Monday Morning Standings – Stanley Cup Finals

By , May 31, 2011 4:29 pm

I watched a bunch of tennis on the have no idea how difficult it was to find a pic where they didn't have a stupid look on their face.

Well, the third round is done and the Canucks are still in this…which sucks for me. That organization just makes me upset, with their fans being douches (granted, not all of them but it’s been noticed that most other teams fans cheer “Lets go home team” and they cheer “Visiting team sucks”), their management are a bunch of whiny bitches and Kesler keeps diving.

Anyway, its going to be Vancouver vs. Boston and I hope the Bruins lay a pounding on them. I’m calling Bruins in 6 (please please please).

Oilers signed Jones. Much rejoicing was had by the fans. Although his above average shooting percentage worries me, I’m pretty happy with the deal.

Winnipeg now has a NHL team again. Edmonton no longer is the shittiest city to live in.

St. John Sea Dogs won the memorial cup, with Huberdeau winning the tourney MVP. Congrats to them.

AHL Calder cup is still underway, with the Houston Areos and the Binghamton Senators tied 1 – 1.

As for the pools, I’d place the results in here but work has deemed all fantasy sports to be gambling and therefore off limits. So either someone can post the results in the comments, or I’ll try to do it later tonight.

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