Monday Morning Standings

By , March 15, 2011 3:40 pm

Focus on pole vaulting today...

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In Oilers news Brule and Horcoff are hurt, and Hemsky is out for the season. Did we cover Gagner last week? Apparently JFJ is out too (as per Racki) but I don’t think that’s important at all. Holy crap. I think the hockey gods are pissing on us now. Either that or they are sending out the injuries so in 5 years when we look back we will say “Well they did have to deal with a lot of injuries” and it won’t look as bad.

In other league news the GM meetings are ongoing right now, and looks like they are looking at how they deal with concussions and fixing rinks that suck, like Montreal, not that their owner has anything to say about unsafe rinks.

Kesler apparently is quite the photo-bomber. I still hate him for being a prick, but this is funny. Douchebag.

Every goddamn hockey news item is still about the Chara hit. OK, I get it…you all don’t like it. I still think it wasn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

And in other news in general, crazy earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown/volcano/Godzilla shit going down in Japan right now…seriously, sucks to be them and here’s hoping shit gets good real quick.


Thank jebus that the laffs lost last night…their fans were already starting to get irritating. Lets hope that they fall out of the playoff hunt and everything goes back to normal so I don’t have to hear about how good this team is doing (plus, is it really doing all that well when your fighting for 9th?…yeah yeah, but we’re not talking about the Oilers right now).

Other than that, I think we are starting to see some real separation between 8th and 9th in the east so I think we are starting to see the playoff teams right now.

The west is tight as ever, with teams 4th through 11th less than 10 points apart. But like the east, I think we are starting to see 4,5 and 6 pull away from the bubble and the final few weeks will be down to Dallas, Calgary, Nashville and Anaheim for the final two spots.


Oilers have pretty much locked up dead last, with the injuries and Khabibulin being “healthy” right now. Sens have been playing better of late with their AHL team (Anderson really helped in net) and I don’t think the Avs can lose enough to catch us.

OKC Barons

Screwed. Royally screwed. And they can thank the Oilers for it. If I were a Barons fan, or the owner, I’d be choked with the Oilers right now. Took a team that was as high as 4th (granted only a couple points up on 8th) and they are now 11th with 75 points in 66 games. They are however, only 2 points out of 8th so maybe they can pull it off, but considering most of their team is currently with the Oilers it’ll be tough.

Giroux is still second in league scoring with 65 in 61 games (that’ll end soon) and Moran is still 12th with 55 in 66 games. Gerber is the 20th ranked goalie.

Oil Kings

Oil Kings have locked up a playoff spot, and currently sit 7th (that’s pretty much where they will end too). Looks like they will face the Rebels in the first round, so if we want to check out the Nuge in the playoffs here is our chance.

Wruck leads the team in scoring, with 75 points in 68 games, but St. Croix is right up there with 73 in 65 (both are 31st and 35th respectively in the league). Oiler prospect Hamilton is 22nd in league scoring and Pitlick is 56th (seems to be dropping that one). Bunz is still the 3rd ranked goalie.


Last week everyone! Great races for the final playoff spots (except I’m dropping like a stone in ‘Too’). Remember top 6 make the main playoffs and the next fill out the consolation bracket.

Foiled Again

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts
*1. Team Haboiler 165-88-20 0.641 350
*2. chuckers puckers 152-94-27 0.606 331
*3. Majestyk 147-98-28 0.59 322
*4. Layin Pipe 147-98-28 0.59 322
5 Racki’s Rumblers 140-107-26 0.56 306
6 d0nkey.punch(gr8one) 134-106-33 0.551 301
7 The Burninators 133-113-27 0.537 293
8 Rampage (zackman35) 125-116-32 0.516 282
9 Johnny Odangles 119-114-40 0.509 278
10 mrgod2u 122-132-19 0.482 263
11 DirtySexyMoney 111-141-21 0.445 243
12 RumRunners 102-145-26 0.421 230
13 Boston’s Boys 62-181-30 0.282 154
14 Oilers Jambalaya 56-182-35 0.269 147

Foiled Again Too

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts
*1. Racki’s Champions 144-103-26 0.575 314
*2. HabOilersx2 138-107-28 0.557 304
3 SamusBrattus 122-126-25 0.493 269
4 d0nkey.punch(gr8one) 123-128-22 0.491 268
5 awesomeness 119-126-28 0.487 266
6 mrs.gr80ne 120-128-25 0.485 265
7 YDNAR 120-130-23 0.482 263
8 Layin Pipe 118-128-27 0.482 263
9 dawgtoy 120-133-20 0.476 260
10 Metal Mulisha 110-125-38 0.473 258

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  1. Racki says:

    Here are some fun stats to add to this thread…

    Name GP
    Cogliano 316
    Eberle 57
    Fraser 220
    Hartikainen 0
    Jones 69
    MacIntyre 67
    Omark 39
    Paajarvi 68
    Reddox 88
    Stortini 256
    O’Marra 12
    Giroux 36
    Foster 323
    Gilbert 328
    Petry 23
    Smid 319
    Strudwick 663
    Vandermeer 424
    Total GP Average GP/player Average full seasons/player
    Forward totals 1228 102.33 1.25
    Defense Totals 2080 346.67 4.23
    Skater Totals 3308 220.53 2.69

    Basically to sum, if the Oil call up their 3 most grizzled NHL vets currently playing in Oklahoma, they’ll have an average of 1.25 full seasons played per forward.. yikes!

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