Winnipeg sells 13,000 seasons seats (for 3-5 years) and maxes waiting list

By , June 4, 2011 3:10 pm
Break out the white towels (in a good way)

Break out the white towels (in a good way)

Congratulations to the Winnipeg Whatchamajiggers!!! WinnipegtoniansWinnipegitesWinnipegg-ee-ons… citizens of Winnipeg came up big, reaching the target of 13,000 seasons tickets sold… and these all come with commitments between three and five years. They also maxed out their waiting list (8,000).

I have defended Gary Bettman in the past, but I have to give him the middle finger for his comments earlier about it “not working there unless they sell tickets” when the same should be said about other floundering teams. It’s obvious that this was overdue. Good on the city of Winnipeg for coming up huge and selling out all their target seasons tickets. For now, I love you, but I look forward to hating your team!

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