Monday Morning Standings

By , April 7, 2011 8:50 am

Just watched the recent Bond movie, so here you go!

The Oilers locked up 30th place last night. Yay…

But the Flames are out, Leafs are out and the Canucks have just lost 2 in a row to the worst team in the league so that makes me slightly happy. I wonder if they are shitting themselves because the Blackhawks are currently 8th?

In Oilers news, Eberle got 42 points, and subsequently got smashed by Torres. Dammit Torres, you know that’s only cool when you do that to a non-Oiler, particularly during the playoffs (Hi Michalek!). He has a hearing today however, where he will probably get 2 games.

In other league news, how awesome is Turco for gambling with a fan? I think this is great however the league will not think highly of it.

And Callahan broke his leg/foot blocking a Chara shot…balls man, balls.

Sadly, Mandi Schwartz died from leukemia on the weekend. Mandi was the sister of Jaden who competed for Canada at the WJC. That sucks. Condolences to the family.

Oh, and I guess the Islanders are allowing Nabokov to play for Russia the the WC, however from what I read he will be required to report to them next year. Can’t remember where I read that, but pretty sure it was from a legit source.

And finally, a gift for you all found on the internets:

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