Playoff Predictorama, 2011 edition

By , April 12, 2011 10:34 am
Stock photo, yet again...

Stock photo, yet again...

OK, so first off, here is our 2010/11 regular season prediction post (along with award winners, which we’ll check back on later). Looks like we faired pretty horribly on the Oilers guesses as well as the West Conference guesses. However, we did a pretty good job on the East Conference (yayyyy?)! Again, we are Notstradamus.

Here are Steve-O’s and my predictions (Trogdor is away in some foreign country right now… hopefully still alive) for the first round of the playoffs. Feel free to add your own guesses below. As usual, winner gets bragging rights, since we’re too lame to offer real prizes (but this might be a good moment to remind you that we make commission off of purchases from the NHL Shop link!).

Anyways, without further ado, here are our savant-esque predictions for the 2011 NHL playoffs:

Series Racki Steve-O
Capitals (1) vs Rangers (8) Capitals in 6 Caps in 7
Flyers (2) vs Sabres (7) Flyers in 5 Flyers in 7
Bruins (3) vs Canadiens (6) Canadiens in 7 Bruins in 5
Penguins (4) vs Lightning (5) Penguins in 7 Lightning in 7
Canucks (1) vs Hawks (8) Hawks in 6 Hawks in 6
Sharks (2) vs Kings (7) Sharks in 6 Sharks in 5
Red Wings (3) vs Coyotes (6) Red Wings in 4 Coyotes in 7
Ducks (4) vs Predators (5) Ducks in 5 Ducks in 6

8 Responses to “Playoff Predictorama, 2011 edition”

  1. Smytty777 says:

    Caps in 5
    Flyers in 6
    Bruins in 6
    Pens in 7
    Hawks in 7
    Sharks in 4
    Wings in 6
    Ducks in 7

    Really the Canucks will probably win, but I will never pick them.

  2. MetalOil says:

    Caps in 6
    Sabres in 7
    Bruins in 4
    Lightning in 6

    Canucks in 6
    Sharks in 5
    Wings in 6
    Ducks in 4

  3. chucker says:

    Caps in 5
    Bruins in 5
    Sabres in 7
    Penguins in 6
    Hawks in 6
    Sharks in 4
    Detroit in 7
    Ducks in 6

  4. hemmerlady says:

    Capitals in 6
    Flyers in 6
    Canadiens in 7
    Lightning in 6
    Canucks in 6
    Sharks in 5
    Red Wings in 4
    Ducks in 5

    By the way I created a league on the playoff challenge pool – this is my #1 favorite playoff activity and I usually kick ass. With the exception of last year, when I misplaced hope in the Canuckleheads. Anyway if anyone would care to go head to head with me, you can sign up here.

    my league is cleverly named “hemmerlady’s pool” and the password is potf .

  5. hemmerlady says:

    Thank you to Zackman35 for having the kahones to take me on. No one else has signed up yet – is it because you’re………………..chicken?

  6. Steve-O says:

    I joined but I can’t make any picks…I assume that I can only start making picks for the next rounds?

  7. Racki says:

    I missed the boat.. didn’t notice that you created a pool. That actually would have been a good one for us to post up here too.. maybe we’ll do that next year. I kind of wanted something mind-numbingly easy to maintain for the playoffs. I’ll sign up for round 2

  8. hemmerlady says:

    yes, everyone should make sure they sign up for my Round 2 pool, so that I can school you. Just joking, Philly is making me super nervous; as are the Sharks and the Ducks. I’m starting to re-think Vancouver too; with the momentum Chicago has, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Nucks get knocked out. I think they’ll pull it out of the fire though.

    Racki/Steveo can you post the POTF pool standings soon, because I highly doubt I’m going to stay where I am and I want my 2 1/2 minutes of tied glory before being stomped by Crott or Zackman? lol

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