Monday Morning Standings

By , April 18, 2011 1:06 pm

Just recently started watching Community...funny show. Great talent.

Playoffs are on! Holy crap have I missed games that matter. And good hockey too. Although my predictions are going to shit.

Canucks are up on the Blackhawks 3-0. I didn’t see this happening. Don’t want to see this happening. Canuck fans are a pain in the ass as it is, now they are becoming unbearable.

Sharks and LA are tied 1-1 in their series, but I have watched these games and really the Sharks should be up 2-0. They are just outplaying LA.

Caps lead the Rangers 2-1. Close games, and I think that if the Rangers win the next game the Caps are in trouble.

Buffalo and Flyers are tied 1-1. Miller has been lights out.

Detroit is leading Phoenix 2-0. Datsyuk is ridiculous. Best player these playoffs so far.

The Preds are up on the Ducks 2-1. Didn’t see this coming either, I figured that the Ducks would win this pretty easily. But Rinne and Weber have been real good. Selanne has been great too.

Canadiens are up 2-0 on the Bruins. Really didn’t see this coming. At all. I figured the Bruins were a lock for the conference finals. It all hinges on this next game for the Bruins.

And finally, the Pens and Lightning are tied 1-1 in a series I have absolutely no interest in.

In Oilers news, they have just signed Curtis Hamilton to an entry level deal, following Pitlick who signed last week.

In league news, Torres demolished Seabrook with a hit and didn’t get suspended. Other than my absolute hatred of the Canucks, I’m pretty much thinking its a good call. Keep your head up kid! Especially coming around the net. That said, Torres is starting to be known for these predatory hits so I wouldn’t be surprised should he get all sorts of crap coming his way now.

Phoenix will move to Winnipeg, supposedly as soon as the end of their playoffs. I wonder how many people show up to their game tonight?

Bobby Ryan stomped on foot and was suspended for 2 games. Not the brightest move.

And here are the final regular season standings:



OKC Barons

The Barons are in tough already vs. the Bulldogs. They are just not scoring. Ondrus leads the team in points with 1. And he’s 37th in the league.

Oil Kings

Obviously the Oil Kings have been out for a while, losing to the Rebels in a sweep.

Other than that, Oiler prospect Curtis Hamilton is 15th in scoring with 11 points in 10 games. The nuge has 11 points as well (in 9 games) but won’t be adding to that at all. Bunz is the second ranked goalie for the playoffs, so that’s good being an Oiler prospect and all.

The other top draft players are not having shit hot playoffs either except Huberdeau. 21 points in 9 games!


Here are the final standings in the pools after the playoffs. Thanks to everyone for joining. Next week I’ll have stats from the new playoff pool.

Foiled Again

Final standings:
Chuckers Puckers
Layin Pipe
Team Haboiler
Racki’s Rumblers
The Burninators
Rampage (zackman35)
Johnny Odangles
Boston’s Boys
Oilers Jambalaya

Foiled Again Too

Final Standings:
d0nkey.punch (gr8one)
Racki’s Champions
Layin Pipe
Metal Mulisha

13 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. Racki says:

    Things not looking so good for the Barons, down 2-0.. the last one was close at least. Come on boys.. rally back.

    I’m interested in how far the Medicine Hat Tigers can go this year though. Bunz has been solid.. like steel. Bunz of steel, indeed. This is why I generally leave the corny jokes to Gene Principe…

    Anyways, surprised Torres wasn’t suspended, but in a way I’m happy even though he’s a Canuck. I think there is a fine line between nerfing the game and ruining it and keeping players safe. Fix the equipment, as Cherry and MetalOil say πŸ˜‰

  2. zackman35 says:

    Also Pitlick should be returning next round as well. Which draft notables are left in the playoffs Racki, do you know? RNH was just knocked out, Strome/Dougie Hamilton/Couturier still in? Also during coaches corner tonight in the BOS/MON game Cherry made fun of Mike Milburry sp* and American’s, it was all in good fun!

  3. MetalOil says:

    What is Community about Steve O? Because if that girl in the pic is in it I will have to start watching it!

  4. Racki says:


    Sean Couturier’s Voltigeurs (QMJHL) are on to the Semis.
    Jonathan Huberdeau’s Sea Dogs (QMJHL) are on to the Semis.
    Ryan Strome’s and Dougie Hamilton’s Ice Dogs (OHL) are on to the conference finals (Hamilton is really racking up good points for a D, btw… 2nd on the team and 11th overall with 3g 11a in 9 games!)
    Gabriel Landeskog’s and Ryan Murphy’s Rangers (OHL) didn’t qualify for playoffs

    Quick question.. why am I always doing your dirty work? πŸ˜› Maybe I answered my own question.. because I’m always doing your dirty work. πŸ˜†

    MO: It’s a good show.. pretty funny.. about a Community college. Chevy Chase has a role on the show too.

  5. zackman35 says:


    Haha, speaking of dirty work how goes the template? Are their nails in the coffin? Onto hockey, Couturiers team is eliminated I think (unless there is some weird french playoff format).

    Along with my notes/ppt. slides from classes because finals are going on right now I also sleep with hockey stats (relating to the up coming draft). I know you guys do a lot of work already but I was… subliminally messaging a suggesting of adding up the stats from the playoffs of the top prospects… yeah that’s what I was doing. πŸ˜›

  6. Racki says:

    Zack: I couldn’t remember if I messaged you already or not, but yes, there are nails in the coffin. I tried installing it through the WordPress installer and it gave me an error. No idea what is up with the error, but it’s probably outside my ability to solve. :(

    Oh and sorry, that is right, I misread.. Gatineau won 4-2 over Drummondville, so yes, Couturier’s team is out.

  7. Bostonoiler says:

    Is it almost draft day? I really can’t wait to see what we are gonna do hahaha. BTW Go Habs Go

  8. oilinblood says:

    According to a Canadian Sports News agency 83% of Canadians want to see the Canucks eliminated from the playoffs. This brings to mind another survey -a medical one-from 2004 by Macleans Magazine where it was shown that 13% of Canadians had a literally retarded sense of taste. Considering most sports TV show surveys have a 5% allowance for error, the numbers were to be expected. Go BlackHawks; the temporary unofficial team of tasteful Canadians!
    Oilers need Bolland.

    On a side point here is a good article. Ive countered Bettman bashing for many years with the facts of the NHL historical governance. Never mind that it was McNall who controlled the NHL in the late 80’s to 90’s (Bettman was his choice for commish) but the league has never been excited about putting more teams in Canada. Gary or no Gary the NHl is a business and wants US markets. Our dollar is attractive, our game loyalty is attractive but we have far smaller markets on average and less government financing behind us for venues etc and more red tape (why groups like goldwater needed to be created in the first place).

    Has interviews with past NHL governors and supports some of Rackis ideas.

  9. oilinblood says:

    GREAT interview on TSN … mind you Colin gets VERY pissed off to the point that he loses track of conversation at times… but very good. Colin really rips the hosts and defends Gary pretty whole heartedly. It amazes me, as im sure it amazes Colin, just how quickly people forget that Gary drafted the lease agreement in edmonton that saved the Oilers from Houston and Les Alexandre, he saved Calgary by leveraging with local and provincial politicians, he then leveraged for the oilers helping them get lotto rights, he helped save ottawa twice and granted them an expansion team despite the fact they had no NHL arena ready, he tried to save Winnipeg until it was deemed hopeless, he was NEVER involved in the Quebec sale – nor Minnie -. Hartford? cmon.
    As for Jim B; we soiled a luxury bed Gary gave him. Pittsburgh handed to him on a silver platter and JB utters the word relocate… Lemieux tells him to get the f out. Bettman is furious at JB (Garys own choice to buy the Pens but didnt know JB wanted to move the pens and was lying the whole time) but finds a team he doesnt mind relocating in Nash. The league, a business, has contractual agreements to stand by and promises to keep. JB jumped the gun and started pre-selling tickets. The man is deemed too immature to ever be a part of the NHL. He tries a 3rd time to get a team by way of circumvention.

    Sorry, i just listened to the Gary interview and i know the reporters know they will get followers if they rip into Bettman but i will tell you Bettman outsmarts almost every interviewer i have ever seen. He also has corrected most interviewers on hockey facts and knows pretty much every northamerican league AND its history. When you correct a encyclopedia like Ron Maclean… and make him look foolish…thats knowing your stuff. I think also he wins every interview pretty cleanly.

    Sorry to rant here but thought the links would interest.

    Gary schooling reporters. Reminds me of MacLeans side remark to Scott Oake on CBC… “good luck with your interview with Gary, hes a shark.” It was a Sanjose game so ROn was using that in his usual way but Gary will make you look dumb if he wants to. Polite reporters just look dumb after and Gary goes easy on them but if you want to look big and push him he can really ruin you (if the viewer has more IQ than nachos). I remember a few interviews where i wondered how the reporter could still work after being so beaten (once was Ron himself).

  10. Racki says:

    I’m actually a rare breed in that I don’t really hate Bettman. I think he’s done some silly things for sure (some failed markets, you could say), and some good things (such as doing everything in his power to prevent teams from relocating on the basis that a hockey city isn’t built in a day.. also helping get the league a salary cap.. helping make hockey more popular across the US, etc..). Really I’m luke warm to him. I don’t think he’s at all a very amiable person.. but I think he is a pretty smart businessman.

    I think it’s pretty easy for fans to target one guy for all frustrations experienced by a sport, but we’re still watching. I don’t think the game has been ruined at all. I think in some ways it’s actually a lot better (although I do note that there are ways it has degraded for me, but for the most part it’s the same or better).

    I’m not going to defend Bettman, I just don’t think he’s anywhere as bad a commissioner as hockey fans would like to believe. It does sound as though he’s done more to keep Phoenix alive than he did to keep Winnipeg alive though. Perhaps that is just something he learned along the way… I don’t think he has a particular anti-Canadian bias. I don’t get wrapped up in that kind of thought.

    Overall, a decent commissioner… stellar businessman, but like most guys of that type, he has a pretty abrasive, annoying personality that sounds like he’s constantly on the defensive (although maybe he is..)

  11. chucker says:

    Bettman, to my surprise, was very factual and I liked what he said there. The Phoenix thing still pisses me off, but hey, he’s gotta show he’s doing everything he can, but yeah, there was no such effort to keep the Jets in Winnipeg or the Nordiques in Quebec. He is right about the other teams like the Oilers and Flames and also Ottawa. Most of that was really needing cost certainty and a rising dollar though. Let’s not forget that.

    I’ve never been a Colin Campbell fan. That interview he sounded like a whiny old man who’s out of touch with the game. I know it’s a thankless game and he’s playing both sides of the fence there. He’s asking for a clear ruling and then says that things are not black and white. Which is it? Also his arrogance to the knowledge of fans is elitist and unacceptable. Everyone knew Torres should be suspended and he blew that call big time. Cherry was right. If Seabrook had laid there for a minute or so before getting up, Torres would have been suspended. No question about it even thoug it was clear he was out cold for a second or so there. Campbell needs to go. He’s not keeping up with the game’s culture. He didn’t answer the question either of suspending a guy like Ryan for 8 games. Do that and you no longer have any player thinking of the foot stomp. He makes it out like it’s not that easy, but sorry, it is that easy.

  12. hemmerlady says:

    I did not like the hit (sorry Racki), but I’m pretty sure it was *technically* legal – a “north/south hit to the head” is okay according to the league. When I first saw it my gut reaction was that he should be suspended, but I also saw panelists break it down and compare it to the example of the legal hit as shown on the NHL rule-change video.

    However, I just don’t think there’s any place in the game for hits to the head. I don’t see any good coming out of that. I hope they just ban hits to the head entirely and remove all ambiguity. Checks to the body, fine; fighting, fine; go for it. I don’t play hockey so I don’t get the argument that Seabrook “should have had his head up” – he was looking forward to the puck and the play, not behind him for a steamrolling Torres out of nowhere (maybe the idea is he “should” have been looking up for Torres because behind the net is a vulnerable position? – I don’t play so obviously can’t speak to that.)

    I also think Torres went out of his way to injure Seabrook but a person could argue that it’s a hockey player’s job to “take out” the opposition…so I don’t know.

    Bottom line is I did not care for the hit and I do not like the way Torres plays sometimes, but until the league changes the ruling, that type of thing will keep happening. They should take a look at it, and try to be more consistent on their enforcement in general, because I think it’s been all over the place.

  13. oilinblood says:

    Rack– I definently remember that you have defended Bettman on a few threads and was aware of this when i wrote the above. My rant was about general reactions and stuff you would commonly see back on the OMB, at games, on tv, and from most fans. I remember you commenting on a long play by play thread i did that went back to JZjr. to current Bettman issues and shedding some light on the path and the duties entrusted to Gary by the owners – a MANDATE of THEIR creation – as a selected employee and representative of the 30 owners. Like i said then, you wont hear Gary defend himself. He doesnt mind if you throw rocks at him. The owners look good, he looks bad, and he cashes his enormous checks. I believe he takes alot of pride in his job and can certainly never be called an absent commish like the last President of the NHL JZjr. JZ didnt even know much about the league or teams or even rules… but he had a great tan. Back in the day I used to think it would be great to have a beer with Ron MacLean and talk hockey. After seeing a few interviews of Gary correcting a stunned Ron on strange facts Ron himself brought up… i am willing to say that Gary is the guy i want a beer and chat with. The guy knows his work and the sport. There is always the guy in the crowd who says “its just an act”… pretty good act to know some weird stat from 1957 of the chl which he never brought up in the first place. I dont believe for one second that he is anti-canada anymore than what his bosses instruct him to be. He used his power at one point to almost force the NHL into the Olympics when Gms and the BOG didnt want to. The Gms didnt want to extend the CBA – a concession to the union for the Olys – and they didnt want players being hurt for games they made no money in. Goodbye salt lake, Goodbye Vancouver. He said the Olys were his job on the line, they were his call and after Nagano and the US teams actions he thought it might cost him his head but he didnt regret pushing the Olys. He likely survived because Salt Lake was chosen for 2002 and a do-over on NA soil in NA time zones. Thanks to that i have Marios phantom reception.

    Just a few points. Winnipeg was shopped full time locally for 2 years. Part of the lack of interest had to do with low ticket sales, no corporate support, and no new building on the horizon (as the old one dripped bricks on to the street below-demo’ed quickly after team left- kind of like our old city hall which actually gave a guy a concussion ) coupled with high lease and property taxes that the government was somewhat sheltering the club from …and expecting repayment on. Phoenix is having losses paid by Glendale, a state of the art facility, and a youth hockey market that has grown exponentially since the Coyotes arrived. In view of time line… the fans of the first year and cheap tickets who were grown to watch the Yotes are now in college. There is also decent corporate support within Glendale if not Phoenix itself.

    There are your answers.

    I didnt see where the puck was on the Seabrook hit but if its by him than i agree with Colin. Keep your head up. Clean hit if the puck is in his body position. I like the hawks but i agree with Colin on this big time. You cant consider yourself safe because you dont have the puck on your stick.

    Second Colin was saying those types of hits were documented thru the pronger demo and GMs said it was ok. His assessment, after being given clear instruction by his bosses the BOG and that is a clean play. His issue was not that reporters or fans didnt like it it was the GMs that told him the Pronger hit was good now going to the press and sayiung it should have been suspendable.

    Why does the Tbay guy get suspended? because he charged from pretty much the blue line and left his feet like Tootoo.
    I have no doubt that Colin will have some gloves off meetings with the geezer and fat GMs.

    Thats my analysis

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