Monday Morning Standings

By , April 7, 2011 8:50 am

Just watched the recent Bond movie, so here you go!

The Oilers locked up 30th place last night. Yay…

But the Flames are out, Leafs are out and the Canucks have just lost 2 in a row to the worst team in the league so that makes me slightly happy. I wonder if they are shitting themselves because the Blackhawks are currently 8th?

In Oilers news, Eberle got 42 points, and subsequently got smashed by Torres. Dammit Torres, you know that’s only cool when you do that to a non-Oiler, particularly during the playoffs (Hi Michalek!). He has a hearing today however, where he will probably get 2 games.

In other league news, how awesome is Turco for gambling with a fan? I think this is great however the league will not think highly of it.

And Callahan broke his leg/foot blocking a Chara shot…balls man, balls.

Sadly, Mandi Schwartz died from leukemia on the weekend. Mandi was the sister of Jaden who competed for Canada at the WJC. That sucks. Condolences to the family.

Oh, and I guess the Islanders are allowing Nabokov to play for Russia the the WC, however from what I read he will be required to report to them next year. Can’t remember where I read that, but pretty sure it was from a legit source.

And finally, a gift for you all found on the internets:


Only Carolina has a chance to make it into the playoffs, but I have a feeling that the Rangers will still make it (and give Washington fits). Surprisingly the Flyers have fallen out of first in the west and are only 3-4-3 in their last 10.

And the west is locked up. Because Calgary has more wins via shootout they can’t win a tiebreaker against Chicago, so there are your teams. Only thing to shake out now is the first round match-ups. Although I have a feeling none of the top 4 want anything to do with Anaheim or Phoenix.


And the Oilers have locked up 30th. So now we have a 48% chance of picking first, and at worst will pick second. Hurray…

OKC Barons

Well, the Barons are in a dogfight to get into the playoffs. From what Racki was telling me, the top 4 in each div make the playoffs, except if 5th place in one is better than 4th in the other one…then that team makes it. Much like the CFL crossover I’m thinking.

Anyways, in that case we have the Barons sitting 5th in their div with 87 points in 77 games (80 in the AHL season), and Peoria and Texas above them with 90 points in 78 and 77 games respectively. So that makes the playoffs difficult that way, however when looking at the other conference, 4th there only has 84 points in 77 games (and its the Flames minor league team, ha), so we are currently in a playoff position. 3 points up with 3 games left, and they play Friday, Saturday and Sunday so this weekend is huge.

Giroux is still second in league scoring with 74 points in 68 games, and Brad Moran is sitting 10th with 67 in 77.

Oil Kings

And the Oil Kings got swept. Not all is lost however, as they have a young team and should be pretty good next year (TV guys were saying probably top 4 next year!).

As for Oilers prospects in the playoffs, we have Hamilton in 4th with 10 points in 6 games, and possible Oiler ‘The Nuge’ in 10ths with 9 points in 4 games.

Taking a quick jaunt over to the east, I can see Ryan Murphy has 11 points in 7 games, Landeskog has 10 points in 7 games, and Couturier has 8 points in 4 games. All who could be future Oilers (I’m pretty sure Murphy is draft eligible).


Final week in the pools taking place. Hopefully I can come back from the shit kicking Chucker is giving me so far and take first.

Foiled Again



Foiled Again Too



13 Responses to “Monday Morning Standings”

  1. Racki says:

    I’d like to extend a big F.U. to gr8one for knocking me out of the top place in Foiled Again 2, just like Mr. M got it for knocking beating me in round 1 of Foiled Again. But at least I got the win vs. gr8one in the 5th place game. Yay. πŸ˜›

  2. Racki says:

    Wow, 4 games for Raffi Torres. I will put a poll up. Wondering if you guys think they got it right.. too much.. too little.

  3. MetalOil says:

    Him criticizing the officials and the league probably did not help his cause. It was probably 4 games rather then 2 because of the circumstances of the next 2 Canuck games meaning nothing. It was a pretty bad elbow he delivered to Ebs and after a few days to cool off on the subject I think his 5 min penalty and ejection from the game would have suited me fine. I still think the equipment is to blame for all the concussion problems that plague the NHL these days. Even though Ebs was unhurt. On the plus side, at least the league looked past the fact there was no injury. Usually they are hesitant to hand out a stiff suspension unless there is bodily harm done.

  4. Ktown says:

    Well, I’m still of the opinion that in the pre-48.1 rule era, this wouldn’t have even warranted the call in the first place. That said, I thought 2 games was the going rate.

    I’ll agree with MO – probably due to the “lack of remorse” and the meaningless regular season games left.

    And, whether in the minority or not, I’ll still go out and say IMO this was very reminiscent of the Moore/Naslund hit of which I had no issue either. But, Moore would have got the suspension for that one if we had 48.1 back then, too.

  5. MetalOil says:

    I’m not the biggest Don Cherry fan but he has it right here.

    I have no faith in Bettman to do anything about this so hopefully Brendan Shanahan can bring this up.

  6. MetalOil says:

    They should probably do away with the trapezoid too. Leaves players retrieving pucks from behind the net susceptible. Never have I like that thing.

  7. Racki says:

    They should probably do away with the trapezoid too. Leaves players retrieving pucks from behind the net susceptible. Never have I like that thing.

    Edit: In hindsight I guess you aren’t necessarily talking about icing… but the following rant still applies for other reasons.

    I actually would prefer no-touch icing for that kind of stuff. I know it slows the game down a bit, but such is life. As a guy who played D, I wasn’t too fond of working my ass off to skate for a puck only to have a forward check me from behind in the boards and skate away with the puck (unfortunately it was before strict hitting from behind rules). Of course there are ways to protect yourself against that, and the penalties are better now, but things like the accidental stick in the skates (Iggy on Souray) can happen and other unplanned things. And for a guy such as Foster, that 2 or 5 minute penalty really doesn’t do much to make him feel better about having his leg destroyed.

    I’d say no-touch icing, and completely revisit equipment (like our chat last night on the GDT where we basically re-designed gear for them). The NHL has a shit load of pull with gear manufacturers. Get the PA on board and work together and force gear manufacturers to make lighter/softer but equally/more protective gear. The means is definitely there.

  8. Ktown says:

    I’m not the biggest Don Cherry fan but he has it right here.

    I have no faith in Bettman to do anything about this so hopefully Brendan Shanahan can bring this up.

    Grapes is bang on…

    I used my elbow pads to bang a nail into the wall to hang a picture… It wasn’t great, but it was effective…

    There’s no need to have pads that hard… Go back to the Winn-Well/Cooper/Sherwood felt pads and sponge elbows…

  9. Racki says:

    Good video. Have to wonder why nothing has been done yet about gear

  10. MetalOil says:

    R.I.P to director of Central Scouting EJ McGuire.

  11. Bostonoiler says:

    Was just reading the comments section on TSN and Canucks fans are pissed Torres got suspended hahahaha. They think it was Eberle’s fault for putting his head down, which I find funny. 4 games is good enough for me, it was a dirty hit from a player who has gotten away with a lot of dirty hits, so at least something is done here. Glad that he is missing playoffs games also, I think that really does send a messege to torres.

  12. MetalOil says:

    you have to love Ryan Jones. Greger tweeted that Jones told Tamby that he wants to be here. he likes it here and that he has established himself here because of the opportunity they gave him here”. Says “I’m not going to the team that gives me the highest dollar.First priority is to sign here.”

  13. chucker says: πŸ˜€

    SteveO gave me a really tremendous challenge as it could easily have been 12-0 the other way, but in the end, I come out with the bragging rights for one year.

    Where is the trophy?

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