Oilers 2010/11 Quarter 4 Review

By , May 11, 2011 10:48 am
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As per usual, we’re behind schedule with the quarterly report card for the Oilers (this might be a record). The interest in such a post has probably waned quite a bit, given that the Oilers’ season has been over for a month now. But here it is, nonetheless…

A – Awesome
B – Above Average
C – Average
D – Booooooooo
F – Useless/Trade/Fire


Player Pos GP G A P +/- PIM
Ales Hemsky R 3 1 0 1 1 4
Racki I guess he was smart to dodge this quarter. He only played 3 games, so I don’t feel a rating is really deserved here. n/a
Steve-O Um, best player we had this quarter? A+
Trogdor Played well when he was in, but not much to go on. B+
Alexandre Giroux L 8 1 1 2 -2 2
Racki In over his head, but he does have some good hands. C-
Steve-O Looks slow out there, but you can see how he scores a bunch in the AHL C
Trogdor Decent, but once again can’t make the transition. C-
Andrew Cogliano C 21 2 8 10 -6 13
Racki I thought he actually improved in this quarter. He was one of the better players. Still a disaster on faceoffs. B
Steve-O Needs to work on his faceoffs (actually, I’m not sure how they look in just this quarter) but he seems to be embracing the 3rd line center role, and should he grow into that then he might solve all sorts of problems we have internally. B
Trogdor I’ve felt Cogs did well pretty much every quarter.  One of the few with some consistency on the team this year. B
Chris VandeVelde C 12 0 2 2 -6 12
Racki He appeared to play pretty strong. Pretty decent at faceoffs, although if I recall, he petered out near the end. But he did win one vs. Jarret Stoll.. Wooot. B-
Steve-O Needs to show Cogliano some tips on the dot.  Came in late, didn’t look out of place (probably because we were an AHL team at that point). C
Trogdor Got some games as no one else was fit.  Did alright.  Poor OKC, we pilfered them. C
Colin Fraser C 11 1 0 1 -2 2
Racki Slight improvement here. Still a redundant, useless player. Not anywhere strong enough to be considered a physical presence. Not even a slight sign of offensive ability in him. His defensive abilities are OK at best. D
Steve-O Hurt for a bunch of the final games, but showing pretty well defensively.  Isn’t going to score shit, but not being lit up against either. C
Trogdor As is said, mediocre player on a mediocre team.  We need more talent through the lines. C-
Gilbert Brule C 7 1 0 1 0 8
Racki Health issues are destroying his career. I wonder if he will retire early because of them. Anyways, he played pretty physical during his short tenure, and looked more like the Brule we’re used to. B
Steve-O Don’t know what’s up with him, but he has the worst luck of anyone I’ve seen.  I’d have to say he’s the best hitter on the team when he plays even being as small as he is. C+
Trogdor Played with fire when he was in.  Too bad he’s rarely in. C+
Jean-Francois Jacques L 17 1 0 1 -6 23
Racki Still hard to defend him. I think this was a more physical quarter, but I can’t say I’m really of the belief that we HAVE to keep him anymore. Replacable. D
Steve-O Waste of a roster spot.  Although he looked good for all of 10 seconds taking apart Glass in that one fight…so there is that for Racki. F
Trogdor Too many guys fighting for the same roster spot.  On a healthy team, he’s expendable. D
Jordan Eberle R 21 4 6 10 -11 12
Racki Definitely better with Hall than without. But still probably the best player in this quarter. A-
Steve-O Points started to dry up I think once he became the only offensive weapon the Oilers had, but was still putting them up. B
Trogdor Really thought he’d have a chance at the Calder, but after being hurt, then coming back and everyone else being hurt, that chance dried up quick. B
Liam Reddox L 20 1 2 3 -8 20
Racki I used to really like him, but he screams career AHLer to me now. Good work ethic, but it means nothing if the results aren’t there. C
Steve-O Motor doesn’t quit on this guy, and nice to see him finally pot a goal at the end there.  Don’t think he has a spot on this team, so it might be worth letting him look around elsewhere in the league to see if he can find a spot. C+
Trogdor Plays with heart nightly, but sadly it doesn’t rub off and never really paid off.  The experiment is over once the lineup is healthy. C+
Linus Omark L 20 2 9 11 -5 12
Racki Such a battler in the offensive zone. I admit, he has surprised me, even though I had high expectations. I still feel he may be too much of an individual out there. But that’s fine. He’s a hard worker. B
Steve-O Good player.  Tough to knock off the puck, and that flip it over the net shit vs. Vancouver was awesome. B+
Trogdor Boy certainly has skills and is strong on the puck.  Draws penalties like Forsberg used too with his strong legs, except with Forsberg the refs actually made the calls. B+
Magnus Paajarvi L 21 5 5 10 -11 4
Racki One of the better players this quarter… tried his best to carry the offense when there was no one else really around to do it. B+
Steve-O Got better this season as he started to get a more offensive role.  Earlier in the year was forced down the lineup due to Hall and Eberle getting the prime mins, but with injury had a chance to show his talent and did for the most part.  Still doesn’t like getting hit. B
Trogdor Took a season, but he’s adjusting to the style and physicality of the NHL.  Should do well next year B+
Ryan Jones L 21 5 2 7 -3 15
Racki Well, I sort of agree with Steve-O on this, but I take a different approach on the second half of his point… I just hope that Tambellini doesn’t let him walk for small difference in contract money. Made a pretty good impact here and can play on almost any line. B+
Steve-O The new man-crush (and possible lady-crush) for most Oiler fans, plays a pretty decent game.  I just hope that Tambellini doesn’t overpay for one good year…let him prove he can do it again and then pay him. B-
Trogdor Certainly a fan fave with his playing style.  Nice to have a versatile forward on the team and the hair… OMG! B+
Ryan O’Marra C 12 0 2 2 -2 11
Racki He exists on the ice, as far as I can see. Like Steve-O said… kind of invisible… which can be good and can be bad. C-
Steve-O Not a defensive liability.  Nothing offensively either. C
Trogdor Not much to go on as the other two have said.  A good call up if he had no glaring mistakes to remember. C
Sam Gagner C 7 2 3 5 -3 2
Racki I don’t think he took the step up that I thought he would this year. But he was fairly consistent. You know what to expect from him. B
Steve-O Emo. (also, he’s a good player) B
Trogdor Did well in the few games he had for the quarter.  Bonus points for not crying when someone slit his wrist with a skate. B+
Shawn Horcoff C 9 1 2 3 -2 4
Racki Also a guy from whom you know what you are getting. He’s shown to be a big factor in ushering these kids along. B
Steve-O Typical good ol’ steady Horcoff.  Great defensively and still gets a few points. C+
Trogdor Played his brand of hockey, so no complaints. B
Steve MacIntyre L 16 0 0 0 -1 44
Racki Well, I finally saw him go apeshit… something I’d been hoping for all year. It was after a minor hit on Paajarvi versus Minnesota, but still it was good to see him stand up for a player and just go crazy. It’s hard to really know if he just doesn’t have it in him, or if Tom Renney has emasculated him.

Several of us have said that in order for him to be effective, he has to be given free reign to throw down with anyone and take a suspension. That means a bump in salary to compensate for all that money he could lose. I feel sorry for the guy, as it’s pretty hard for that kind of player to survive in the league anymore. But I think it can work if he is given the freedom of pay to do so, and can develop a mad-man name for himself.

Steve-O Didn’t show well until the last game, then finally did what I had wanted him to do all year. C-
Trogdor He’s a goon that doesn’t get to play as a goon, nice to see him fill his role at least once though.  Don’t know if it’s him or management, but I’m thinking management is throttling him back. C-
Taylor Hall L 4 1 1 2 -3 11
Racki Obviously it was a bad decision for him to fight. I don’t think 4 games is enough to really rate a player, so I’ll take the easy way out… but it’s pretty obvious how much his presence was missed. n/a
Steve-O Maybe he’ll keep the gloves on from now on. B-
Trogdor I’ll go the opposite route and say good on ya mate!  No one else was sticking up for him and he was targeted nightly, so why not drop the gloves and make people think twice.  Maybe take some boxing lessons in the off season though, and shitty to fall awkwardly and hurt the leg, but I still think it was the right thing to do. B
Teemu Hartikainen C 12 3 2 5 -3 4
Racki Some will be a bit stunned by the rating I’m giving him, but I’m ranking these guys based on what I would expect from a player in their role. I Really didn’t expect him to be anywhere near this good at this early of his career. I’m bordering way too much on “man crush”, but he really was one of the better players each night I thought. He brings something in his game that we are sorely lacking… aggression with skill. He has a great nose for the net and can also play that Holmstrom / Smyth style. I think he will likely stay on the NHL roster after camp next season. A-
Steve-O Good player.  I like that he actually hits. C+
Trogdor Didn’t see him a lot, but like that we have someone with size who drives the net.  Will certainly fill a need in the roster next season. B


Player Pos GP G A P +/- PIM
Alex Plante D 3 0 0 0 -2 11
Racki Didn’t play long enough. Appears to be a fairly incapable fighter, which could be due to age… but it’s definitely not his strong point yet. I thought in his brief stint here he took a small step back. But it was only 3 games… therefore… n/a rating. n/a
Steve-O He is Alex Plante. Yup. n/a
Trogdor Ditto n/a
Jason Strudwick D 20 0 2 2 -8 12
Racki I think he was a little better this quarter. I didn’t want to have to see him on the ice at all, but injuries forced that to happen. Anyways, I am hoping that he isn’t returning to the Oilers playing roster. I could handle him as a player coach, given his attitude. But really we need to move forward on the blueline. Way forward. D
Steve-O Right up there on my shit-list with JFJ F
Trogdor Started to throw a few here and there but otherwise expendable. D+
Jeff Petry D 14 0 2 2 -8 4
Racki He is still finding his comfort zone. Some times he looks like the poised d-man you expect him to be, other times the puck is a grenade on his stick. This all comes with being a young defenseman. He’ll get past it in time. C
Steve-O Played well.  Had some lapses but to be expected for a young player. C
Trogdor I’ll go with the flow and give and average as well.  Decent but not great. C
Jim Vandermeer D 21 1 4 5 -20 28
Racki Defensively he regressed, in my opinion. I’m not just looking at the stats (that plus minus is ugly though). I thought he made some big errors on the ice this quarter. That said, I hope we re-sign him. But this quarter coulda-shoulda been better. C
Steve-O I’m completely biased due to his fights. B
Trogdor He picked up his physical game, but with that +/- it seems like he can only focus on one facet of the game at a time. C
Kurtis Foster D 17 3 3 6 -8 8
Racki Still a liability. His offensive abilities should be a lot better, and as they are, they don’t even remotely come close to making up for his deficiencies in his own zone. C-
Steve-O Started to see the offense he was signed for.  Still not a terrible contract if he could be fit into a PP specialist. C-
Trogdor Hit the net  a few times! C
Ladislav Smid D 21 0 1 1 0 15
Racki I think this quarter was his coming out party. He was a rock on the blue line. In true “stay-at-home” defenseman style though, it was pretty unheralded. Eventually everything will all come together. B+
Steve-O Good player.  Will be a steady 2nd pairing guy for a few years I would think. C+
Trogdor Never any complaints about Smid.  Only reliable guy on D we have. B
Richard Petiot D 2 0 0 0 1 2
Racki Didn’t see him enough this year. No real stand out game here, but that is just as good as it could be bad. Doesn’t make too many errors defensively. n/a
Steve-O Seemed OK.  More of an AHL depth player. C-
Taylor Chorney D 2 0 0 0 -1 0
Racki Just as he was looking to be a much improved d-man, he goes down to injury. Only played 2 games, so no rating for him. n/a
Steve-O Hurt I think for most of this quarter. C-
Theo Peckham D 13 0 1 1 1 60
Racki I hear guys talking now about how he’s lost his fighting ability. Yeesh. Too soon for that. Horton landed a really good shot in that fight between them. Protect yourself at all times, as they say. Anyways, aside from the fighting, he was his usual self. Too bad he got hurt. But I think he was decent, all around. B
Steve-O Good player.  No more fighting Horton though.  He can go after that Wild player all he wants though. B-
Trogdor Loses a point for getting his bell rung, but up there with Smid for getting what’s advertised night in/night out. B-
Tom Gilbert D 18 1 4 5 -1 8
Racki I beg to differ with Steve-O on him not being a liability in his own zone. I think he is. However, I would say too that I think he’s a very good shot blocker. Probably the best on the team (and no, it’s not just a case of pucks randomly hitting him, believe it or not… :P). I think the problem with Tom Gilbert isn’t so much Tom Gilbert. It’s a case of the old addage of trying to force a square peg into a round hole. He needs to be paired with a solid defensive defenceman (Peckham is/was a good pairing), and have his minutes dialed back severely. Forget that he is paid $4M / year. Just use him how he would be most effective. That means more offensive duties and much less defensive duties. For the record, I also don’t hate him. In this case, I hate how he has to be used due to lack of other options. B-
Steve-O I like him.  Everyone else still hates him though.  Can’t figure out why though, he plays a crap-load of mins, can put up points (although that has been disappointing this year) and isn’t a liability in his own zone.  Also plays against the other teams toughest lines.  But nevermind, your all right and he’s the shittiest player in the history of the Oilers. B
Trogdor Need more output, but that could be said of the entire team… B-


Devan Dubnyk 12 724 4 6 2 381 31 2.57 0.919 1
Racki Similar to how I rated Hartikainen, I’m giving him a high rating based on the merit that he outperformed my expectations by quite a bit.  It’s unbelievable that he allowed almost the same amount of goals against this quarter as Khabibulin did… yet he played 4 more games! He had 144 more shots against! 1 more goal allowed, but on 144 more shots? That’s ridiculous. I don’t know if they’re using Khabibulin’s awfulness to try and build up Dubnyk’s reputation of being a solid goaltender… but it’s working. Compared to Khabibulin, Dubnyk looks like Tretiak. A-
Steve-O Too bad for those last couple losses, or he could have finished at .500 (well, the new loser point .500, so really something like .350…which would still be better than that other asshat they had in net).  Plays well, gets big, HUGE save against Calgary.  I think he at least solves 50% of our goaltending problem (either he’ll be a competent backup or could be a decent starter). B-
Trogdor Good numbers, but not support on offence.  With another #1 pick next year he should get a couple more wins. B-
Martin Gerber 1 65 1 0 0 35 1 0.92 0.971 0
Racki As usual, he sneaks a game in and is fantastic. If only the NHL season schedule was built like the CFL schedule…. n/a
Steve-O Should have been given the other half of the games instead of the MVP. B-
Trogdor Pretty damn good win percentage, not enough starts though due to Khabi not hurting himself. n/a
Nikolai Khabibulin 8 483 0 6 2 237 30 3.73 0.873 0
Racki Absolutely useless. Worst quarter of all. How does he still continually get the starts? This is a big slap in the face to Dubnyk who has been solid all year. F—
Steve-O Fuck him. F
Trogdor Go Roli!  Win a cup so we can flush management. F


Team As A Whole
(GP 21, W5-L12-O4, GF37 , GA66 )
Review Rating
Racki I am rating the team as a whole higher than expected because really, this team had far too many AHLers. Several of them outperformed expectations, but you also can’t expect much from such a young group. C
Steve-O This team is an AHL team. D
Trogdor They were down, and they were out…  Got a look at some future players that will stick though, so that was comforting.  No playoffs next year if we endure any kind of injury streak again. D
Coaching Review Rating
Racki I not only really like Tom Renney, but I’ve grown to really like Ralph Kreuger from watching the bits and pieces of online videos as well as the Oil Change videos. Both are very good for a young team that was destined for disaster from the start. B+
Steve-O I’m actually pretty happy with Renney.  Not sure why they like the Oiler alum’s for assistants but Renney is doing well. B
Trogdor Too nice.  They work well with the young guys but need to send the Smac out to engage instead of having him skate around and take a hooking call. C
Management Review Rating
Racki Hmm… the jury is still out on the Penner deal, although I think keeping him would have been better. Aside from that, did he do anything this quarter? He continued to steer the ship into the iceberg. That’s about it. D
Steve-O Still haven’t been convinced he’s competent. Should have held onto Penner (although now it looks like a steal for us, some players just play well on certain teams…he would have put up points for us) D
Trogdor Did everything they could to secure 1st pick again!  Which was nothing other than trading away an asset.  Be nice if whatever his name is works out, but for now it seems like a poor trade.  Kings might be thinking the same though. D-

7 Responses to “Oilers 2010/11 Quarter 4 Review”

  1. Racki says:

    We are way far behind on this, mainly because Trogdor had to evade the cops for a month, but alas, here it is..

  2. chucker says:

    Colin Fraser must go. F from me. What makes it worse is that Tambi has one more year on his contract. Should have been a one year deal.

    We better go out and sign Fasth. I will be pissed if we go into this year without more options in goal.

  3. Racki says:

    I agree. The ratings were all based on quarter though, BTW.. on the whole, I would also give him an F. I think he has added nothing to the team, and if anything, taken a spot from someone who would have more of an impact.

    Other people in my doghouse include Khabibulin (duh) and Foster.. and some others.

    But that will all be mentioned in an upcoming topic (Very soon) called “Keep/Drop/Demote” in which Steve-O and I mention who we can see as having a future here and who we don’t.

  4. chucker says:

    I look forward to it. 😀

  5. neufab says:

    Extra appreciation goes to Cogliano as being the only guy on the team to play 82 NHL games – four years running.

    Of the AHL’ers, I was impressed by Petry and Hartikainen. Both were more effective than some of the familiar faces. It’s nice to see that the Oilers finally have a few guys on the farm that can actually play.

  6. NorwegianOiler says:

    Colin Fraser must go.F from me.What makes it worse is that Tambi has one more year on his contract.Should have been a one year deal.

    We better go out and sign Fasth.I will be pissed if we go into this year without more options in goal.

    I agree that Fraser has contributed with jack all. However, I think signing him to a two year deal (or more) was inevitable – given that the Oilers gave up a pick (albeit a low one) to get him. Potentially, he could have done well and simply left. Signing a traded-for player to a one year deal would look like we had little faith in him from the beginning. Right now, however, I’d like for that 1 year remaining to be gone.

  7. Racki says:

    I’m wondering if the Oilers place him on waivers before the season starts.

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