Oilers Remaining Picks

By , June 25, 2011 12:45 pm

Here are some scouting reports for the Oilers remaining picks:

David Musil – 31


Bruins 2011 Draft Watch: Another disappointing player who came into the year with such high expectations but failed to deliver. With Musil, it is more about the fact that he looks like a safe defender but nowhere near the high-upside guy he looked like several years ago when he burst onto the scene in the various international tournaments as a 15-year-old.
The Scouting Report: Going into the season, Musil was looked upon as a potential lotto pick although it didn’t look like he had the offense to support such a pick.


Bruins 2011 Draft Watch: Of course, go back to his CHL Top Prospects Game performance and he looked very good- like the top pick he was projected to be and even fought Duncan Siemens to a draw
The Scouting Report: Like his dad, Musil is a steady defender having very good size and strength, while being good at taking care of his own end. While Musil may be one of the best defensive defensemen available in the draft this year, he needs to work on improving his quickness.


Bruins 2011 Draft Watch: Another aspect of Musil’s game we have heard troubling things about is with the intensity and desire- some NHL evaluators have said that he is the product of hockey coming very easy to him early on and the natural physical advantage he enjoyed at a younger age. Now, his peers are catching up to him and surpassing him, and he’s not consistently bringing the kind of intensity you want
The Scouting Report: His slow acceleration and top end speed make him vulnerable during puck retrieval plays, as well as his ability to contain the fastest players in the league.


Steve-O: Can’t find anything specific, but from just the text I’ve read looks like he could be as good as a 3/4 guy if everything works out. More likely a bottom pairing guy.

Samu Perhonen – 62


Bruins 2011 Draft Watch: One NHL scout very familiar with him oozed about his technical excellence, mental toughness and mature game despite being a few days short of 18.


He was predicted to be one of the top two goalies to go, so I guess he’s got that working out for him but it was considered a weak draft for goalies.

Travis Ewanyk – 74


2011 Bruins Draft Watch: Edmonton’s Travis Ewanyk, on the other hand, is trending upward as a big kid and decent skater who plays a power game. He’s in Germany for the U18 tournament and could raise his stock even more after a 16 goal, 27-point season.
The Scouting Report: Ewanyk is a good skater and has the intelligence and grit needed to play against top offensive players. While his offensive upside may be a lower than many top picks, Ewanyk’s play without the puck will have him in consideration to be a higher pick than his modest numbers (27 points in 72 games) would suggest.

Dillon Simpson – 92


Bruins 2011 Draft Watch: He’s a work in progress who has some soft hands and hockey sense, but isn’t a great skater. He’s slow out of the blocks and needs to work on his stride to get the most out of his movement.
The Scouting Report: He has some decent ability and is a fairly smart defenseman but will need to really improve his skating if he wants to be a legitimate NHL prospect. He will have some time to develop over the next few years and should be well worth a 3rd round pick to see if he can improve on those deficiencies.

Tobias Reider – 114


Bruins 2011 Draft Watch: He’s probably going to drop come draft day, but the team that gets him could have themselves a very nice player with upside given his desire and willingness to do what it takes to succeed.

Martin Gernat – 122


Bruins 2011 Draft Watch: Gernat is 6-4, but lacks the weight and strength to be all that effective physically right now, but sees the ice well and plays a strong positional game.

Frans Tuohimaa – 182


He was ranked the 6th International Goalie. That’s all I could find on this kid. I’m not even 100% sure that pic is him.

Finally, I can’t stress how awesome the Bruins 2011 draft watch blog is…best scouting reports on the internet a lot of the time. Kudo’s gents.

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  1. Steve-O says:

    And with that I’m done for the weekend.

  2. Racki says:

    Never did comment on this, but good stuff, Steve-O. Surprised me to see these scouting reports. Apparently all I have to do to get some help around here is disappear for a bit! 😛

    Not sure there is much to work with here, although I’m interested in if this Ewanyk feller can play hockey (in addition to his apparently ability to throw hands).

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