The problem is, we aren’t going to get full value for him in a trade. But I’d like to hope that we’ll at least get something decent for him now than if we wait and wait and keep playing him on the 4th line (Cause really, that’s all he’ll get here until someone gets hurt). Do we really see Cogliano as a 4th liner? I don’t.

  16. Alan-NottsUK says:

    If Nugent-Hopkins impresses then Cogliano wouldn’t even be a 4th liner, he’d be in the pressbox.

  17. Steve-O says:

    I bet that if it does go to arbitration he gets a decent ruling based on comparables. Then the oilers will either have to sign and keep/trade or just walk away.

  18. Racki says:

    Alan: Yah, precisely. Either way, it’s disappointing, but he’s no longer a fit here unless someone gets hurt.

    I’m not sure if RNH will be here, but even if he isn’t, I don’t think there is room for Cogs or Brule here. That said, I don’t think Cogliano should be a freebie for some team either.

  19. Alan-NottsUK says:

    He’d be useful for a few teams, but he needs to be given a chance, I think a 3rd, upgraded to a 2nd if he plays over x amount of games or scores x amount of points would be fair value for him at this point.

    I hope he does well, got my 13 Cogliano jersey the first time I went to Edmonton.

    On a sidenote

    Has anyone ever been traded at the deadline for Picks/Prospects and ‘futures’ where the futures were their own rights back to the team who traded them?

  20. Racki says:

    I don’t know if that’s ever happened, but it reminds me of when we traded with the Rangers for Brian Leetch at the end of the year for Markkanen and a pick, then the Rangers re-signed him later on. Back then, you would get compensation for Unrestricted Free Agents. The Oilers got a 2nd round pick for losing Leetch, which they traded back to the Rangers to re-acquire Markannen in another deal.

    Not really the same thing, but a big convoluted deal to prevent the Oilers from losing a player for nothing, basically.

  21. Alan-NottsUK says:

    I just think it could be a good thing to do with someone like Hemsky, if the Oilers aren’t in contention for the playoffs this season, give him a shot at winning the cup, while retaining his rights and getting some more picks.

  22. Racki says:

    Cogliano arbitration is set for july 21st

  23. chucker says:

    Washington has cap issues and will have trouble signing Alzner. Maybe there is something to explore there. Cogs and Chorney for Alzner or just straight up Cogs foe Alzner.

    The thing is though, the Caps are rumored to want a big salary gone. Semin and Green have been in lots of rumors, but Alzner is an UFA who could be targeted.

    Cogs and a second for Alzner? I think that’s fair given the situations.

  24. chucker says:

    Alzner is RFA. SORRY,iPad makes it hard to edit text boxes on wordpress.

  25. Racki says:

    Alzner is RFA. SORRY,iPad makes it hard to edit text boxes on wordpress.

    Ya, wotdpress has no edit functionality period. The edit we have is a third party plug in. anyway, I would definitely deal for alzner or green

  26. chucker says:

    For sure. Both are really good in their styles. Green would give us the option to deal Gilbert so the potential cap difference to us is not that bad.

  27. Racki says:

    Dimitri Chesnokov says the Flyers are shopping Bobrovsky… Helloooo tambo

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