Bluff Master T and the MVP

By , July 3, 2011 1:12 pm
Is Tambellini the Bluff Master?

Is Tambellini the Bluff Master?

I know it sounds silly, but I think the Oilers have been trying to sell Khabibulin as our “MVP” not to us fans, but to GMs around the league. That contract is heinously bad, but it seems like the Oil have been making efforts to try and bring another goaltender here, and may have been trying to move Khabibulin too. I know we all figure Tambellini to be pretty bad. I have given my share of criticism too. But I think he’s a little smarter than we think and this MVP business is just a ploy to trick other GMs into wanting him.

The 2009/10 speech would go… “Wow, we finished 30th this season because our “MVP” was hurt for so long…”.

The 2010/11 speech… “We finished 30th this season but thankfully we had Khabibulin there to keep us in it.. I can’t imagine if he wasn’t there!”.

Those are far from direct quotes.. not even close. But that is basically what it seemed that Tambellini was trying to convey, and it can only be for the reason of convincing other GMs to take Khabi on. Maybe I’m giving the guy too much credit… but I think he can see now that Continue reading 'Bluff Master T and the MVP'»

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