Rome head shot on Horton

By , June 6, 2011 8:11 pm

Rule 48? I sure as hell think so. Horton looked like he was in a world of hurt too. Not good at all, and I think this is suspension worthy. What do you guys think?

Should Aaron Rome be suspended for his hit on Nathan Horton in game 3 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals?

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59 Responses to “Rome head shot on Horton”

  1. Racki says:

    I am of the school that the Chara hit wasn’t pretty either, and suspendable. And I do think it was potentially interference due to the lateness of the hit. I also can’t help but think from time to time that Chara did it intentionally. I know he’s not “dirty” per se, but like I said, sometimes in the heat of the moment, you’re thinking “heck, yah.. stanchion time!” and later on down the road you think “wow, that was a horrible idea” when you see the actual outcome.

    Anyways, I don’t think it’s any secret that the NHL’s disciplinarians are all over the map with their suspensions. That’s become fact now 😛 That’s why we can only hope that Shanny will bring some order.

  2. hemmerlady says:

    I was never a fan of the Chara hit.
    There definitely has to be some consistency in discipline – I agree that if they’re going to factor “degree of injury” into the equation now, then they have to stick with that. It was Murphy and not Campbell who made this call, granted, but as a for instance – the hit on Eberle. He wasn’t hurt and Torres got what, 4 games?

    I definitely agree that Rome should be suspended. It’s all over the news around here that it wasn’t that bad a hit, Horton was admiring the pass, Rome didn’t deserve 4 games, blah blah blah. I can’t fathom ever becoming that blind to the game like the fans here seem to be. One of their arguments is that Eager’s hit on Rome got no call whatsoever, (I seem to recall it was a legal hit, does anyone else?) and they’re also whining about some hit on one of the Clones – I’m assuming he dove because that’s what they do. They have a point about consistency (across the league) but I find it hard to take them seriously when they argue every single call against the Canucks is unfair.

    Anyway they have really got to establish some guidelines specifically for disciplining these types of hits, in addition to better defining illegal hits, and revamping the equipment to make it safer.

    Edit: It was McGinn’s hit on Rome, not Eager. My bad.

  3. oilinblood says:

    This the last time i will point this out. The BOG goes thru tonnes of footage to institute a new rule and then grades infractions. this is called a template. that template is voted on by those BOG members and is gods law. Colin Campbell is then the principal over seeing the children and handing out the template law. It is truly a thankless job. the template is mandate and law, yet those who made the template go to the press and whine about it (yet people yap negatively about Bettman because he gag orders members of the NHL — yet how bad does this squabbling all look. bad enough that in other businesses people would be fired). To me, the Seabrook hit fiasco is the one that may have led to bettman over-ruling his own bosses. Bettman stated that unbiased he knew the template and saw the decision Campbell made as true to the mandate given. yet assholes who had made the template then bad mouthed the league and Campbell. To me that was the end of the BOG having control. Bettman is a smart man and im sure he had enough of people attacking CC, and worse yet when those attacks were strengthened with mutinous statements from those who were really responsible for the league supplimentary discipline template.

    According to insiders Shanahan, seeing the childish ignorance of the BOG, only took on the duties if he was able to make a committee that would supercede BOG control (which is what Bettman believed would be best as well). It wont be known until the summer how much control the BOG will continue to have over a template but hearing reports it is Bettmans wish that Shanahan and his committee will be given full power over supplimentary punishments. This is not Bettmans call though, it is his 30 bosses call (however he may pull veto power or have made a take it or i leave offer as has been talked about based on business ethics). It stands to be understood that until the BOG allow an independent group of respected hockey minds like Shanny mould the new template that the process will always be seen as a farce.

    Most insiders are saying that Bettman has gotten his way and that the BOG will not have any say once Shannys committee is fully at helm.

    It is my expectation that the new group will institute very high suspensions. If Shanny is true to his word (from when he was a player) the value of players will ALSO be part of the judgement. This will likely make people upset at times. However i trust in Shanny and his ability to know a whiney star player such as a sedin who acts like a grenade hit him on every bit of contact, and a star player who has pride and wouldnt act. I also expect very large penalties to be innitiated against acts of unsportsmanlike conduct such as diving embelishment and incessant whining (something that Shanny had also said should be removed from the best league in the world).

    In closing…expect 1/4 of the canucks to be suspended for most of the first NHL season with Shanny at the helm.

    One thing that was brought up subtly, by McKenzie if i recall, was the fact Shanny believes alot of blame lays with coaching as well. It will be interesting to see how the committee might punish coaches and relieve them of pay checks.
    Its a brave new world…perhaps.

  4. Racki says:

    There may be a template in place but if you think these suspensions being handed out show consistency, I think the league has you brain washed. We will assemble an elite team of mind cleaners and get you out of there, good buddy. Lol that’s the problem people have. That and their “template” is flawed in cases. It’s cool to end a career, as long as it’s head on?

  5. oilinblood says:

    To me there is a difference between a blind side attack and a north south. There is no doubt suspensions for a head shot or late hit should be increased…dramatically. However i do feel the blind side attack is extremely dirty and vicious. Horton should have been looking at the play in front of him before accelerating (his two strides to cut in). A blind side attack has to be more sever in penalty in my opinion. Technically ROme maneuvered to gain legal body position in the lane even before Horton did. But then he DIDNT stand up BUT STEPPED UP on Horton who was still watching the wing.

    YOu likely know better than anyone else on this board that i have always made the horton threads and gone gush over the guy. But Rome intended to hurt? His body language of exploding into the check says so. That can be a subconscious prep to a big hit without an actual knock out thought.

    Another thought comes to mind. Late hits have to be ended. YOu have your window. once the window is gone… you DISENGAGE. To me timing doesnt matter as much as position. Everything to me is chess. Its fairly simplistic actually. YOu can change your body position to check until the puck mover no longer has possession (if its in his feet or he is playing it off the boards to himself or putting it to your feet… he STILL HAS POSSESSION and you can take him). After the player releases possession of the puck you can no longer change your body space to engage in a hit. THus Romes hit of lining to nail Horton while Horton took 2 strides… would be no question illegal. Now… If Rome holds his ground and doesnt approach Horton (which he clearly did) and stands Horton up than its legal. THe difference in this part is engagement. Rome clearly changed his body position and defensive retreat to line up Horton. Also Standing Up is allowed… but NOT Stepping up. You cant change body position in an act of engagement to check a player who doesnt have possession.

    Hopefully with a bigger focus on body position we can get more consistency in interference calls. Your base is your body position. its yours. Your arms and stick ARE NOT Your body position.

    This is actually how everything was supposed to be after the forward pass was allowed.

    Blind side hits should be a huge suspension. Not games; weeks, months for plugs.

    Rack I believe you and i are on the same page on most of these things so it will be interesting to hear your take on the above. Ive always felt timing should go out the window… it should all be based on body position. IF rome stands there and horton releases the puck and rome maintains body position… i say its Hortons damn fault if he gets corked … EVEN if its 5 hrs later.

  6. Racki says:

    OIB: My opinion on it is that blindside is very dangerous, but that’s only because the player guaranteed can not see the hit coming. Although iirc, concussions also are more likely from that then a head-on collision (due to the head turning motion). But even so, the head-on collision is still very dangerous as well. I think if a guy is unaware he’s about to be steam-rolled, that shouldn’t be a valid hit. Consider it akin to football’s “fair catch”, in a sense (i.e. in both situations, the player isn’t able to really defend/react).

    I love big hits as much as the next guy, but when a guy lies on the ice like Horton did, you really got to take a look at the rules again. I’m curious.. would you consider the Stevens on Lindros hit hit a blindside hit? It was incredibly devistating. It was an east/west hit, but the players were basically going head on towards each other… Lindros cut across the ice and skated directly towards Stevens for a bit (not long, granted, but he was skating that way) when Stevens nailed him. The problem was that Lindros had his head down in this case.

    So yah, what’s the problem with those hits? (The Horton and the Lindros types) Definitely players have to keep their heads up, for sure. No doubt about it. But it’s also got to be embedded in players heads too (like the stop sign on the back of young players to prevent hitting from behind) that nailing a guy that can’t see it coming is a no-no.

    I admit, I could see those kinds of hits all day. But I do hate too that they usually come with a big consequence (the receiving player being injured pretty badly).

    It sounds like the league is on the same page as what I said.. (or the GMs are). From what I understand, the majority would like the verbiage changed to not just be blindside hits but also encompass the “unsuspecting” hits. Let’s face it, they’re just as dangerous. They can very easily end careers too or, at the very least, seasons.

    As for the body positioning thing, fully aware of this rule (i.e. what is interference and what isn’t).. bang on. But I think when people talk about late hits, they’re obviously talking about hits where the player isn’t just standing on “their ice”. The late hits that people hate are the ones like Chara’s (where he laterally moved and steered Pacioretty towards the stanchion) and Rome’s (where, as you noted, he skated forward and stood up Horton and the blueline).

    For me the big issue is any hit that a receiving-end player can’t probably defend himself from (so, blindside.. head down… hit from behind..). The league needs to make a rule to prevent each of those. Blindside and head down (i.e. “unsuspecting hits”) can all fall under one rule, but sure, yes, the severity can be different.

    It’s tough though… really, you start doing that, and you allow guys to walk in unharmed into the defensive zone too, which in no way is good either. So it’s a tough thing to really enforce. I just hate seeing guys careers cut short. A lot of the onus definitely needs to be on the hit-ee though, for sure.


  7. Grass&sOIL says:

    BTW in case you missed it tonight here is today’s “Coaches Corner” If you are into this whole head shot/gear debate I strongly recommend watching.

    *3:40 mark they start talking about the gear

    *look at the shoulder pads at the 4:15 mark, are you freaking kidding me???

    This past few weeks Don has been real good. I don’t think I recall hearing Don make as much sense as he has and sound so rational. For some reason I think this may be his last year on HNIC(doesn’t want to leave on a controversial note????).

  8. Grass&sOIL says:

    I just wanna add that I have my own selfish reason for wanting the gear changed. Now I don’t like seeing players getting injured but my main reasoning for changing the gear is so big hits can be kept in the game without players careers being in jeopardy.

    I am in shock about those shoulder pads at the 4:15 mark of the above “Coaches Corner” video. They look like something that belongs in a Transformers movie. I didn’t think that they had gotten that bad. If Steven’s had been using those pads when he hit Lindros then Lindros would be dead.

  9. chucker says:

    Grass&sOIL: I just wanna add that I have my own selfish reason for wanting the gear changed. Now I don’t like seeing players getting injured but my main reasoning for changing the gear is so big hits can be kept in the game without players careers being in jeopardy. I am in shock about those shoulder pads at the 4:15 mark of the above “Coaches Corner” video. They look like something that belongs in a Transformers movie. I didn’t think that they had gotten that bad. If Steven’s had been using those pads when he hit Lindros then Lindros would be dead.

    I don’t think that’s selfish as I believe the league would want the same outcome. Somebody has to start listening to the obvious. Thanksfully, Shannahan’s shoulderpads are the same ones he’s had since about age 16. They are like Coffey’s old ones. Basically some stitched together padding and velcro. None of this armor the players wear now.

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