Oil Change 5 – “Deadline” – Recap

By , March 21, 2011 7:08 pm
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Oil Change #5 (‘Deadline’) just finished up. Here’s a quick summary of the good bits, for those that missed it.

– What a contrast in personalities between Paajarvi and Omark. Paajarvi is pretty outgoing at times and a funny guy, and as we all know, Omark is pretty quiet and reserved.. even when Magnus was ribbing him. It might be a language thing there though.
– Peckham threatens Ott to stay away from the kids. Ott comes back a few times saying he doesn’t fight rookies and something like.. “what’s your name? Theo Peckham?”. And Teddy just repeatedly says to stay away from the rooks.
– Chorney gets a crazy post-game chant (“Chorney! Chorney!”) on the way to the dressing room after scoring his first NHL goal.
– After Hall’s hat trick game, Whitney high fives Hall and says they’re going out and Hall’s paying for everything. A buddy of mine had the luck of witnessing this fun at Hudson’s on Whyte.
– After Peckham was beat by Horton in a fight, he skates off the ice. It wasn’t clear who was talking, but someone asked “you OK, Pecks?” and someone else answered “no, he’s concussed”.
– Jones has a few laughs with huge linesman Mike Cvik. Jones says “Did you get smaller? I thought you looked bigger before. I must be getting taller.”
– The Oilers were definitely interested in Colten Teubert (although he wasn’t the only target). Quinn had some input in that as well too, having coached him at the World Junior Championship. Leading up to the actual deadline, they talk about a player they’re interested in, in L.A. with strength and the great attitude and such. I’m pretty sure it was Teubert they were talking about. They also had to really squeeze that extra pick (the 3rd) out of Lombardi. They really show too how much input is put into these trades. Not to play devil’s advocate, but I’d say Tambellini has a very small say in players acquired, other than having the final say. He’s like the Queen. (Insert joke here).
– Apparently a deal fell out with the Oilers and Rangers at the end. They show Olczyk handing the phone over to Tambellini and says “It’s Slats”. Tambo says “Glen… did you guys make up your mind?” and clearly Sather states that he’s backing out of a deal.
– On the way out of Rexall, after Penner is traded, one of the trainers escorting Penner out tells the camera man to get out of the way. Penner jokes “Yep.. I’ll run you over. I don’t hit on the ice, but I’ll hit you here.”
– They show Omark and Jacques, Reddox and Jones messing around. The players are picking on Omark, after Omark trips up Jacques, who was trying to trip him.
– There’s a short bit on MacIntyre. They show him doing some rodeo stuff, and then show him work over Koci (as well as showing his hands receiving attention after). In the Flyers game, MacI challenges Shelley to a fight, but he backs down… possibly due to the score being in the Flyers’ favor. MacIntyre harrasses a linesman in the game for a few minutes from the bench… ribbing him about missed/made offside calls. Mac mentions that he’s on the line and can make the call and the ref is off to the side.
– They show Gagner getting kicked in the hand by Ryan Jones.. that maniac. Jones is actually heading out to get on the ice, and starts to hop over the boards. Gagner had his hand on the boards, and Jones unintentionally boots his hand. Looked like he got it pretty hard too.

6 Responses to “Oil Change 5 – “Deadline” – Recap”

  1. dawgtoy says:

    Also check out http://bruins2011draftwatch.blogspot.com/

    “We’re reversed our position and see RNH being the guy for them(Edmonton)if they have the top pick. We’ve talked to several NHL scouts who are all saying the same thing: RNH has taken it to an entirely different level since February and makes perfect sense as the first overall pick for Edmonton.”

    Love this site! Great articles always.

  2. Racki says:

    I don’t know how reputable that site is, but that’s a pretty good write up, at any rate. Interesting stuff.

    Each of Larsson, Landeskog and RNH fit our needs in some way. Couturier I am not 100% certain on. He technically fits what we need. The word on him has been all over the place, though, whereas RNH seems to have that great compete level that we are really looking for.

    Of course having a franchise d-man would be fantastic. He’s still my front-runner (Larsson). Landeskog is also a great choice now that we lost Penner. Having some size on the team with very good skill would be nice.

    I really wouldn’t be upset with any of those guys.

  3. chucker says:

    O don’t really think you can go wrong with any of the top five guys quite frankly. It’s really now at the point like it was at this time last year in determining who is the “best” pick in terms of who’s had a great year and looks like they are ready for the show.

    Remember how Fowler fell down so badly. He’s still a guy who is playing in the NHL as a rookie D man and doing very well. He’ll be a stud on the Anaheim blue line for years to come.

    Even if we take Couturier instead of RNH, I’m okay with it.

    EDIT: Also, I missed Oil Change last night. Anyone know when it may re-air?

    RE-EDIT: NM. I see it’s on Friday.

  4. Racki says:

    I’m not sure when it will re-air, but they are all available on the Oilers site… also can be Youtubed, I believe.

  5. chucker says:

    Thanks Racki. I’ll check out the Oilers site because their streaming video is awesome. :/

  6. Racki says:

    Thanks Racki.I’ll check out the Oilers site because their streaming video is awesome.:/

    On that note, here’s a good video I just saw too that talks about the captaincy being named.. this footage was never shown in Oil Change. Kinda cool.

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