Tambellini interviewed..

By , April 13, 2011 8:41 pm
I will figure you out one day, Mr. Tambellini....

I will figure you out one day, Mr. Tambellini....

So today Steve-O mentioned something to me that sent me in a bit of a panic. It was something along the lines of “Tambellini said that he isn’t going to be a player in free agency”. Our first thought was along the lines of “oh great, another year of abysmal failure.” But I dug up the interview (which I’m sure many of you have read now) and it’s actually a lot better than it sounds….

Tambellini actually said that he is not going to persue the big “$10 Million agent”. This is absolutely the correct thing for him to think. However, I would have to think that at this point, you’d have to be a complete moron (sorry to anyone out there that disagrees) to think that we should be pursuing a big name free agent anyways, at this stage. So, no bonus marks for Tambellini here.. just a simple check mark in the “isn’t being a dipshit for thinking we need a big money free agent” box.

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