RFA offersheet opportunities

By , March 13, 2011 1:57 pm

Offer sheet target #1: Shea Weber

Offer sheet target #1: Shea Weber

The Edmonton Journal had an article yesterday suggesting the Oilers should take a stab at signing Shea Weber to an offersheet. I don’t have to go on about it since we all know the story, but the Oilers became famous in the post-2005 CBA world for offersheets by signing Thomas Vanek to an offer sheet. When the Sabres matched, the Oilers eventually went after Dustin Penner, and successfully signed him when the Ducks decided not to match the contract.

So here are the biggest names available in this year’s RFA pool (assuming these players aren’t offered extensions before July 1st) that the Oilers could choose to target:

Shea Weber (D) – Nashville Predators
Steven Stamkos (C) – Tampa Bay Lightning
Drew Doughty (D) – Los angeles Kings

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GDT Oilers 1, Penguins 5 – Game 70 – 2011-03-13 @ 1:00 PM MST – SNET1

By , March 13, 2011 11:50 am
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GDT - Edmonton Oilers at Pittsburgh Penguins
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23-37-9 Record 39-22-8
Location: Consol Energy Center
Date: March 13, 2011 @ 1:00 PM MST


Not many teams can bitch about injuries this year like the Oilers can. The Penguins can just based on having two elite players out of the lineup.. Malkin for the remainder of the season, and Crosby is very unknown (in fact his career is even up in the air). As much as people may hate Crosby, it’ll be a damn shame if the league loses another great player to concussion problems… especially before the guy even reached 24. Crosby’s injury is a tough one to prevent though, as to me it looked like accidental contact.

Anyways, enough of the headshot/concussion debate… the Oilers had a really tough loss vs. the Red Wings on Friday. I feel that the refereeing in that one was very one sided. The Oilers definitely were robbed of a win. I think they’ve got the legs to give the Penguins a run for their money. The Penguins are 3-3-4 in their last 10, while the Oilers are 4-5-1.

Prediction: 3-2 Oilers


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