2011 – Keep / Drop / Demote

By , May 18, 2011 10:12 am
Taking out the trash...

Taking out the trash...

Steve-O and I have gone through all the players on this team, including guys who had a short stint with the NHL club this year, such as Teemu Hartikainen. We did a write up on the players we felt we should keep, those that should be demoted for the farm club (for at least some “seasoning”), and those that we felt should be turfed altogether. We encourage any of you to do the same in the comments… here is what we came up with:


Pos Player Contract Status GP
R Ales Hemsky Signed 47
Racki Keep One of the core players of this team… perhaps that is soon changing, but not yet. With all the young blood here, will need him for at least a good part of next year. Plus, he is happy to be here. He takes pressure off of the young players by being a guy that the team should be able to rely on.
Steve-O Keep Best players we’ve got
R Jordan Eberle Signed 66
Racki Keep One of few bright spots this entire year, he’s definitely NHL ready already. I think he’ll struggle a bit next year, but we’ve made our choice and should stick by it.
Steve-O Keep NHL player…we need more of those.
R Zack Stortini RFA 32
Racki Drop/Demote Pains me to say it a bit, because I like him. But under Renney he seems to have no use. Quality guy, and you get a good effort from him most nights, but I think it might be time to fill out this team with proper role players. Guys we can lean on for PK, for example.
Steve-O Drop Although I have no idea who Racki will put on gamedays
L Alexandre Giroux UFA 8
Racki Demote I’m hoping he will want to return to the Barons next year. I know he has had dreams of playing in the NHL, but it won’t happen with this team (or the majority of NHL teams). However, the guy is a stellar AHLer and could stand to make some good coin there should he stick with us.
Steve-O Demote He’s an AHL player. Decent callup but put him in OKC unless he wants to try another team.
L Jean-Francois Jacques RFA 48
Racki Drop/Demote This goes along with what I said about Stortini. His time is up here.
Steve-O Drop I don’t even want him on the AHL team.
L Liam Reddox RFA 41
Racki Demote He’ll have to clear waivers. However, while he’s a great farm hand, I’d say he’s still a marginal NHLer right now. Has all the heart he needs, but the skills at the NHL level just aren’t there… yet, anyways.
Steve-O Demote He’s an AHL player. Decent callup but put him in OKC unless he wants to try another team.
L Linus Omark Signed 48
Racki Keep Pros: Dynamic, strong on the puck, creative, highly skilled. Cons: awkward as f— interviewee and pisses off other teams veterans. I will definitely accept his flaws to keep him here. He plays like he’s 6’1 and has great skills. One day I think this kid will be a hell of a hockey player. He’s already earned a spot on the NHL roster, in my opinion. Wouldn’t hurt to see more AHL time if need be.. but I’d be fine to keep him.
Steve-O Keep Another NHL player, the kind that we need to keep if we wish to see this team compete with other NHL teams
L Magnus Paajarvi Signed 77
Racki Keep The rookie with the least amount of results of our big 3, but I think he’s been coming on stronger with the injury to Hall. Really, we’ve committed to him, like Hall/Eberle… so he isn’t going anywhere.
Steve-O Keep Needs to be put into more of an offensive role as he showed at the end of the year.
L Ryan Jones UFA 78
Racki Keep Get this guy signed. He’s a guy that can be moved up and down the line up and be effective. He also has a great attitude… love by teammates and fans alike. This is someone you want on the team. Don’t overspend on him… but they should try hard to retain his services.
Steve-O Keep I’m not as shit-blasted as the rest of you on this Jones kool-aid, however he would be a good forth line player.
L Steve MacIntyre UFA 31
Racki Drop Renney has made him obsolete. Either Renney or MacIntyre haven’t figured out how he has to play to be effective. He has to make guys come to him, since he can’t go to them and get a fight. What I mean is he has to border on playing dirty. He also needs help of his teammates (looking at you Stortini) to NOT accept fights from guys who should be fighting MacIntyre. And also, if we do retain him, he should probably get a “Boogard” raise… money that will allow him to be suspended now and then. Otherwise, if these things aren’t possible, I say we drop him.
Steve-O Demote Keep him in the AHL and bring him up to scrap the one or two players in the league that’s willing to fight him.
L Taylor Hall Signed 65
Racki Keep Duh?
Steve-O Keep Could be great trade-bait
C Andrew Cogliano RFA 79
Racki Drop I really like Cogliano, but I think there are very few opportunities to free up roster spots for the new wave of young players, as well as some key signings we should make. He should be exchanged (although not necessarily in the same deal) for a veteran faceoff/PKer.
Steve-O Keep Seems to be fitting into the 3rd line center that we need, just needs to bone up on the faceoffs
C Chris VandeVelde Signed 9
Racki Demote Not ready for the big time just yet. I think he will be one day, but he should start the season in OKC. He might be one of those faceoff/pk centremen we are looking for though, so perhaps if we move Cogliano he could slot into that center spot.
Steve-O Demote Will be the future 3rd or 4th line center
C Colin Fraser Signed 67
Racki Drop Pretty much played himself off the team. Unfortunately doesn’t bring the things some (myself included) thought he would.
Steve-O Drop Replaced by kids
C Gilbert Brule Signed 41
Racki Drop He could be a factor on this team, but unfortunately it looks like he’s running into health issues of Pisani proportions. It might seem cold to say, but I’d cut him loose if we could. I don’t think we can though.
Steve-O Keep Lets see if he stays healthy. If he is then maybe trade him, but when he’s on he can play in this league and we need players that can do that.
C Ryan O’Marra RFA 18
Racki Demote Faceoffs are still an issue. Not sure he can be relied upon on the PK just yet. Needs some work.
Steve-O Demote Let him practice, although he’s reaching the end of the line. Could force his way onto the 4th line with a good camp
C Sam Gagner Signed 68
Racki Keep One of the core group, depending on who you ask… but since I’m answering, he’s part of the core group.
Steve-O Keep 2nd line center
C Shawn Horcoff Signed 47
Racki Keep We need veteran players here. Is he overpaid? Quite likely… but right now it doesn’t matter so much. He plays really well with Hall and Eberle too and allows them to make mistakes. He was one of our better players this year.
Steve-O Keep Best center we have
C Teemu Hartikainen Signed 9
Racki Keep He has NHL size and uses it well. In his short stint up here, he adjusted incredibly fast. If the Oilers pick up several UFA forwards, then sure, send him down. Otherwise he can be a good help here on the 2nd or 3rd line.
Steve-O Keep/Demote I’d like him on the team but I can’t remember how many people I said to keep so there just might not be room. Plus we have a bunch of other kids coming up.


Pos Player Contract Status GP
D Alex Plante Signed 3
Racki Demote Didn’t have too strong a showing here. He’s got promise, however for whatever reason he also seems to be struggling in the AHL (from what I hear). Will need some more time there.
Steve-O Demote Another year in the A
D Jason Strudwick UFA 40
Racki Drop There was talk on the weekend about how he would make a great coach by either or both of Louie DeBrusk and Kevin Quinn. I wonder if it was a bit of foreshadowing. I think it is in the cards, even as soon as next year.
Steve-O Drop Not a player
D Jeff Petry Signed 32
Racki Demote He’s been all over the map. One shift you think he’s showing that he’s a solid, very poised d-man, next shift he makes a silly mistake. These are just the signs of jitters, and inexperience. He’ll learn, and the best place to do that for now is in a top line situation in the AHL.
Steve-O Demote Another year in the A
D Jim Vandermeer UFA 59
Racki Keep I wouldn’t have pictured myself saying this at the start of the season. However, come December or so, he turned everything around and started doing everything we expected from him. Big, strong force on the blueline. Exactly what we need… or a facsimile of him.
Steve-O Keep 6-7th role player…plus he replaced MacIntyre as he’s more in the weight class of the other league fighters and he can hold his own.
D Kurtis Foster Signed 71
Racki Drop It’s unlikely he’ll be moved, but he’s a guy I would try and dump off on a team. If his offense was there, it would make up for the amount of defensive blunders he makes… but sadly, it’s not.
Steve-O Keep/Demote I think the offense was coming, and we need some D (unless one of the kids forces him out)
D Ladislav Smid RFA 75
Racki Keep He is starting to come into his own now and becoming that defenseman we hoped he would become. He’ll be one of our physical, shut down d-man here for the next few years.
Steve-O Keep Great 2nd pairing guy
D Richard Petiot UFA 2
Racki Demote He is destined to stay in the AHL, except on a call-up basis.
Steve-O Demote AHL player
D Ryan Whitney Signed 35
Racki Keep Our best defensemen up until he was injured. Had a VERY shakey start which seemed to go unnoticed by most fans though, due to his ability to amass assists. But he seemed to hit his stride 15-20 games in.
Steve-O Keep Agree with Racki on the shakey start, but he’s a top pairing guy
D Taylor Chorney RFA 10
Racki Demote Needs some seasoning in the AHL, but I think he showed great progress in his last call-up before getting hurt. Could be the mobile-defenseman we need here.
Steve-O Demote Another year in the A
D Theo Peckham RFA 68
Racki Keep Rock solid defensive d-man. Not without his flaws, but he plays a very physical brand of hockey, which I always loved. Could eventually sneak in our top 4, but at any rate, he’s what our defensive group needs.
Steve-O Keep Good player, will be a great 3rd pairing guy and a good 2nd pairing guy.
D Tom Gilbert Signed 78
Racki Drop He could be kept if Tom Renney is able to use him in a completely offensive role (i.e. we manage to get some other defensive-minded d-men in here to take care of business). However, I like Lowetide’s take on moving him and Smid out for a bigger name d-man (although I do want to keep Smid though).
Steve-O Keep Him and Whitney are our best defensemen.


Pos Player Contract Status GP
G Nikolai Khabibulin Signed 45
Racki Drop This one is obvious. He’s awful in net. I don’t buy what Renney, Tambellini, et al. are selling in regards to him being not just our MVP, but a guy who will have a bounceback year next year. Really, he’s a train wreck. I’m not so sure his compete level will be as high since he’s nearing retirement. The thing is, the Oilers love his attitude. So, he’s the Jason Strudwick of our net.
Steve-O Drop Can’t drop him fast enough. Jail, buyout, bury his contract…I don’t really give a shit which one is used, just do it
G Devan Dubnyk Signed 34
Racki Keep Much better than Khabibulin. Not that this is difficult. He impressed me a lot this season though. I have never been sold on him, but I think last season he changed that for me.
Steve-O Keep Sovles 50% of our goaltending problem. Will be a good backup, potential to be starter
G Martin Gerber UFA 3
Racki Keep This is unlikely, but if we could demote/drop Khabibulin, I’d be content in having Gerber here instead. But he’ll likely be in OKC again, if the Oilers even manage to re-sign him.
Steve-O Keep Replace Khabibulin with him. One or two year deal until one of the other kids pushes their way in.

19 Responses to “2011 – Keep / Drop / Demote”

  1. MetalOil says:

    Agree for the most part with all this. If we can only keep one then I pick Harti over Brule. I know the “politics” would give Brule the edge in landing a roster spot over Harti but at what point do we stop worrying about that crap and just start playing the best players? Lets also remember that since Brule is under 25 he can get bought out at 1/3 of the price with the cap hit only being $300, 000 for the next 2 seasons. I like Brule but for health reasons I think he should go to open up a roster spot for someone else(probably Harti). That or farm him out and keep him as a depth reserve as I wouldn’t necessarily rule out a bounce back season for him.

  2. zackman35 says:

    Depth Chart


    Left: Hall, Paajarvi,
    Center: Horcoff, Gagner, Cogs,
    Right: Hemsky, Eberle, Jones,

    Summary: Everyone above should be there opening night unless traded. I’m sure these guys will be a lock for a roster spot. The rest however should be fighting for a spot in training camp, hopefully ST can fill a few holes as well as everyone has mentioned countless times in other posts.

    Left: This position is left wide open in my opinion. After Pajaarvi there is a bit of a drop off, I think this is another major hole that ST needs to fill this off season. I think I would prefer to see Harti have one more year in the ‘A’ before he gets his shot however if ST fails to acquire another left winger then I could see Hartikainen having a strong shot at getting a roster spot next season. In the Free Agency I think Tambellini should look at a guy like Brooks Laich, Scottie Upshall or Micheal Ryder. Otherwise our third and forth line will have either Hartikainen/JFJ/Reddox.

    Strudwick, and Smac can be dropped. As much as I like these guys Studwick is eating up some cap space but more importantly taking away an opportunity for a younger guy to fill his roster spot. And Smac just doesn’t play enough, he’s part of a fading breed of hockey player.

    Center: There could be quite a few guys fighting for this position this up coming season, Vande-Velde, Lander, Fraser-DROP it would be more interesting if ST acquired another center like Zenon Konopka or a vet like Jason Arnott (would be nice to see him return). I have a feeling Cogs/Gags could be used as trade bait for this up coming draft and I’m kind of hoping its Cogs.

    Right: Looking down the depth chart at right wing, it’s looking pretty good. If Jones doesn’t get signed, which I really hope he does I can see Omark getting the roster spot. However I think he should go down and spend another year in the AHL before he gets a full time spot. He has insane skill however unless there is a shake-up in right wing with Hemsky, Eberle and Jones I’m not sure there’s room for Omark. Jones could get slotted down to forth line but I think he would be much more productive as a third liner. That leaves Brule and Omark fighting for a spot and maybe Storts could get another shot as well. If he worked on his agitating game at all then I would like to see him get some kind of shot, although with T-REN I doubt it. Someone who I’d like to see the Oilers sign in this position of first and formost Jonesy and maybe someone like Arron Asham.


    Left: Whitney, Smid, Peckham
    Right: Gilbert, Petry

    I wish we could drop Foster but I really don’t see how that would be possible. Bury him in the minors? Or perhaps trade for a depth pick. We have a gaping hole in our D and we need to fix it pretty bad. There are some big names on D in free agency this year and I think that the Oilers could benefit from a veteran D-man like Brewer or Hannan. I wouldn’t mind seeing some like Beiska on our blue line either. If there was anyway would get acquire Shea Weber for a long term deal without an offer sheet I hope ST would get right on that. Elite d-men are not easy to come by, it may be a long time before we see another in on Oilers silks.


    NK (DROP)

    Ever since Bryz made the comment about Winnipeg I’ve cross him off any Canadian list. I don’t know if Tambo does it as an act calling NK our MVP or what but he’s got to go. Either go for that goalie from the SEL (Faisth or something?) but I really think the Oilers should try and target Vokoun.

    The rest of the players can stay in the system, Giroux, Gerbs and Petiot can be resigned and stay in OKC and help the team out there. We have a lot of guys coming up in the system so OKC should be a booming place.

    When the Oilers select RNH and the other first rounder in this draft I would say send them back to their respective leagues for another year in development. Bring them up nice and slow, and try Hall at center for a while and see how that pans out. It will be some time before RNH puts on the muscle and strength to play in the show but when he finally arrives things could get pretty scary, in a good way I’m hoping.

  3. Steve-O says:

    Looks as though Reddox may be heading to greener pastures.

  4. chucker says:

    Not really a surprise. He was all but gone in ’09. I wish him well. There is just no room for him here anymore.

  5. Racki says:

    Well, good for him. I liked the red ox, but he’s a fourth liner. Big heart, tiny body… We will be better off filling his spot with a bigger body. Harsky will also push for a spot next year.

  6. MetalOil says:

    Our need for another penalty killing forward just got bigger. Hopefully we can find one that has some size on him so we can kill 2 birds with one stone.

  7. Racki says:

    That would be ideal. Really though, aside from Jones, or bottom line needed an overhaul anyways. I liked him, but it could be a step in the right direction, forcing tambellini’s hand a bit

  8. neufab says:

    Good analysis.
    While considering the politics involved with what would make sense, this is my 2011/12 team.

    Hall – Horcoff – Eberle
    Paajarvi – Gagner – Hemsky
    Cogliano – Brule – Jones
    Hartikainen – – Omark

    Whitney –
    Peckham – Gilbert
    Smid – Vandermeer(6/7) OR Foster(6/7) hopefully not Foster

    Dubnyk/ Gerber

    Is it a Brule OR Cogliano question or Brule AND Cogliano? I like both, yet seldom are these two players used in the capacity to which they could have the most success. Brule is the best face-off guy we’ve got. He hits hard, and has scoring ability. Cogliano has the blazing speed that is needed on the left side and a good option as the second guy in the dot. More winger wins is an overall benefit. Additionally, Cogliano grew as a more responsible forward in his own zone and again has the speed to skate with the “more elite” forwards in the league, plus he has been our healthiest player the last four years. Jones complements both guys.

    A good bio-chemist might be able to solve the Reddox/ MacIntyre/ Yanic Perrault problem for the 4th line center spot. Seriously though, as long as Gilbert and Whitney are the softest two defencemen on the team, and they add an aggressive top notch d-man to control the right side, then the size issue up front can be overcome. Also needed to create some balance is to make damn sure that the 4th line center spot is given to that physically intimidating PK/ F.O. specialist we all covet.

    The Oilers are committed to a youth movement, and so I say add those two pieces, keep the team together for at least another year and let them grow together while the same occurs in OKC. Hopefully they’ll be okay in net.

  9. zackman35 says:

    Nuefab I think your roster will probably be among the most accurate unless a trade/buyout happens.

    With that said in regards to the draft what would it look like if we draft Larsson first overall? Is he NHL ready and if he is what does it look like on our depth chart?

    Whitney –
    Larsson – Gilbert
    Smid – Vandermeer
    7th Peckham

    Or do we move everyone else up a spot if we can’t find a number one right D-man having Foster as our seventh man?

    Here’s another thought… If the Oilers don’t want to choose Larsson as their first pick do we trade down to Colorado, who very likely may take him, our first pick overall + small skilled center (cogs) for their second overall + Stastny?

  10. Racki says:

    Larsson’s a RHD, so I wouldn’t pair him with Gilbert.

    I also am still baffled why people put Peckham as an extra d-man here… I don’t get that. It’s not just you Zack, so I’m not picking on you. I am either overrating him, or we underrate him here.

    I think it would be pretty premature to place Larsson with Whitney, but that’s too bad, cause Whitney could probably really help him along. So I am not too sure where I’d put him. I think I’d either pair him with Peckham or Smid.. that way they could shoulder more of the defensive responsibilities and display the physical game (Even though Larsson brings both of those in his repertoire too).

    I’d be hesitant to put Whitney with Gilbert again too, so I’m not sure where Gilbert would fit. Jim Matheson was suggesting we trade him (iirc), which I’d be on board with. Then maybe a free agent signing might work. There is also Jeff Petry too, but I’d prefer he get more seasoning in the AHL.

    Whitney – ??? (offensive d-man acquisition?)
    Peckham – Larsson
    Smid – Vandermeer

    As for Stastny, I’d have to guess that it would take more. He would be nice to have here though.

  11. MetalOil says:

    About Larrson and drafting and developing Dmen in general:

    People often say that Drafting Dmen with top picks is a big risk because they say it usually takes years for them to start having a big impact while they adjust to the NHL game. I agree but in Larrson’s case he has been playing against men for 3 years now. That gives him a leg up on this. I mean look at Hedman who also was playing against men in the SEL. In only his 2nd year in the NHL he was playing around 28 minutes a game in the Conference Finals.

  12. Racki says:

    Yah I agree MO. And I don’t see the big deal of them taking a while to develop either. We’re not going for the Stanley Cup next year. And there might be some loyalty with a guy who spent his early years here too. I don’t see it as bad.

  13. MetalOil says:

    Agreed. Another reason I want to take Larrson is too follow in TB’s footsteps. Draft your prolific offensive weapon one top pick draft year, then grab your steady, stay at home Dman the next. Now I know we don’t have our Lecavalier or St Louis in place yet (well maybe we do have a MSL waiting in the wings) but if we did get our stud Dman then maybe it would make it easier to find these missing pieces in the FA market( whenever ST decides we are ready for them :) ) or find them in the trade market. It would probably make it easier to find someone willing to sign here.

    Everyone likes to throw the CHI and PIT comparisons around with us but I think TB is a more realistic. They are like us only a couple of years in advance or so I would like to think.

    Not saying a conference finals is in the cards for us in a few years.

  14. zackman35 says:

    I never really thought of going the TB method MO, sounds like a pretty good idea though especially if we have the chance to acquire such a D-man with that much potential. It would be nice to have a potential elite number one center but the odds aren’t looking all that great to have a lock on a center who becomes elite or a sure fire number one center even. If we do draft Larsson then we’ll have almost as many Swede’s on the roster as Detroit or Vancouver! 😛 (MPS, Omark, potentially Larsson, Lander)

    And I keep forgetting that Larsson is a RHD, for some reason I keep remembering him playing on the left side but either way if he is a RHD then it would make a lot more sense for a defense-men to play on his designated shot side. That would make it a lot easier… so the depth chart could potentially look like this assuming we draft Larsson….

    Racki’s Depth
    Whitney – ??? (offensive d-man acquisition?)
    Peckham – Larsson
    Smid – Vandermeer
    7th Foster (unless we can get rid of him then Petry?)

    I like what I see here, I would like to see Larsson get a chance to play with Whitney too though for at least a few games, I think after some experience he could handle top line minutes. I’ve heard a lot of rumours of packaging our 21’st pick with Gilbert in exchange for Columbus’s pick which I would be perfectly fine with.

    With Gilbert – it would probably be very similar, Gilbert and Whits would be paired back up.

    Without Larsson – just that much more holes to fill…

    Like MO mentioned I think Larsson would be okay playing in the NHL similar to Hedmen’s path however I wouldn’t object to the idea if he was to play in the AHL (if that is possible with any of his current contracts with the SEL).

  15. MetalOil says:

    Like MO mentioned I think Larsson would be okay playing in the NHL similar to Hedmen’s path however I wouldn’t object to the idea if he was to play in the AHL (if that is possible with any of his current contracts with the SEL).

    Yeah for sure. I would not object to some time in the “A”. I guess it would really depend on how he would feel about it and how he preformed in camp. From what I have read on him it really seems like he wants to be an NHL player so I think he would agree to that since there would be a strong possibility of him getting a call up in a short period of time. He also said that he would have no problem playing in Edmonton and that he talks with Paajarvie and Omark all the time and that they have only great things to say about Edmonton and the fans here!!!

    I also think his game is more tailored to the smaller Ice surface. He did mention that he preferred the smaller ice at the WJ’s. On the NA ice surface I could see his game taking off!!!

    Many have probably already read this but here it is anyways: http://oilers.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=563779&navid=DL

    Part of me thinks the Oilers tanked(There were some questionable choices made this year, Starting HazBeenBoozin for so many games???) because they have had Larrson on their radar for a while.

  16. Racki says:

    I don;t think I caught that article.. so thanks for that link. I love how he ended it saying that he’s talked with the Swedes here and they speak highly of Edmonton.

  17. MetalOil says:

    I don;t think I caught that article.. so thanks for that link. I love how he ended it saying that he’s talked with the Swedes here and they speak highly of Edmonton.

    It makes you want him hear even more eh?

    You know, Before reading that article I admit that I was starting to open up on RNH but after reading that article I am more Pro Larrson then ever.

    I think it is courageous that he played through the hamstring injury at the WJ’s (his stock probably would have dropped if he didn’t make the trip over and playing in the torny with that injury might be a reason his stock did end up dropping a bit too???). Hamstring injury’s are very hard to play through.

    He says all the right things:
    -“I try to learn something new every day. I’m playing with older men now, and it’s been a great experience for me to learn from them. I always watch them in practice and listen to what they have to say. They’re very smart.”
    -“It’s a different game. You have to change the way you think out there and I adapted well. I’m not too happy with how I played overall, but I thought making plays was easier, so I’m looking forward to playing on the small ice in the NHL.
    -“I want to get better at everything. I want to get better every day,”
    -“I play physical and play smart. I’m a two-way defenceman that loves to pass and make good plays, but I also take pride in my defensive game, too.”
    -“I talk with Anton Lander, Magnus Paajarvi and even Linus Omark all the time. They say great things about Edmonton and the fans there,”
    and the follows that directly with
    “I want to go first overall.”

    I don’t think we will have to worry about an attitude problem on this one!!!

    Although his points totals dipped from 4-13-17 in 2009-2010 to 1-8-9 this past season in 12 fewer games, his +/- improved from -5 to +12 in the SEL last year and being a steady, stay at home defender is the main reason I want him here anyways.

    It really boggles my mind how Larrson in not ranked number 1 right now. I wouldn’t even risk trading down to get him!!!

  18. Racki says:

    I actually have always been interested in Larsson, but what he said definitely does help. I also am interested in Couturier. God it would be so nice to have them both.

    BTW, Huberdeau’s Sea Dogs are leading 2-0 in the Mem Cup Final right now with 15:00 to go in the 2nd. Still lots of time left. Huberdeau has 1 assist so far.

  19. MetalOil says:

    I actually have always been interested in Larsson, but what he said definitely does help. I also am interested in Couturier. God it would be so nice to have them both.

    BTW, Huberdeau’s Sea Dogs are leading 2-0 in the Mem Cup Final right now with 15:00 to go in the 2nd. Still lots of time left. Huberdeau has 1 assist so far.

    Yeah I am watching too. I am high on Hub too, more so then the others like Couturier and RNH.

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